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Intricately tied to the planning and response groups are various volunteers such as Red Cross, the Salvation Army and an array of community support groups.
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On the cool Thursday night of November 19th, students at Illinois Central College had two things on their mind, exams that Friday and the weekend to follow. One new tactic being offered by the campus police is a 3-step solution to respond during an active shooter called, Run Hide Fight. Long before Umpqua and Sandy Hook was Columbine, the high school massacre that brought school shootings into the forefront of the national consciousness. With what seems to be a rise in shootings, people across the nation are looking for solutions and ways to not only protect themselves but also to put an end to this deadly and horrifying trend. To some this idea seems like a simple and great solution but those trained in firearms and tactics know the dangers of such a bill. Not everyone at ICC feels the same way; Manuel Garza is a student at ICC studying into Criminal Justice and supports the idea. While there is no foolproof way to prevent these acts of violence, awareness and preparation can go a long way. In September of 2013 the Federal Bureau of Investigations released a 47-page document detailing a researched, in-depth report on active shooters.

The regionalized structure enables the communities to share resources while offering centralized leadership and management to avoid duplications within the geographical area.
How will you take care of yourself and your family in case of an emergency or natural disaster? In fact emergency preparedness is important and you should consider your local, geographical, social, political, and financial risk factors to create a personalized emergency plan.
We teach these classes for free because we strongly believe in the concept of preparedness and enjoy doing our part to educate and serve the community. There are no preservatives or added sodium; our sweet corn is just sweet corn, and our peaches are just peaches. Unbeknown to the staff and students on campus, in the bathroom was a poorly written note with a veiled threat.
Anyone alerted to an active shooter on campus should get as far from the building as possible and seek shelter, till police have cleared the scene. ICC Criminal Justice professor Nick Groff says that this shooting, with 15 dead and 24 injured, set the bar for law enforcement response to school shootings. Lindsey is not your average college students, before attending ICC he was serving in the United States Marine Corp. The Director and the Chiefs of the various essential services agencies meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and refine plans.
Exercises are planned and conducted on a two-year cycle to confirm and validate plan effectiveness.
With that said, we do offer a full line of quality, non-GMO freeze dried food, water filtration and storage products, and emergency and first aid supplies for those people who would like to build a supply of emergency supplies. The shelf life ranges from 20 to 30 years un-opened, and 6 to 18 months even after the can is opened.
While it turned out to be nothing more than an attempted to postpone exams, it brings to the forefront of the consciousness, that ICC, like any other school is vulnerable to attack.

Law enforcement advises using whatever tools are around as a possible weapon to subdue the attacker; this is a last case scenario.
If passed, this bill would allow anyone to be able to carry on campus once they have gone through the proper training.
Even the idea of allowing students to carry on campus is ok by, that is of course if those students don’t have any criminal backgrounds. During this time he was highly trained in the use of firearms and the safety that comes with operating one. The exercises also serve the purpose of evaluating the suitability of EM infrastructure, communications, and resource availability. In response to the rise in school shootings, ICC teamed up with both the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to provide a 3-day-training course. Those in a classroom should close and lock all doors, students and staff should gather in a corner out of site from windows, shut off lights and mute cell phones, making as little noise as possible. The new approach is that law enforcement has adapted is to attack the problem head on, rather than attending to the injured or those trapped within the building. Having students, such as Lindsey, on campus with concealed firearms may be one possible solution to the seamlessly never ending strike of shootings.
This rigorous program paired emergency response teams, such as Peoria Police Department and EMT’s, to train alongside the leadership at ICC. Law enforcement or school officials will make an announcement over the school PA when it is clear to leave. Some of the top campus police from around the nation participate in this government sponsored program that is aimed at educating and training personnel on active shooter situations.

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