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NEWS: Emirates has made some sharp changes its Skywards programme, making redemptions a lot harder, and reducing lounge access for Golds. Emirates Skywards has a pretty standard earning system, but have recently made it a whole load more complicated. There were howls of anguish in the Frequent Flyer community when Emirates deemed that Saver fares (in effect almost all economy fares) would only earn 50% of the base Miles. In terms of miles, London to Dubai is 3414 miles, and from there to Singapore is 3629, to Perth 5616, to Sydney 7580, and to Auckland 8827.
Skywards also allows you to collect miles from some other airlines, although it is a lot less generous that it once was (in the olden days when you could collect Oneworld, StarAlliance, and even Skyteam flights allowing you to collect miles from British Airways (and its codeshares, like Qantas) and redeem them for Singapore Airlines tickets (plus it's codeshares, like bmi).
Now you can only earn miles Emirates Skywards miles with Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Korean Air, and South African Airways.
However, if the list of airlines that are partners seems Spartan, the list of hotels is very extensive, and includes all the usual Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, Le Meridien, Marriott, Shangri-La, Starwoods & Swissotel chains. Redemption levels at Emirates are slightly lower than the equivalent Star Alliance redemption rates for economy, but significantly higher if you want to travel in the premium seats. New Zealand (Auckland and Christchurch) now have their own zones, and from Sydney come in at 25,000 for an economy return. You can also redeem flights with the partner airlines, however the redemption rate is so high, you should avoid this unless you really need to.
You can use you Skywards miles for a one way upgrade to the next class of service, although the redemption rate is so high, you might as well put the points on a Star Alliance carrier and get a completely free flight for that level of redemption. Silver level can be achieved at 25,000 tier miles or 20 paid segments on Emirates Airlines in your membership year.
Skywards Silver membership entitles you to business class check in, an extra 12kg of luggage, and you get access to a lounge in Dubai.
Gold level can be achieved at 50,000 tier miles or 40 paid segments on Emirates Airlines in your membership year. Skywards Gold members are entitled to business class check in, 16kgs free excess baggage, access to all Emirates lounges (although you can no longer bring in a guest), and guaranteed reservations on fully booked flights. There is a great Gold membership pack for Gold level: it looks rather like a box of chocolates, and even includes an engraved letter opener, in the shape of a propellor. Emirates used two leased aircrafts Boeing and an Airbus to launch itself on October 25, 1985. Emirates Airlines has been providing full-service flights to travelers since over two decades.
The official website offers a detailed flight schedule of all the flights that they operate between two given destinations. The airline offers regular flights to Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. Emirates Airlines is one of the world’s best airlines that was established in the year of 1985. It is one of the largest revenue earning airlines in Middle East and also the largest airline in terms of passengers and fleet size. The airline is a Government of Dubai owned enterprise and its functioning reflects the rich hospitable nature of the country. Transportation has become a part of mans life and flights are said to be the easiest form of haulage.
Flying in the Emirates is a wonderful experience that the passengers themselves acknowledge as soon as they enter this aircraft. 75,000 Bonus Qantas Frequent Flyer Points, After first eligible purchase within the first 3 months. These airlines and 11 others belong to the global SkyTeam alliance: all of which reserve special privileges for SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members, regardless of which airline you've signed up with. The first rung above entry-level members in both schemes, Alitalia throws in two free business class upgrades on its own flights, along with 25% more points when flying with SkyTeam. Your SkyTeam Elite status also gives access to the priority queues at check-in and boarding with every SkyTeam airline, an extra 10kg of baggage or one extra piece and more, although not free lounge access. Your alliance-wide extra baggage allowance also increases from 10kg to 20kg, while Freccia Alata Club members earn 50% more points in the air and four free Alitalia upgrades and Freccia Alata Plus Club cardholders net a full double serve of points when flying: also with four free upgrades. If you're not already a member of Alitalia MilleMiglia, join for free on the airline's website and take note of your 'MilleMiglia code' – that's Alitalia's term for your frequent flyer number. Then simply fire off an email [email protected] with your first and last name, that MilleMiglia code and photo or scan of your current Silver, Gold or Platinum frequent flyer card of any non-SkyTeam airline. Handy tip: If your current frequent flyer card expires on or before March 31 2016, that's the date when your Alitalia card will expire.
You can also request the Alitalia status match at any time until December 31 2015, so if you'll soon be receiving a new or updated frequent flyer card, consider holding off on the status match until that card arrives.
Chris lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a great latte, an opera ticket and a glass of wine!
