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Generators, such as those from Generac, are a great way to provide power to your home in an emergency.
Portable generators are less expensive than whole house generators, but they’re also more inconvenient and can pose safety concerns when compared to professional installed standby generators. Now, a portable generator is a lot less convenient, because you have to wheel it out, you have to gas it up, and then you have to crank it—either buy a key start or pulling the cord—in order to run all of the cords inside to power the essential items that you need after a storm.
Cost wise, of course, a portable generator will be less expensive; but you really have to weigh the convenience against the cost. You, also, whether you have a portable generator or a standby generator, you have to make sure that it’s sized properly for your home.
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Generlink is an automatic transfer switch that prevents backfeeding and is installed behind the meter face located on your utility pole. When power is restored, a light on the side of the switch comes on, but the home remains hooked up to the generator until the plug is removed from the outlet.
Portable generators that are hooked into a home's wiring need to use a transfer switch in order to avoid the possibility of backfeeding electricity onto cooperative power lines. The only other safe way to operate a portable generator is to hook it directly into the appliance you wish to run such as a refrigerator.
GenerLink is a safe and easy way to meet National Electric Code requirements, but you can also hire a licensed electrician to install a transfer switch inside of your home. Let me start by saying that the safest way of connecting a portable generator set or any other power source to a house wiring is via a transfer system. But what if you don’t have one and a power outage caught you off guard? If you decided to go for it, be sure to observe the following basic rules and remember- you do it at your own risk. If your model has a built-in GFCI, then its frame is supposed to be already bonded internally to the neutral (you can verify this with an ohmmeter). To reduce risk, it is important to follow proper power-up and power-down sequences as described below. Begin turning on individual switches on the critical branches which you want to backup one at a time.
If you don’t have either the right NEMA plug 10-30P or drier cord handy, the things get more involved. Based on your description, your genset probably has the neutral bonded to ground internally. Later, doing a voltage check I found that one side of the 240 generator receptacle was outputting 170V while the other 70V. I am trying to hook my portable generator L14-30 to an air compressor NEMA 6-20 receptacle. Working with electricity in your home can be very dangerous and not something a do-it-yourself homeowner or handyman should tackle on their own. Locally the Corps has several policies in place that helps reduce the risk of stray current reaching the water not only at private docks but public and commercial docks as well.Corps permits are required for anyone to have a dock. Over a month ago Raven sent a 4000 watt and a 6500 watt portable generator to test but it has been just too cold!
This generator also includes a wheel kit and foldable handles so you can easily move it around. Besides the generator itself you will want a few heavy-duty extension cords or cords with multiple outlets.
This is a great value multi-purpose generator but let’s be clear, it is not an inverter generator.
4000 surge watts and 3200 rated watts. If want to use it as an emergency generator and you have gas appliances this will get you by. It’s easier for me to cut the packing box open with a box cutter than to lift it out of the box.
On a new engine I always wait 5 minutes or so to start it after I put in fuel and open the fuel valve.
A crucial step in choosing a generator is ensuring that you get a model that will supply enough power for your use. In an AC Coupled solar power system, a grid-tied inverter can continue to operate during grid power outages by syncing with the output of a battery-based inverter. When the grid is functioning normally, the Magnum Energy inverter will use both the utility grid power and the AC output of the string inverter to maintain charge on the battery bank and to power the critical loads. The wiring diagram (at the top) is complex, but once you digest it, you will see that it is a unique method for wiring up a Magnum inverter. The connection from the renewable energy source to the utility-interactive inverter doesn’t require any rewiring.
Connects in parallel with the utility circuit to provide charging to the inverter’s battery bank.

