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By learning to listen to nature and being prepared, we can enjoy our vast Canadian wilderness while avoiding trouble in the first place. The key to staying warm in the winter is to set up your fire to last all night, even through a snowstorm.
Scenario… You are on a multi day canoe trip, paddling most of the 2nd day through light rain. These skills blend modern technology and old world knowledge to allow you to explore the wilderness confidently.

We started teaching these courses on the weekends as a way to share our knowledge and practice our skills. This setup keeps the heat from escaping out the back, and leaves the front open so the warmth of the fire reaches you, but not too much of the smoke. Late in the afternoon the wind picks up and both you and your companion are starting to get cold and miserable.
We offer planned courses, but we also like getting out to the woods with just a few people to share knowledge.

In fact you notice that your friend is starting to shiver, one of the first signs of hypothermia. If you’re interested in bushcrafting with us or practicing your skills, get in touch.

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