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The circuit consists of power Switch power transformer T, rectifier diode VDl-VD9, capacitors Cl-C9, resistors R1-R4, a voltmeter PV and ammeter PA.
When the circuitcomponentsinstalled,you should useepoxytosealfillingprocessto preventdischargebetweenthe variouscomponents. Destroyers, whilst the third is a five-drum unit built by Messrs Yarrow and Company Limited of Glasgow.
The fourth and largest boiler (D boiler) was installed by Foster Wheeler and commissioned in 1975.
Hi Rambabu you may kindly shift the connection for paralleling to other phase after the relay towards the load side.

Hi Segzy this is a relay to run single phase from another phase, equipment when the phase to which it is connected fails. This circuit uses an XR-205 to provide sine, square, triangle, ramp and sawtooth output waveforms, which can be both amplitude and frequency modulated. You can choose the practical voltage required for the low end high cut off to change over to other phase. For a triangle output at pins 1 and 2 (or pin 11 if the internal buffer is used), both S1 and S2 are open and S3 is closed. For a sine output, open S2, close S1 and S3, adjust Rj for minimum harmonic distortion, and Rq for a maximum output of about A± 3 Vpp.

The ramp duty cycle is controlled by RB across pins 13-14 or 13-15 (duty cycle decreases as RB is decreased).

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