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Keep in mind that this emergency pack does NOT contain a method of starting a fire and it is suggested that you include a lighter, waterproof matches, and a fire starter. Overall, this pack is missing a number of key items, but if you’re looking to be minimally covered in case of an emergency then consider purchasing this off-the-shelf bug-out bag.  Granted, everyone’s BOB is going to be a little different, but keep in mind that our goal is to make sure that everyone is informed and prepared. Over the years different illnesses and medical conditions in our home have left us with a cupboard full of empty UNRECYCLABLE prescription bottles. Since our recycling center doesn’t accept this kind of plastic and our pharmacy doesn’t recycle or reuse them either, I decided to do some research and figure out ways I could repurpose them into other useful objects.
Important note: Before reusing any empty prescription bottle, take off the labels, so no one has access to your personal information, then clean and sanitize the bottles thoroughly.
Keep matches and other necessities dry while you brave the wild: camping, boating, or just for a day at the beach. I don’t know about you, but I find myself flossing in the car more than any other place! My son Kell has had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 2 years old and so we have ALWAYS made sure to have some emergency snacks on hand in case of low blood sugars. Prescription bottles are just the right size and shape for a sewing needle, a small spool or two, a few straight pins, and a few plain buttons. Have one in the car, purse or office drawer.
Collect the seeds at the end of the growing season and store them neatly in small pill bottles. Line old prescription bottles with inexpensive baggies and use them for condiment containers for bagged lunches. If you wear perfume and don’t want to bring the whole bottle with you in your purse but like to freshen up at midday, try this:  soak a cotton ball or two with your favorite cologne or perfume, place them inside a small bottle and close with the cap.
Check with your local free clinic or veterinarian’s office to see if they accept used prescription bottles. Some of them will reuse them for filling prescriptions.

1) Electrical: I put my wire nuts by color in them and then use a colored Sharpie to color the white cap to match the size. 4) All Trades use drills so by putting the SMALLER sized drill bits in the small vile and the LARGE ones in taller ones so they are NOT always getting lost in the tool box as with all the above items. High quality Eye Wash Station that is ideal for emergency eye treatment for injuries received in the office, school, home or garden and also represents great value for money. We always love sharing new and exciting wedding ideas with you guys — from cool dessert bars to amazing wedding decor to unique ideas for wedding photos, we always want to put you guys on the forefront of the coolest wedding ideas and trends. Please be careful about where you place these reused prescription bottles and your real ones. If a button comes loose or a hem unravels the kit is handy and the pins are tucked safely inside where no one can get pricked when not in use. The bottle rolls around and is light enough not to cause harm to the kitten, cat or furniture it might be rolled into. By midday the cotton ball will still be wet and can be dabbed to the areas you spritz with perfume. So, call around in your area to see if vets will take your bottles, or if any free clinics need them.
Saves Time searching as well saves MONEY$ not having to run to the store to buy a new just to find the one the one you couldn’t later which you ALWAYS END UP DOING 5 min. Instead of putting your key under the mat or above the door, put the key in a pill bottle, seal it, and add some grass or hot glue a small pine cone to the top! DIY Bridesmaids Emergency Kit: This is a super easy thing to put together, and it doesn’t have to be too fancy! A Sweet Coffee Bar: Having a wedding in the morning, or a brunch for your bridal party the day after the wedding?

Wedding Madlibs: Keep guests entertain with interesting activities throughout your reception. Put the cap on and place in a drawer to keep clothes smelling fresh without risking stains on your clothes. I’ve taken the larger 90 day bottles, cut off the bottle necks and used them for seedling containers.
It’s an easy and free DIY project where you basically make a countdown to your wedding day for your significant other.
Simple items can be even more unique and charming — fruit, for example, is a really easy way to have a cheap, cute, and delicious place card for your guests on your wedding day. Small games or easy print-outs are a great way to keep your guests involved, chatting with each other, and engaged during the reception.
Don’t overpack the dirt in them and you can gently ease out the plant for transplanting. Underneath every number is a different reason why you’re excited to marry him or her. That way, if they have a wardrobe mishap, blistered feet, or breath that needs freshening, they’re covered!

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