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A few days ago newly Saudi trained Yemeni forces were inserted into the southern harbor city Aden to fight against Houthi and parts of the Yemeni army loyal to the former president Saleh. The inserted forces had brand new mine resistant vehicle and were led by special forces from the United Arab Emirates.
Local militias backed by Saudi Arabia, special forces from the United Arab Emirates and al Qaeda militants all fought on the same side this week to wrest back control over most of Yemen’s second city, Aden, from pro-Iranian Houthi rebels, according to local residents and Houthi forces. They arrived in Toyota Hilux pickup trucks, the favored vehicle of Islamist fighters in the Middle East and South Asia. As reaction to that the Syrian government received additional support from its allies and pulled back to defensive positions. Stopping Iran’s destabilizing behavior is the priority in the Middle East, as senior Israeli, Saudi and Emirati officials agree privately, whatever the public commotion about the nuclear deal.

Probably the Teton Crest plus some short stuff I was looking at just over the line in ID, but I haven't really looked at the logistics to see if that last part's going to be practical or convenient.
The video is a little painful to watch due to repeated footage of totally uncoordinated use of trekking poles(good grief, learn how to walk!) interrupting things, but the scenery is off the chain.
Total solar eclipse swipes diagonally right down the state (and on to the SE USA) on August 21st, 2017!!! An Emirati officer, likely acting as Forward Air Controller providing target designation for the air attacks, was killed. The clowns from Jaish al Fatah, Jabhat al Nusra (AlQaeda) and their best friends, the Brookings favorite Ahrar al-Shams, come to mind. Since then new Jihadist attacks against Aleppo, Daara and in the Golan heights all failed with high casualties on the attackers side.

This essential task of confronting Tehran should be easier now that the Iranian nuclear program is capped for at least a decade. As with the nuclear problem, the right strategy is a combination of pressure (including possible military force) and diplomacy. Not only did it help to recently destroy various important bridges, hospitals and all three cement factories in Yemen, it is now actively giving air support to AlQaeda. They will join the other insurgents on the ground, AlQaeda and other Jihadis, who have the premier aim of overthrowing the Syrian government.

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