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Texas Senator Bob Hall hears testimony on Senate Bill 1398 from Kevin Freeman and Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy before the Natural Resources & Economic Development Committee of the Texas Senate.
The Texas hearing serves as a vignette for the one of the most fundamental reasons that the nation’s electrical grid is not protected to a level that keeps the public safe in proportion to known threats for which the military has been protecting its critical infrastructure assets for decades. Here we also see the testimony of the president of the Association of Electric Companies of Texas testify against the bill. If you would like to express support for SB 1398, call the committee members at the numbers below.
Let’s consider some of the best survival vehicles you can buy that help you get out of dodge when SHTF during TEOTWAWKI. The SUV is often a good choice for a survival vehicle; it can carry a lot of supplies, is available in a 4X4, can tow, and can carry 7-8 people. An enduro motorcycle is designed to take on the streets, the gravel, and everything else you can throw at it.
Don’t forget that you can also travel on foot which is why we always encourage our readers to maintain good physical fitness in the event they have to bug out. The following maps are from Atlas of Texas, published by the University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Business Research. Great Circle Distances, in Miles, Between Texas and Selected North American Cities (table) (301K) [p. Percentage Frequencies of Wind Directions - January; Percentage Frequencies of Wind Directions - July [4 maps] (253K) [p.
Texas Revolution, 1835-1836 - The Defense of the Alamo, February 23 - March 6, 1836 (75K) [p. Texas Revolution, 1835-1836 - The Major Movements of Texan and Mexican Military Forces, February - April, 1836 (119K) [p. Mexican War Battles in Texas and Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 - Stephen Kearny's Campaign in New Mexico and A.W. Mexican War Battles in Texas and Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 - Taylor's Campaign, March 1846 - February 1847 (69K) [p. Mexican War Battles in Texas and Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 - The Battle of Palo Alto, May 8, 1846 (62K) [p.
Mexican War Battles in Texas and Northern Mexico, 1846-1847 - The Battle of Resaca De La Palma, May 9, 1846 (50K) [p.
Federal Military Activity in Texas, 1861-1865: Union Troop Movement in South Texas, 1863-1864 (91K) [p. Federal Military Activity in Texas, 1861-1865: The Battle of Galveston, January 1, 1863 (66K) [p. Federal Military Activity in Texas, 1861-1865: The Battle of Sabine Pass, September 8, 1863 (78K) [p. Enrollment in Elementary, Junior High And High Schools, By County, Fall 1975 [3 maps] (362K) [p. Representative Texas Wildlife [illustrations of Raccoon, Bobcat, White-Tailed Deer, Coyote](430K) and [illustrations of Nine-Banded Armadillo, Wild Turkey, Javelina, Bobwhite Quail] (542K) [p. Melons and Vegetables, 1974 Harvested Acreage: Green Peppers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Carrots [4 maps] (253K) [p.
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2015 ducati superbike 1299 panigale s review, Full 2015 ducati superbike 1299 panigale s review with photos, features and specifications at total motorcycle.. In the commercial buildings sector, there is no shortage of opportunities to improve building performance and energy efficiency. Because large commercial buildings and multi-building facilities are more likely to have dedicated energy or facilities managers, large buildings are most likely to benefit from the considerable growth in energy management systems and from commissioning and building energy performance services—the industry that has grown up around improving both the bottom line of the energy bill and the operations and comfort of commercial-sector facilities. The Energy Management Package (EMP), developed with the help of contractors and small building owners, is now available for free at this website.
The research team considered several different approaches to creating a process for expanding energy management to small commercial buildings that would succeed in the marketplace, ranging from providing software for building owners to buy to using utilities as the delivery channel. With guidance from the study, the research team developed the Energy Management Package, and recruited a group of 16 contractors nationwide to participate in a demonstration study to determine how well the package worked, and what improvements were needed. The package shows the user how to get the building's total and monthly energy use from utility bill data, and how to use an existing online program such as the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to determine how well or poorly the building performs compared to others of its type. The EMP user is guided through the building walkthrough process by a checklist of what to look for, learning how to find simple low- or no-cost measures such as adjusting thermostat setpoints and lighting controls that can lower energy use with little impact on activities within the building.
The package's focus on communicating with the customer helps demonstrate the bottom-line advantages of energy performance improvement, as well as other benefits such as better indoor environmental quality and lower maintenance costs. Initial feedback from the demonstration indicates that contractors are deriving value from deploying this approach at small commercial buildings. The free Energy Management Package is available now to all interested users at the website below. Everything polaris ranger- accessories rangers xp, Looking to deck out your polaris ranger with new accessories such as windshield, roof, mirror, storage boxes, and more.
