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Yesterday we talked about the players and the reason why the math dictates massive economic impact.
The Federal Government is paying $450 Billion a year in interest, and that number goes up every day because they’re incurring more debt. The bomb has been fused by record low interest rates, coupled with the priorities of the Fed who is currently buying most of the national debt.
According to the Federal Government’s own data, the average rate for the National debt is about 6%. I’m willing to bet that most of you who own your homes and were able to refinance over the last couple years have done so.
Since these rates aren’t locked in, when interest rates go back up to their normal historical levels, which they will eventually, it will double the interest payments that we owe.
What that does is immediately increase the amount of money that the Federal Government borrows.
And just like a snowball going down hill, that borrowing gets bigger and bigger every month. Market dynamics say that at some point rates will continue to increase in order to lure in new buyers for those bonds. I think many people picture this scenario as something that would happen overnight but if I’m correct, what would actually happen is that things would steadily get worse. The problem is that the best time to utilise Cow Parsley is over winter and early spring (by summer it becomes tough and bitter tasting) but the stems haven’t developed so identiication is a little bit harder. Miles Irving’s The Forager Handbook has some very useful tables for identifying several Apiaceae species and is highly recommended.

The stems on Hemlock leaves are round and hollow they tend to be green and smooth and hairless. The stems on Cow Parsley have a groove on the upper surface (like celery stems) are generally solid all the way through, often take on a purplish tinge and have fine downy hairs. Woodland Ways Blog - Bushcraft and Survival is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). I’ve recently gotten into watching Game of Thrones, after giving up waiting for the next book, and that Stark motto has really resonated with me. When the show opens, you meet the Stark family and they are a group who clearly have it together.
What I liked even more though was that this mentality didn’t make the Starks horrible people. If you’re going to strike out on your own or follow an unconventional career path, you have a responsibility to yourself (and to your country, so you don’t wind up on the dole) to make proper plans to support yourself. This stockpiling is particularly unpleasant when you’re first starting out – whether it’s as a recent college graduate starting their first emergency fund or a recent freelance convert who suddenly realizes a $1,000 emergency fund isn’t going to save them from winter anymore, it needs to be $5,000 or even more. However, like every single Aesop’s fable, there comes a time when the hard work pays off, your savings goals are met, and you are set to weather a winter – even if one never comes.
And in the process of learning how to prepare for winter, you’ve developed a lot of useful skills: learning how to do without, maximizing your frugality, and how to hustle. After the last two years, I am definitely well prepared for the quiet periods of winter and they also happen in the summer as well. I am starting a stockpile since I am about to retire from the military and want to make sure my transitional period is smooth.

Also Cow Parsley tends to be shorter and flower a few weeks earlier although niether of these features on their own should be used to identify it.
Here we are focusing on simply distinguishing between Cow Parsley and Hemlock at this time of year.
The leaves are a slightly bluer-green colour, rougher and with a more mat appearance.  The smell of Cow Parsley when crushed is sweet and parsley like with a slight aniseed scent to it.
It also goes well with potatoes; chopped and mixed into mash or with new potates, olive oil and lemon juice. Being Wardens of the North mean they’re always aware the winter will hit them first, stay with them the longest and that their survival depends on how well they can prepare for it. Even when you don’t need them anyone, each of those skills is as valuable as a vault full of grains or salted meat in Winterfell.
Rather than be freaked out, I actually look forward to this period where I catch up on things, I’m preparing for taxes and planning for 2016. When crushed the plant has an unpleasant, fetid smell described as smelling of mouse urine (these days most people don’t know what mouse urine smells like). Set up several different streams of income so that even when one dries up, they don’t all dry up at once. I’d even say that the strength of character that comes from learning responsibility helped make Ned Stark into the intensely moral man he was.

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