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Pioneer Home USA offers the latest technology in AV Receivers, Blu-ray Disc Players, High-Resolution Audio Players, and Speakers.
Pioneer DJ Products are the standard for Professional DJs including Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones. On this basis we hope to provide a comprehensive service to create your perfect bespoke weapon. We keep an extensive stock of most MHS parts on our shelves to form the hilt style of your choice. All we need is a rough concept, some sketches or, if you can provide them, detailed plans of what is required. The next stage is creating working drawings for the machining process, this may involve specialist services to which we have access.

We like a challenge and aim to accomplish any difficult design but there are limitations and costs to consider so we balance our enthusiasm with practicality. To build a saber for you we need to establish the specifications, these choices have to be considered.
The Panasonic VIERA TC-P50C2 is one of three VIERA Plasma HDTVs announced in 2010 as part of the VIERA C2 series.
As we have ‘off the shelf’ parts it is generally quicker to build an MHS based saber than a full custom designed hilt.
We use the services of a professional engineer who will assess the materials, construction methods and costs of the project for your approval.
The TC-P50C2 hosts a 50” anti-reflective screen that works well in bright rooms, and happens to be the largest in the C2 series.

Generally however, you feed all of your system inputs directly into your receiver for audio, and allow the video to be passed to the TV via the receiver's HDMI output. It hosts a 720p resolution, which Panasonic purposefully lowered to appeal to consumer demands for different resolutions. Like its peers, the TC-P50C2 utilizes a 600Hz Sub-Field Drive with Panasonic’s new NEO PDP technology to deliver improved luminosity with clearer hues.
Additional features include three HDMI connections, 2 USB ports, a PC input, and VIERA Link for using a single remote for accessing any connected VIERA Link products.

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