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SB 1398 sets scientific and security based standards for electrical grid protection higher than the self-regulating industry standards. Namely, that those responsible are self-regulating for quarterly earnings interests and not public safety interests.
Electrical utility associations predictably lobby against safety regulation of critical electrical infrastructure often against the interest of their members and share holders arguing that they have everything under control. For the most part this vehicle can get you anywhere you need, paved or unpaved and can also be used every day. In this same respect it can’t exactly carry as many supplies or people in the event you need to bring a lot of passengers or gear with you. Just type in the words “Enduro Motorcycle” into Google and you will see articles on the BMW R 1200 GS.
After all, a sailboat requires limited fuel, can carry multiple passengers, the ability to make its own fresh water and offer the freshest food all the time.
A mountain bike is also a good means of self-propulsion that you can use to go off-roading or on the pavement.
29 Petroleum Refining and Related Products, 1975 [map] and Petroleum Refining Capacity in Texas [table] (166K) [p. However small buildings are unlikely to have dedicated building operations staff who know how to take advantage of these services. The EMP can help HVAC contractors expand the business they do with small building owners by providing a simple step-by-step guide to provide basic energy management services. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Building Technology Office to develop a better approach to bringing energy management into small commercial buildings. Many of the existing tools are too complicated and expensive for small buildings," says Hult. Owners need simple, easy-to-understand information about their buildings that is actionable.
They settled on developing a package for HVAC contractors that shows them how to expand their existing services to the small commercial market to include energy management to improve whole-building energy performance.

It explains how interval data can reveal spikes in a building's energy usage that they can use to diagnose problems with equipment.
Its model for incorporating energy management into a contractor's business is designed to help make this a successful service offering that adds to the contractor's business success.
Obtaining access to clients' energy data can be a challenge for contractors, however, according to Hult.
The project team plans to explore other channels for delivering the EMP to users, including the Architecture 2030 Small Commercial Toolkit (currently being developed with funding from DOE's Building Technologies Office), and to work with building software vendors to better tailor their products to the small commercial sector.
Under current regulations there is no goal to make the Texas grid withstand and recover from a catastrophic system wide event. Because the electrical grid is privately owned, the government does not have the power to set realistic safety standards under current law. In the video you can see that the electrical utility representative acknowledges the threats addressed in the legislation but is unable to claim that the Texas grid is protected under the current regulatory regime.
Aftermarket accessories or modifications shown are not manufactured or endorsed by Polaris Industries, Inc.
These are generally considered great for quick get-a-ways where limited protection from the elements and limited number of passengers is not a prerequisite. This bike is designed to be easy-handling off-road and on, is able for touring, and can carry one passenger as well as moderate cargo.
You may also consider a bug out truck, camper truck, RV, Humvee, or tank, whatever floats your boat. Energy Information Administration statistics from the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, 95 percent of commercial buildings in the United States are 50,000 square feet or less. The selling point to small commercial building owners is lower energy costs, with minimal financial investment. They began by listening to the voices of those involved in this market segment for a scoping study.
There are guidelines, worksheets, a simple reporting tool, and a business model for the user," says Hult. The data can reveal opportunities to use temperature setpoints, overnight setbacks, and other strategies to actively manage energy costs. The model provides a detailed approach to calculating costs and benefits to the contractor and the customer. She believes that wider implementation of the Green Button data formatting standard and Green Button Connect data transfer protocol, in conjunction with utility smart meter deployment, are critical to enable the broad adoption of energy management strategies in the small commercial sector.
We make no representation as to whether the use of our aftermarket accessories complies with the warranty associated with Polaris Industries, Inc.
Sail boats can be equipped with battery powered desalination devices, solar power, full kitchens, private quarters, and an endless range provided the wind is blowing. The package focuses on offices, retail, food service, and food sales buildings, where large opportunities for low-cost energy savings exist. They talked with contractors, utility energy efficiency program managers, and vendors of energy information systems (EIS), the technology used in commercial buildings that helps managers understand real-time consumption patterns and monitor building energy use. SB 1398 is a great first step in holding the industry accountable for protecting citizens from a very real catastrophic threat. The project targets 3 to 5 percent energy savings per building through low-and no-cost measures. And, even if you are not in Texas, if Texas passes this legislation, it will help protect America. So, watch the videos, draw your conclusion and place calls if you agree with the need for this legislation.

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