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If an EMP is big enough to destroy your lights, I wouldn't worry about them, you would probably be dead from radiation anyway.
We've covered this topic before (it just sounds like a CPF topic, doesn't it) and it turns out that it would be possible for a hypothetical ICBM-armed enemy to do an EMP-specific attack: Setting off a warhead ~120 miles above Los Angeles, for example, would be sufficient to blackout not just the West Coast, but *everything west of the Rockies*, with no blast, heat, or (nuclear) radiation damage at all.
If you're truly distressed by remote possibility of an EMP attack, or you just want to try a fun project, you can build your own EMP-proof box.
This would indicate that if an item were to be damaged it would need to have something either attached or built into it that would act like an antenna (like the one for your TV, car radio, power lines & pylons, phone lines) to attract any of the EMP. There is a similar problem that is more widespread & catered for is EMI or electromagnetic interference. This may also provide some protection for items like laptops & cell phones as they may have shielding built into them to reduce EMI. This is my understanding of EMP theory but it may have errors so take it with a grain of salt. Could you just put some mesh over the lens of the flashlight, since the body is metal already?

In his speech, he says that an electromagnetic pulse is “essentially a peculiarly sized nuclear device that becomes a giant lightning strike. Congressman Roscoe Bartlett commissioned seven nuclear physicists to study what the effect would be in the case of an electromagnetic pulse attack, and they unanimously said that it would be a catastrophic event. Gingrich also mentions to the crowd that just one EMP set off over Omaha would eliminate most of the electrical production in the United States. Designed by Carl Archambeault, the Scarab is a 100 percent electric self-driven robotic chase assistant concept that aims to reduce the number of police causalities in high speed chases. Property manager resume sample – free property management, Are you looking for a rental property manager resume example?
How » articles & videos, Learn how to do (almost) anything at howtodothings! Despite what the movies show, there is no reasonable way to create those energies without an atomic blast.
Gingrich telling an audience at the Heritage Foundation that Bill Fortune has written a novel called One Second After, where he takes a town in North Carolina and shows what would happen in the case of a successful electromagnetic pulse attack.

Gingrich also states that replacing the electrical generation system, especially once this system is gone and society is without electrical devices, is next to impossible.
There will still be two vehicles involved in a high-speed chase, with the suspect driving faster and faster to avoid capture.
If one occurs within a range to disable your flashlight then it's probably not the most worrying issue in your immediate future: check your baked flesh first. The Scarab concept doesn’t carry any weapons of any type, but with advances in technology, it will be possible to outfit the vehicle with a type of EMP or signal jamming device that brings the chased vehicle to a halt. Place a small radio tuned to a strong local station inside the box, and if all it receives is static when the box is closed, it works - you now have a fully EMP-proof utility box.

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