If you qualify for Freccia Alata Plus Club does that also mean you get benefits when flying with Etihad? Is the Delta Status match only when you're fed into the network via either the Delta or VA LAX - Aus services? I believe it's any Delta flight, plus it will get you into a Delta lounge for a domestic flight unlike an Air France (SkyTeam) card. It's a shame the lounge access rules require an international leg - Skyteam is home to some airlines with massive domestic networks (Delta aside) - you could fly a 9 hour Aeroflot domestic or a 6 hour Garuda domestic - without so much as a passport stamp and still not have lounge access.
Alitalia: staggered fully-flat seats (with aisle access for everyone) across the entire longhaul fleet since 2013 (hear, hear, Qantas!) plus award-winning catering (think top-notch Italian restaurant service with a truly impressive wine list), a real duvet (as opposed to a piece of plastic) and about the only biz amenity kit in the airline industry worth keeping as it is packed to the rafters with Bulgary miniatures.
Garuda: while they don't have a large network their latest business class is phenomenal apparently. I know you love QF, VA, SQ and CX but it is always good to be open-minded about who else is out there. If you join up with the MilleMiglia, make sure you write down the registration number that comes up on the screen. Same here, just called their (Italian) number and waited on hold for 10 minutes before giving up. Your only chance of getting it is if, when you signed up, you agreed to get their regular email newsletters - they will apparently have your MM number on them. Amazing, since the person I was speaking to on the phone had my account in front of them, but refused to tell me the number and refused to send an email to my address on the screen. If you still want to have a go, I re-registered with the same name but different email address and address (just used office instead of home) and it went through and I got new membership code. But, honestly, if Alitalia are going to make it that hard for me then I'm not going to jump through hoops to give them or their partners my business.
Same here but I assumed that it would be sometime next week before the request has been processed. Apparently Alitalia received a large number of requests and the approval process was taking longer than usual, so log in to your Alitalia account and see if your status has updated (you'll see it in the 'membership card' section) as you may not receive an email when this happens.
I've been waiting 10 days for some kind of confirmation - or, indeed, any kind of correspondence at all - and have received nothing.

Glad I wasn't the only one that had to go searching to work out what the card graphic translated to status wise.
Atter several rather infuriating emails (and I do mean SEVERAL) asking me to resend my request, the copy of my card wasn't clear enough etc, I logged on today out of curiosity and noticed the status match has been approved.
Got My Gold Qantas Sapphire Status Matched with Alitalia Freccia Alata which is equvilent to Skyteam Elite Plus till March 2017. For a little luxe on your next journey with Emirates, why not use your hard-earned Skywards miles for an upgrade to first class? Between Sydney and Dubai, you're looking at 54,000 miles from the pricey 'Flex' and 'Flex Plus' fares or a higher 70,200 miles on 'Saver' tickets.
However, you won't be able to upgrade to first class using miles from business class 'Special' tickets, or when travelling in economy: Emirates upgrades are all one-class only, so you can't skip business and hop into first class. Just note that Emirates miles can't be used to upgrade to first class on Qantas flights, even if you book under the EK flight number – nor can Qantas Points be used to upgrade on Emirates flights. Emirates often leaves room for high-value, last-minute sales – but if an upgrade is available on your flight and you request it online at least six hours before take-off, it's yours to enjoy.
You can also try your hand at a seat in first class when checking-in, or even on board where Silver, Gold and Platinum members of Skywards can nudge the crew for a better seat, as long as they’re willing to cough up enough miles. That can be your only option if you've booked your Emirates flight via another airline as the website and check-in team may say no, but the crew may still be able to upgrade you once on board. In other words, paying $125 more in cash saves 16,200 miles at upgrade time and also earns an extra 3,724 miles, leaving you with a mileage balance after the flight of nearly 20,000 miles more than if you took the marginally cheaper Business Saver option.
But keep in mind that upgrades are again subject to availability: you'll want to either call Emirates or use subscription-based software like ExpertFlyer to check what's available on your particular flight before booking, if getting that upgrade is highly important to you.
The online system will automatically try to upgrade every passenger on your booking – so if you're being joined by colleagues and need a little tranquillity of your own, give Emirates a call on 1300 303 777 and ask the agent to leave everybody else in business class. If upgrades aren't available on your flight, try again as soon as online check-in opens, at the airport check-in desks and or again on board for Silver, Gold and Platinum Skywards members to maximise your chances. Emirates also allows passengers to purchase upgrades online, but this typically involves paying the fare difference from business class to first class rather than upgrading at a discount, so it's more akin to changing your fare than upgrading in the traditional sense. Facebook Twitter Reddit EmailEmirates has made a small but very significant change to its economy to business class upgrade eligibility to Skywards members. Emirates doesn’t have any other information about ineligible fare classes from economy to business class upgrades.
