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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. 2.Take out the ellipse charger, put the charger onto the light as photo shows below, there has a + and mark on both of light and charger, face + to + and to -. When it is fully charging, the light on ellipse charger is GREEN, and when it is full charger, the light on ellipse will turn RED. When you need to alert others to a road hazard or are in need of light even during a heavy rain, Rechargeable led flares is a beacon that gets noticed. Lately, I’ve really been diligent about re-evaluating the emergency equipment I store in my vehicle. While there’s certainly no shortage of options, those options also took some consideration to narrow down.
Right off the bat, I knew I didn’t want anything that would rely on a battery to operate.
Some other considerations on strobes and battery powered lighting, are that they’re also electronic devices. Another requirement I had, is that whatever device I used, needed to be seen both in the day and the night. Flags are another choice for emergency signals, but I consider these to be a supplement and wouldn’t want this as the only option. Activating a road flare is accomplished with a simple strike cap, much like a gigantic match.
I opted for Orion Signal 30 Minute Road Flares with an integrated wire stand to prop them up on the roadway when deployed.
I’d like to hear from you, what do you carry for an emergency signaling device in your vehicle.
Please consider joining our Crew Leader Membership and our growing community of supporters.
At ITS Tactical we’re working hard every day to provide different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life. For less than 14¢ a day you can help contribute directly to our content, and join our growing community of supporters who have directly influenced what we’ve been able to accomplish and where we’re headed. I have been working as a Tow truck operator for going on 7 years now, and obviously, I have spent some time on the side of the road. Cyalume chemlights also makes 8 and 10 inch "road flare alternative" light sticks that come with the little bipod wire for each stick.
I keep 2x Reflective triangles in the boot along with an "EFLARE" strobe that runs on 2x D batteries - i change the batteries out pretty regularly. Putting out one or two cones 50 feet from the car also helps if they run over the cone it would give them an indicator that they messed up.. Bryan, while you are against depending on warning devices running on batteries, I have found that these work very well for me.

Unfortunately the website is in Dutch, but running it through Google should yield a sufficient translation.
With the magnets in the body they can be stuck to any metal surface or you can just place them on the road.
At about 20 Euros each (about USD 25.70 (including sales tax)) I think they're hard to beat. Triangles and road flares, all side doors and the rear cargo door inner edges have reflective hazard tape.
It is believed that screenshots may be exhibited on Half-Life Wiki under the fair use provision of United States copyright law. Using high-capacity battery CR123 as power, built-in IC chip control LED flash, this light has 9 user-selectable flash patterns. Powerful magnet to attach to metal surfaces.The strong magnet attaches to construction or highway trucks, cars, signs, or other magnetic metal surface.
Connect the USB wire with the ellipse charger, now you can charger the light through the computer USB plug. Compared to other road flares, the Rechargeable led flares excels in long-lasting durability. Battery performance can vary from factors such as temperatures, age of the battery,  Contains a strong magnet for placement on vehicle etc. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
While that information is definitely coming in a future article, one of the things I’ve recently contemplated is what kind of emergency signaling to carry. Batteries die and while I feel like I have a pretty good system for keeping emergency equipment up to date, I really don’t want to be dependent on batteries.
Flares are a universal roadside emergency signal and there’s no mistaking a few road flares every few feet leading to a roadside emergency. Depending on the length, these can burn from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and don’t require retrieval from the roadside. It’s somewhat thin wire, but even if the flare did fall, I feel they would still be just as effective. Instead of simply asking for your support with donations, we’ve developed a membership to allow our readers to support what we do and allow us to give you back something in return. I like it because it has several different flash modes, it can be seen from a good distance, its rechargeable, waterproof, and its magnetic.
I have a box of thirty-minute high intensity orange ones in my trunk that also have a strip of reflective tape around the end. Flares and such are not something I wanna carry on my motorbike and these strobes are strong enough to withstand being run over by a truck. I do not like in fire hazard area, usually I get off the shoulder entirely(running on 35's, so exhaust is high enough to USUALLY not be a contact fire hazard)- no this is not always possible , but then these days , a mechanical or tire failure is not going to "all stop you" immediately-think about where can put yourself that will get you out of the line of fire so to speak.
The blinking caution light will alert drivers to road work, accidents, or other road hazards.

Ideal for personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, RVs, boats,road hazards, signal for help, mark detours, underwater scuba or repair applications and emergency responders.
We're talking a crush-proof and corrosion-proof polycarbonate plastic exterior and impact resistant rubber housing.
More specifically, emergency signaling devices to alert oncoming traffic that I have an emergency. I will state that this is entirely my opinion and what I’ve found to be the best option, may not be the best for you.
While highly visible at night with reflection from a light source, they’re not as visible during the day as they are at night. These are also limited to a daytime emergency signal, unless combined with a reflective device. Out of all the options, these work in ALL weather, just don't throw them in a standing pool of water and you're fine. What's more, this Rechargeable led flares offers low maintenance with an internal lithium battery that's rechargeable so there are no costly batteries or replacement concerns. Strobes can be extremely effective, but also are outside of the norm of what drivers would expect to encounter on a roadway. Some reflective devices I’ve seen, like reflective road triangles, are prone to falling over in high winds. Placing them on the side of the road to alert drivers may not be as effective as other options. While you wouldn’t necessarily want to use one to light up a trunk at night, they do make fantastic emergency fire starters.
I’d also like to bring your attention to a fantastic 2005 study (link to PDF) done by Penn State Transportation Research. It makes a great gift for family members as well, specifically ones you don't trust not to burn themselves lol.
Orion flares have a 'con' for every 'pro' but when I have to carry them I use an airtight container. A bright strobe flashing on the side of the road might be more of a distraction than a device that would make them move over a lane.
Chemlights also have a shelf life, but I’ve found they still work well after the expiration date. We never charged them except after use and I know a set that worked perfectly after being in a cooking hot MRAP for nearly a year in Baghdad without use or charging. I have a set in my car and just checked them, they also work fine after a year without attention.

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