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How to Make a Static Electricity Generator—Shock Anything and Fry Electronics with Just a Touch!
In the following video, I demonstrate how to create a device capable of charging the body of anyone who wears it with static electricity, allowing a powerful shock to be discharged into anything that is touched.
The parts used in this project are fairly inexpensive, totaling about $30, assuming some things are already lying around the house (such as spare wire and tape).
From what I've read, the body can hold quite a bit of voltage, but that it doesn't necessarily affect the strength of discharge (at least what's felt).
OOVASTAV TULEOHUTUSE EIRAMINE TALLINNAS: Inspektorid avastasid kuttekolde korvalt puuriida. This grants the wearer the ability to do some pretty amazing things, some of which are shown in the first segment of the video.
I believe your body is only capable of absorbing so much of a charge so two may not increase anything.

But with your device, the discharge lasts longer, right, so it's maybe possible to generate a larger, more shocking jolt with multiple ones? I was expecting it to simply light up to more clearly demonstrate the electrical current from the spark, but what happened was cool too. Ise lasin antud komplektiga koik toosiaugud kipsi, 2.korruse korral elektrik hoiatas, et sellisega ei saa head tood teha - tegime proovikipsi tukil profi vs plekist jubedikuga testaugud - augud tunnistati igati sobilikuks. Elektriku sonul on hadas koige enam ehitajate tehtud aukudega - need ei suutvat ka profi tooriistadega korrektset toosiauku teha.
Do not shock someone if they could be hurt if they jumped or thrashed around from the surprise.Touch the 9-volt battery terminals to your tongue -- it's mildly unpleasant, not painful.
Onnestus ka oma silmaga ara naha, kuidas tavaline ehitaja toosiauku laseb - lihtsalt julmalt jouga vajutavad neid toosiauke ja tagajarjeks on auguservad rasitud ja pudisevad, kus toos ei istu enam hasti ja koik sellest tulenevad hadad. You will experience far more impact with a small air gap and an arc than if you merely make full skin contact and drain the voltage to your victim.You can get a similar effect by scuffing your feet (leather soles work best) across a carpet on a cold, dry day.

Touching someone's shoulder has less "punch" than touching their cheek because their cheek is more sensitive.If you hold a coin or other metal object in your hand to do the touching, you may feel nothing at all -- the arc leaps from the metal, not your skin, but your victim will feel the full shock. If you use your finger, but touch your victim's clothing or hair, you may get more of a shock than they will. If you're holding your cellphone the entire time, it may be safe if it's not in a plastic or leather (insulated) case; voltage is measured "compared to what?" (usually the ground or another circuit) so the cellphone will never have a "ground reference" to compare your high voltage to unless you put it between you and something else.

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