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To make camping trips enjoyable and not stressful you’ll want camping equipment you can rely on.
I am a fit person and am used to the San Francisco hills, but this 30-pound bag makes me question my ability to haul it around when I'd need it, and that includes climbing in and around rubble.
Beyond the water bottles and filters, figuring out better food options, and adding some sort of practical charger to the pack, I'm also thinking about buying a second Solar Lite.
It might seem frivolous to be worried about green during an emergency, but that's exactly the time we should be worried about it. Whether you want to call it as wedding day emergency kit or wedding day survival kit, they meant the same thing. Wedding day emergency kit is as the name suggest for emergency and are store in much larger bag and contain items you would need for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and even mother of the bride and sometimes guests. A ripped wedding gown call for a double side tape or hem tape, a groom who forgot to brush his teeth will need a toothbrush and toothpaste, a blister leg will need the blister balm and so on.
You can pack the emergency kit in a suitcase or smaller bags under the responsibility of several bridesmaids and place in an easy to reach place. I get pitched a lot of preparedness items here at AllOutdoor, but one of the best to come across my desk recently is an item called the Trucker’s Friend. I lived in San Francisco for five years, right in the middle of town, and one of the big things that everyone does there is earthquake preparedness. I had a decent collection of small to medium-sized demolition tools, like the Stanley Fatmax (solid), Dead On Annihilator (avoid!), and various prybars, tucked under beds and in closets.
I pulled a few nails with the nail puller, and while serviceable, I’d rather have my hammer. I also did a bit of hammering, both hammering nails and just beating on concrete to test the shock absorbing handle. The bushcraft hatchet, like the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet in the picture below, has a much less curved edge than a demolition tool axe, so that more of the edge makes contact with the wood at any given moment. Now, this is obviously a deeply unfair comparison because I’m comparing a $30 demolition tool to a $120 hand-crafted Swedish hatchet. However, I grew up in a coastal area that, while we felt the rattle when quakes hit north and south of us, we rarely experienced disastrous results. I'm considering investing in a high quality eco-friendly backpack or hiking pack that can better distribute the weight of necessary supplies.Nutrition Content of Ration Bars"Rations" is a word that just conjures up disgusting food, and when you're hungry, anything that's edible is fair game without complaints. I also took it on a week-long road trip, although I thankfully didn’t have occasion to do more than pack and unpack it. You don’t want to be caught barefoot in that, so you want to have a pair of shoes that you can quickly get to from anywhere in the house.

My favorite demolition tool, though, was my US Tape Truckman’s Axe with the fiberglass handle. With my safety glasses on, I wedged the TF into a fork in a large oak tree so that it the handle would stick straight out, and I proceeded to hang from it and yank on it.
Again, an actual hammer is better, but this thing works well enough that I’d be comfortable using it in a pinch. Now, having chopped a bit with the Truckman’s Axe, I basically knew how this was going to go.
This is because a bushcraft hatchet is for processing wood, and a demolition axe is for taking things apart. It also works great as an emergency road trip tool that can be tossed in the spare tire well of a car, just in case disaster strikes while you’re on the road and you need to do some impromptu camping (or zombie killing). Even with that familiarity -- or perhaps because of it -- after I moved to San Francisco my family gave me a very large, very full backpack of emergency supplies.
It is also very compact, so while I won't stash away the one I use all the time, a second one might be in order. You can also separate out and make a bride-only and groom-only emergency kit (under the responsibility of groomsmen).
I mainly just went through the basics mentioned above: prying, chopping, nail pulling, and overall toughness.
But, if you are new to the whole experience of camping, there are few items of essential camping gear without being weighed down by too much equipment.
And after Haiti, I've also started questioning my disaster preparedness and wondered about the contents of this bag.
There are 4 packs of 12 bars, and each bar is supposed to be good enough for 6 hours of energy.
Also, I am packing my wind-up flashlight and radio so that if the batteries for the waterproof radio run out, I can wind-up a second one and hear what's going on.I'm a girl, so feminine products are part of the equation.
People keep food, water, and other items in an earthquake kit, and if you’re really smart you keep demolition tools and slip-on shoes scattered throughout the house in various rooms. Of course, your destination and what is provided there (if anything) will be an important factor in working out what you need to take along with you. However, the nutrition contents are only 200 calories, 3 grams of protein, 27 grams of carbohydrates, and 9 grams of fat. There are some additions that completely surprised me, and some items that are sorely missing, including anything having to do with an eco-conscious way of dealing with disaster.
What Was Included In My Emergency Backpack:First of all, I put this thing on my bathroom scale.

I'm heading to a backpacking supply shop like REI and stocking up on long-lasting highly nutritious dehydrated foods and protein bars.The Problem of Pure WaterLittle bags of water.
That's when being green now pays off by having your reusable water bottles, your filtration and purification systems that you can take hiking with you, and so on.
Okay, that makes sense because I may not have access to any water -- even dirty water -- for days.
While that's something I can technically carry, it'd be really cumbersome while trying to navigate around fallen buildings or broken roads. Renewable energy is the way to go in an emergency situation, so the greener charging gadgets we talk about on here are great alternatives.The time you spend packing your bag can be the best way to make it have the lowest impact, now and during a disaster. Search out products and supplies that are organic, made of natural materials where appropriate and practical, and other steps to make it as low-footprint as possible. Switching the contents to something more like an REI day-hike pack might be in order.However, as I pulled out the contents, I was amazed at how much fit in there. What if the batteries expire before you need them, or don't work, or what do you do when they run out?
That'll go on my to-do list.All in all, I think I succeeded in making my pack even heavier.Eco-Friendly? Emergency ration barsDrinking water - 4 bags filled 10 packs of 4 fl oz each2 PVC water bags - 2 gallon capacity. While there's a set of batteries for each of the flashlights and the radio, I don't want to be completely dependent on them.
Also, what about charging gadgets like cell phones or other handhelds you might have with you that need energy.
You just never know how many uses (many of which I'd prefer not to think about right now) you'll have for something like this.
I guess I need to send those in for recycling, and consider the best option for charging a cell phone. It allows for a tiny bit of normalcy and distraction during what could be long hours of waiting for resources or to be allowed to go back to your home. And -- perhaps this is naive of me -- but I would have completely forgotten about whistles.

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