It would be great if Emirates would have some information about these changes up on its website for Skywards members to digest rather than just having a line when you check your itineraries online. Emirates often oversells their economy class and upgrades Skywards elite members to business class. Does this apply to flights booked before 1st May or for all flights taken from 1st May onwards? The Emirates Lounge will be accessible by passengers flying Business or First Class, along with Platinum or Gold Emirates Skywards members – the airline’s frequent flyer programme.
Following the reveal of the airline’s new interior design within the Emirates Concourse A Lounge in Dubai International Airport earlier this year, the announcement of a global overhaul was made at the inaugural refurbishment of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle lounge. The €3.8 millon investment has seen the lounge redecorated, moved to a more prominent central location and its capacity boosted 67% to 156 passengers.
Mohammed Mattar, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President Airport Services, said: “The refurbishment of this lounge is a further marker of our commitment to offering our premium class customers the best possible passenger journey with Emirates.
Emirates 34 other dedicated lounge destinations can be found at some of the world’s busiest cities, including Delhi, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, London, Milan and New York. The new lounge includes distinct zones dedicated to dining, working and relaxing, and is open to Qantas Business, Platinum and Platinum One frequent flyers.
Qantas’ premium customers flying from London Heathrow Airport will soon be able to enjoy a new flagship lounge, which is due to open in early 2017. It is part of no global alliance, however it is possible to earn and redeem points from some other airlines (alas, not as many as you once could). Alternatively all the planes also carry a 6 page brochure on board which contains a temporary card. Your tier level used to reset at the end of each calendar year, but now your tier status will be reviewed at the end of the same month in which you first earned it.
You earn one mile for each mile flown on Emirates Airlines, however this is multiplied by the type of fare and the class of cabin. Add to this First only earning 1.5 times miles (as opposed to three times miles) and Skywards is a whole lot less generous that it used to be. Continental Airlines & United Airlines, Delta, Malaysian airlines, Korean Air, and Virgin Australia are all no longer partners.
However Emirates try hard to avoid telling you how many miles you need until you are well doing the booking process. To fly from there to Dubai return (Zone 5) takes 45,000 miles, or 77,500 for a flex booking. There are very few perks at this level; the only one really worth bothering about is that you can book your seat. Emirates Skywards does not have a soft landing for golds, and if you fail to get even 25,000 miles, you'll crash down to blue. The journey has been higher and higher and today Emirates is world class service provider in the international Aviation Industry. Often a recipient of the ‘Best Airline’ award at international aviation awards ceremonies, you can be assured that you will be pampered all through your journey when you Fly Emirates! With information like flight numbers, arrival and departure timings as well as frequency displayed in an easy to understand format; whether you are traveling on business or for tourism, you can plan your itinerary with ease right from the convenience of your home or office. It was initiated by the Emirates group in 1985 and it operates from its hub in the Dubai International Airport. You can look up for special offers posed by the airline to get discount on tickets to India. Those who want to enjoy premium comforts on their flight to India should book into the Skycruiser class or business class to enjoy comfortable seating, premium cuisine and latest in-flight entertainment service. Fly Emirates is undoubtedly the largest airlines in the Middle East and its destinations are 129 cities in 72 countries.  It has specially a strong presence in the South and South East Asian regions which has made Dubai connected almost with all the international destinations. The brand is well known to the whole world and one of the factors that have influenced its popularity is the catchy Fly Emirates slogans that are associated with the airline. It is not only one of the biggest but also one of the richest airlines of the world and has always been proactive in adding new routes that has ultimately resulted in the generation of more revenue. Emirates Airline is one such where passengers can have a truly comfortable and delightful time, till they reach their destination. Beginning from seats to various facilities offered in here you can believe yourself pampered till you reach your destination. Here's an easy way to get VIP perks with the likes of Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta, Garuda Indonesia, Korean Air, Vietnam Airlines and more. But, if your current card expires after March 31 2016, your Alitalia (and SkyTeam) status will be valid through the end of March 2017.
I often travel to USA on Qantas in J or F to Dallas but then use Delta via MSP for a last internal USA leg that OW AA don't fly, in economy.

On the other hand, status matches are generally a once-in-a-lifetime deal, so maybe I should save Alitalia for now, just in case. I used it when flying out of Atlanta on a domestic flight (after overnighting at ATL) and they wouldn't let me in when I tried the AF card as I hadn't come off an international flight that day but after consulting the rule book (yes there is a thick rule book) they welcomed me with the VA card.
I'm not going to ring Italy and wait on hold and there's no email contact on their site, so no idea how I'm supposed to get hold of my membership number.
Turns out they have a "policy" of not handing out your MM number over the phone, nor will they email it to you. She even refused to change my settings so that I'm signed up to the newsletter that will tell me my number. I have American AAdvantage Platinum (OneWorld Sapphire) which they matched to Freccia Alata Plus Club - nice!