If there is a utility failure, the inverter’s transfer switch will de-couple from the utility circuit (so not to energize the grid and create a safety hazard). Provides the AC voltage and frequency reference needed for the utility-interactive inverter to continue to operate while using the renewable energy to provide power to the home during a power outage.
Capable of operating as a standalone inverter or Standby mode (battery charging with AC transfer), with automatic transition from one state to the other. They’re available in a wide range of types and sizes, from portable models that require manual starting and hook up to whole house standby generators which turn on automatically when the power goes out.
Portable generators also require regular refueling, while whole house generators rely on natural gas. If you’re looking for a very convenient situation where the power from a standby generator provides all of the power you need inside your house automatically after a storm, then this is the way to go. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. In case of an outage, you plug your portable generator into the outlet located on the underside of the switch. Once the generator is unplugged, the Generlink automatically switches power back to the utility lines. Backfeeding can cause damage to equipment as well as cause injury or death to linemen working on those lines.
Well, technically, there are still some ways of energizing your house without a transfer switch, especially if you have a drier line. Since neutral bus in your home is grounded inside the main panel, the frame of your genset will likewise be tied to earth via this connection.
If I had to do it, I would turn off the main circuit breaker, pull the drier receptacle off the wall, and disconnect all its wires. Then you can remove the cover door. Remember that the panel may still be energized from utility, so wear rubber gloves!
The information in this site is provided AS IS for technical reference only without guarantee and liability of any type, neither explicit or implicit.
The genset still generates two out of phase 120V, which produces 240V in the twist-lock, but because of missing common point this voltage may be split unevenly between L1, L2. I tried connecting the ground from the generator to the ground on the 6-20 but blew a few varistors as a result. Connecting grounds together should not cause any problems unless something is miswired there. Call today to learn more about how DEB's Electric can quickly and affordably do your electrical work!
If you want to run your furnace, air conditioner or well pump I suggest you have a licensed lectrician install a transfer switch. Although inverter generators are somewhat quieter,  they will not power as much and are up to 3 times more expensive.
It is strong enough to power your milk house (milk cooler and lighting) and run heat lamps for your new-born livestock. The generator comes with a set of wrenches but you will need a box cutter to open the box, and an adjustable wrench (Cresent Wrench.) For the 6500 you will also need a #2 Phillips Screwdriver and a pliers. You will hear it, but you won’t have to talk louder to be heard setting around the campfire. There are two buying guides I like that do a great job of explaining how large of a generator you need. The battery will re-sync and charge when the voltage falls too low, and unsync when the voltage rises too high to prevent overcharging. As soon as it detects any power outage you’re good for power throughout the entire house. Once it's plugged in, the home's power source is switched from the electric lines to the generator.
GenerLink can not be used on services larger than 200 amps or on meters that have multipliers.
No matter which option you choose, make sure you have a transfer switch installed if you plan on using a portable generator. The old appliances used with such an outlet had a jumper between neutral terminal and grounding lug. In reality, you may get less because loads on L1 and l2 are often imbalanced and because it is recommended to load the breakers only up to 80%. Then I would attach them to the generator cable one by one by using standard wire nuts with steel springs. It expresses only a personal opinion of the author, and does not constitute a professional or legal advice- see complete disclaimer linked below.
I have a 3 prong dryer receptacle which as I understand, has the neutral and ground bonded at the panel.

To be on a safe side, I would kill the mains, connect the genset via extension cable and check continuity from its frame to earth (i.e. Wiring can degrade or become damaged over time, so the Corps also requires a certified inspection when the private dock permits come up for renewal every five years.DEB's recommends a dock safety inspection every Spring to keep our families and lake playtime SAFE!
Raven continues to push the envelope for affordable – dependable machines with these generators. The GEN4000 is a great for tailgating, camping, basic emergency power using 110 volt tools where there is no power available.
A transfer switch allows you to plug the generator into the side of your house and use your house breaker box to add or remove loads during the power outage. Micro-grid AC Coupling allows a grid-tie system to work with a backup battery system that can be charged even during grid blackouts.
When the grid is working, the Magnum inverter allows solar power produced by the gridtie array to feed back to the main utility service breaker panel. You control which part of the home has power by turning on the corresponding breakers at your main panel. However, I realize that some people will do so anyway, so I have compiled here some information to help you do it technically right. This information is provided for general reference only without liability of any kind- this is not a professional advice! Remember, you can always use extension cords to feed stand-alone appliances. To connect a genset to such a receptacle one can replace the socket in the generator cord by a 4-prong plug NEMA 14-30P.
If needed, you can additionally move some key branches to that backed up bus by swapping the respective circuit breakers.
I have confirmed continuity from the the neutral to the ground on the generator at the twist lock connection.
It’s small enough to easily take it along in your SUV or Subaru Forrester and leave room for the rest of your weekend camping supplies.
It's perfect for folks who want to add a battery back-up package to their existing grid-tie solar power system.
If nevertheless you really need to power up your home without a transfer switch, let’s first review the safety issues before going over the available options listed below. This is a pretty much straightforward task. Then you need to follow the proper power-up and power-down procedures outlined above. The remaining green ground lead can be bolted to the metal wall box. I would also secure somehow the cable, so it would not be hanging on its leads.
Always refer to NEC®, local codes and your product manual for wiring and safety requirements. So does this mean that I don’t need to do anything with the ground lead when connecting to the adapter? In order to connect a generator output to the home wiring via an existing 3-hole drier outlet you can do the following. A safer way is to install a copper or brass rod driven at least 2 feet deep into the earth and connect it to the frame via #6 AWG wire. It is strongly advised that all the work be done by a licensed professional (if you want to find one in your area or estimate the cost of the job- click here).
Alternatively, one can attach the green lead in the generator cord to the cover plate of the wall outlet.
Finally, turn on your unit and after it warmed up, activate those lines that you need, and do it one at a time. These generators will last you a long time around your home, campsite, work site, and farm. To do it reliably, I would crimp a round lug to this wire and put this lug under any mounting screw of the plate. If you have a loose mating 3-prong plug NEMA 10-30P,  attach its X and Y terminals to two line wires and W to the neutral (refer to L14-30 pinout above). Note that if you rely on the cord for the grounding, obviously it will work only when this cord is plugged at both ends.
Alternatively, if you already have a 3-prong drier cord, you can tie its loose ends to L1, L2 and N of the generator cord by using wire nuts.
I am here with a new tutorial…Most of you sent me messages about the portable generator wiring diagrams in home. Be Careful Note: In this Case, the first MCB (Main Switch which is connected to main power supply) would be “ON” and The Second MCB Switch (Which is connected to Generator) should be “OFF”.
Now put the generator 3-pin power plug into that socket which you have installed in step (4). Never try to work on electricity without proper guidance and care Work with electricity only in presence of those persons who has good knowledge and practical work to deal with electricity Read all instruction and cautions and follow them strictly.

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