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Details about the extent of our regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available from us on request. Our car hire excess insurance packages will enable you to avoid the typically high cost of an excess if your hire car sustains damage during your travels. We can guarantee you won't have that worry because our European car hire excess insurance package completely cuts out the necessity to pay an excess.
Learn more about our European car hire excess insurance or get an European car hire excess insurance quote.
The USA and Canada are both enormous countries and offer the keen motorist infinite possibilities of adventure and exploration. Find out about our USA and Canada car hire excess insurance or get an USA and Canada car hire excess insurance quote. For the ultimate adventure, our worldwide car hire excess insurance package is compatible with car rental agreements all over the world. Get information on our Worldwide car hire excess insurance or get an Worldwide car hire excess insurance quote.
You'll be surprised at how straightforward it is to obtain a car hire excess insurance quote. All suppliers displaying their car hire packages with Car Rental Buddy include basic insurance coverage – collision damage waiver, theft waiver, and third party protection. Excess is the amount you are liable to pay in the event of an accident or if the rental vehicle is stolen. If your rental package has an excess payable of $3,300, it means that you are only liable to pay up to a maximum of $3,300 in the event of theft or an accident.
The standard excess amount for a hire vehicle is generally quite high and is much higher than the standard excess payable for your personal car insurance. The important aspect to remember is that rental vehicles are not in the same category as personal vehicles. Furthermore, every driver that rents a vehicle will have their own driving history and insurance claim record. Remember: When organising your own personal car insurance, there are various questions insurance companies will present, and the premium you pay can change based on the responses you provide.

When organising your personal car insurance, you are able to change the excess amount payable. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Car Rental Buddy blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When you hire a car your rental agreement normally includes basic cover for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Theft of the vehicle.
If you are an Ireland resident renting a car abroad, our recommended policy will cover you not only for the total amount of Excess for which you would be liable for if the car is damaged or stolen, but also for damage to the roof and undercarriage of the car, and windows and tyres.
Cheap car hire often includes basic insurance that is expensive to upgrade when you collect your car. This car hire excess insurance cover is only valid for rentals abroad or over 150km from your usual place of residence.
When you collect your car at the rental depot, decline the car rental company’s Excess cover at the counter.
Car hire annual excess insurance policies are provided by Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Register Number 313250. We know you'll be a careful driver but when on holiday you're likely to be travelling long distances, late at night or early in the morning, probably after or before a flight. And should you wish to use a hire car for your travels there's no reason for your enjoyment to be marred by the prospect of having to pay an enormous excess bill should an accident occur. When traversing long distances there is always the possibility of an accident occurring, for this reason it makes sense to purchase our USA and Canada car hire excess insurance package.
You can save money and still have the cover you need while exploring these fascinating countries. Again a€“ you are exempted from having to pay a huge excess with our worldwide policy and, again, it won't cost you the earth. In many instances, there is a lot of confusion surrounding what is covered, the excess payable, and the amount of standard excess applied to a rental package. As with your personal car insurance, if you are involved in an accident or theft has occurred, to make an insurance claim you will need to pay the detailed excess as per your policy.
Car hire vehicles have scheduled bookings and an accident or theft will result in loss of business for the supplier.

Whilst the circumstances surrounding the purpose of insurance are similar between your personal and car hire policies, the consequences are different for a supplier and an individual. I think for those who are thinking of getting insurance should read this post before they make any move.
This insurance is valid for car hire that you purchase providing you are over 150km from your normal place or residence.
Buying an annual car hire excess policy provide you with better cover, saves you money and is valid for multiple car rentals throughout the year.
If the car is damaged or stolen, the car rental company will charge your credit card for the Excess amount and you then claim for reimbursement on your Policy. Your stress levels are therefore likely to be higher and, in these conditions, accidents are always a possibility. We hope this article will assist in explaining the insurance component and the options available to you when selecting a vehicle for hire. Unfortunately, car hire suppliers are unable to determine or detail whether a driver is a rating one or not.
Should a person not listed on the policy be driving your vehicle and they have an accident, your insurance company may void your policy cover. Before you choose the insurance provider, it’s important that you know your requirements and be familiar with the type of insurance that you will get. Talking also to a broker or insurance agent will help you to learn more about car insurance. The Registered Address is: Towergate House, Eclipse Park, Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3EN. Options are usually to reduce the excess to a lesser amount or, in some instances, you can purchase a complete package that offers nil excess. This is known as the Excess and depending on the rental company this can be as much as €800.

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