Can i use Etihad Lounges around the world and also get the bonus's like extra kg, priority boarding, business class check in etc? It is unclear if this will affect the operational upgrades from these fares for Skywards Platinum, Gold, and Silver members.
Why wouldn’t they rather take the mileage liability off their books and allow upgrading from all fares? The facilities within the lounge include showers, a dining area and a choice of formal or informal seating. They really make it as hard as possible to calculate the miles needed, with complicated calculators that in theory do the work for you. Dubai to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (Zone 13) now come in at 72,500 miles in economy (125,000 in flex, 145,000 in business, and First at 217,500 miles).
To upgrade from there to Dubai (Zone 5) takes 32,500 miles, Singapore is Zone 11 at 67,500, all of Australia (west) 80,000 miles ( an increase on 62,500 just last year).
The sole aim of their Emirates has been to provide customers with the best flying experience for and give them value for money. Travelers can choose from three seating categories like the First, Business and Economy while flying on any of its international sectors. It offers quick flights to various destinations in this region as well as to key international locations. Fly Emirates to make use of such benefits and also enjoy the Marhaba lounge in the airport before taking the flight to India.
When you are flying with the airline, you truly get a royally comfortable ride to whichever destination you are traveling to. It has had an exceptional record of safety, while maintaining a high level of performance since its inception. This is based at Dubai International Airport and is believed to be the largest airline in the Middle East. Their in-flight entertainments are award-winning and keep you to your seats till the end of the journey. Really annoying not to be able to use Skyteam elite card (Air France) to get into MSP Delta lounge. But all that has been emailed to me is my pin number and it's impossible to log in without the code number! Although it takes a while to work it out since the site doesn't actually tell you in words what your status is. This is actually a sharp drop from the old level of 190k for business and 285k for first.).
A simple one way upgrade over the Tasman to New Zealand on Emirates Skywards costs 16,000 to upgrade a class one way, one of the cheapest redemptions on the network.
Through the decades the airlines has paved its way and maintained standards as one of the world’s leading international air carrier. Since Emirates flies to over one hundred and thirty destinations across the world, you can be assured of excellent connectivity to many of the tourist hotspots and commercial hubs while flying in this airline.
Currently, the airline has a fleet size of 200arriers and it operates to 132 destinations across the globe. It has always strived to acquire the latest technologies available to make the travel of its passengers a truly world class experience. From private suites and shower spas to flat-bed seats every moment you spend in this place is altogether a unique experience.If you are a first-class passenger in this fantastic fight then you are also provided with a complimentary chauffeur-drive service to and from your Emirates flight. But the new status expiry date, a new icon and a check of the online version of their card in the profile section seems to confirm the upgrade. The Award Winning Aviation CompanyRecently Skytrax in 2013 at their annual World Airline Awards awarded Emirates with as being the ‘World’s Best Airline’. The online web check-in, chauffeur-driven services, visa assistance to the United Arab Emirates and membership to frequent flier programs are some of the additional facilities offered to passengers who Fly Emirates.
It provides its regular passengers with frequent flier program known as the Skywards Miles.Emirates Airlines gives the world class experience of travelling. Though the airline’s fleet has a mixture of both Airbus & Boeing jetliners, in recent years it has become of the biggest buyers of Airbus aircraft. This airline is also a subsidiary of The Emirates Group and is wholly owned by the government of Dubai.
The business class are also not left behind, for they also can enjoy a leisurely travel in the high-end Volvos. Again for the 9th consecutive year emirates was bestowed with the award for being ‘Best Middle East Airline’ and also awarded the ‘World’s Best In-flight Entertainment’ airline. This has only helped it to enhance it operational capabilities and maintain an impressive safety record. All of these facilities can be checked into while you are making your bookings in the Fly Emirates itself.
These awards given by Skytrax were a result of the polls that were carried out among 18 million travelers in 160 different countries.
Some of their in-flight entertainment includes the provision of inbuilt TV in front of every seat and there are 1500 channels given along with the facility to enjoy music of any kind.The airline offers guidance to adventurers and tourists to select holiday destinations by using its interactive map.
Customer service, safety, and timely service are among the strongest pillars that support the success of an airline and when you fly Emirates, all this and more is part of the experience. So go on, get ready to tap your feet and reach your destination in the most refreshing flight ever! Fly Emirates has received many awards and recognitions over the years for its superior in-flight cuisine, in-flight entertainment made available to the passengers and much more. It is this versatility and consistency that have made the airline a clear favorite with passengers.
When you fly Emirates you can easily identify the difference in terms of quality of service provided from luggage handling to in flight entertainment. This has heightened the bar of its performance and they are working hard for outstanding excellence and expansion.

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