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I’ve already replaced our geyser (hot water system) with a solar based system, plus all the lighting in the house is already LED based (yay China!), so our base load of electricity is low for the size of the house. Monocrystalline is more expensive per watt, as its a more difficult process to make panels from.
I’ll probably go with polycrystalline, as the pricing isn’t really worth the extra 30% for mono crystalline for my needs. 3 Phase is good, as i have sufficient power for my needs, but its bad as I need a more advanced inverter to give me 3 phase. I could use 3 x single phase inverters, but for simplicity, I’ll be going with a single 3 phase inverter.
As conversions are never perfect, and panels can output more during peak than they are rated for, I’m getting a 10KW inverter. It also gives me a system that I can hook into the grid (illegally currently!), but won’t provide for power in case of failure.
Eatona€™s Mechanical Interlock kit provides an easy and cost effective solution when using back-up emergency power.

This question is from Generator Interlock Kit for Back Feed BR Load Centers 0 answers Instructions call to replace the Main breaker retainer, but it doesn't' explain why.
This question is from Generator Interlock Kit for Back Feed BR Load Centers 0 answers Does this fit GE 200 amp panels ?
Once I talked to enough people and found some pictures from the Internet I was able to assembly it. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.
We offer two unique styles, BRMIKCSR and BRMIKBR for almost any BR load center, which can reduce inventory levels.
If you never installed an interlock kit before you won't be able to install this by trying to follow the instructions that come with the unit. The lamps provided for respective operating voltage.The array of the batteries according to the loads provided to supply, consists of one or more battery banks. In each group the batteries are connected in series to aggregate the required voltage.The batteries used are rechargeable and that’s why we construct a specific provision which continuously charging the batteries from the grid.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) based emergency lighting system The emergency lighting circuit is connected to the A.C.
Low power UPSSingle phase UPS, with effect from 300VA to 10 KVA , used for the protection of personal computers, small and medium sized computer networks (servers), telecommunications equipment and security systems (e.g. High power UPSWith three phase input and either a single phase output with effect from 5 KVA to 80 KVA or with a three phase output with effect from 80 KVA to 800 KVA.
I work in the field of maintenance, functional test and installation of measuring systems, including wind potential measurements in areas where wind turbines will be installed. Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry.It's our time to use energy on smart and more efficent way.

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