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Please customize your metering package by choosing the products you wish to order from the drop-down lists and check boxes below.
To simplify the ordering process, we have bundled together our individual products into a complete metering and package that will allow you remotely meter electricity, water, and gas. 1x Stainless Steel Pulse-Output Water Meter: These are well made, industrial grade, stainless steel water meters.
1x Pulse-Output Gas Meter: For every cubic foot of gas that is metered, our gas meters produce an electrical pulse.
Current Transformers: The Current Transformers (CTs) are the little donut shaped devices that go around the hot wires being read.
To determine which CTs that are right for you, you will need to know the maximum amperage of your system and the outside diameter of your wire. 1x USB Adapter: This little converter allows you to connect your meter directly to a computer.
Piercing Connectors: These will allow you to easily tap into your hot and neutral wires, and to run wires directly to your meter.
50ft CAT5 Cable: This wire (used for RS485 communications and pulse counting) contains four twisted pairs of wire. 1x Ethernet Cable: You will need to get an Ethernet cable to connect the EKM iSerial converter to your Internet router. Tap Wires: If you are metering electricity you will need wire to tap off your main hot and neutral lines. Customize your metering package by choosing your products from the drop-down lists and check boxes above. For more information about our products and services, we encourage you to visit our online Knowledge Base, which provides spec sheets, videos, tutorials, FAQs, diagrams, and more. The Omnimeter in conjunction with the EKM Push system provide rich real-time and historical data. Very interested in the circuit, however, I am wanting to use it to measure fuel flow rate in a vehicle. Perfect for knowing how many kWh your apartment, office, RV park, industrial space, etc., uses from their 120 volt electrical system (2 wire – 1 hot, 1 neutral). I installed a new ejector pump in my basement and I would like to know (on my cell phone because I'm not in the basement all the time) when it turns on or off. That being said, this system doesn't currently have a way to alert you when your injector pump turns on or off, although we are working on adding this functionality to the system. Can this meter cause a high reading > some variable amp load, cause one or more CBs to disconnect by throwing a switch between the CB and the path to all or just one spot on it? If I'm understanding you correctly, it sounds like you would like a meter that will flip a breaker based on a specific load profile. The city installed AMR meters through out the area, our bills have doubled since then, I had a newer meter which was a digital read and we read our own meters, can this be hooked up in line with a 100 amp breaker coming out of the meter box to track Kilo hrs?
If the system you are trying to meter is 120v 2-wire (1 hot, 1 neutral), then this meter is a good option up to 50A.

This meter will work "outside" provided that it is installed in a watertight enclosure of some kind. It is important to point out that none of the electric meters or communication devices that EKM offers are natively water resistant. Four ultrasonic sensors mount on your bumper with plugs to the control module which snaps in. The system sensors transmit a modulated beam signal which is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smoke, and snow day or night. Install two insert-style sensors with the special housings on the license plate as the picture shown. Stick the sensors on the bumper, or somewhere can be easy to run the wires of sensors into the trunk. They also count pulses from up to 3 pulse-output devices, such as our water and gas meters. They can be read like traditional water meters, where you read the water consumption off of the face of the meter, or they can be read remotely via their pulse output. The EKM Dash will allow you to monitor and store the your Pulse meter data, as well as your electric meter data, on your own computer.
They are intended to additionally protect your meter in case of a power surge or some other unforeseen anomaly.
Only one of the twisted pair wires is required for the communications side of the metering.
If you would like to order additional products that aren't available in this package, please select them from the appropriate category of the Products Menu.
You can also use an EKM Push gateway to connect your meter to the internet and send data to the cloud. Can two water meter work with one set of EKM Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and EKM push communication system? You can count pulses from up to 3 water meters (or gas meters, or a mix of the two) with one Omnimeter Pulse v.4 and one EKM Push gateway. If the flow level were to drop below a certain level an alarm will sound and an LED will flash on the front of the case. I can link to the seeedstudio forum post I mentioned but they are just 1 post topics asking for info on using this meter. However, this would be significantly more complex meter than the 15IDS or 25IDS models we offer now.
In other words, if you checked your cell phone it would tell you if your injector was on or off but it would not prompt to do so.
This meter designed to work on systems up to 50 amps, so it will work well on a 30 amp system. However, it sounds like the circuit you want to meter is 100A, so it may not be appropriate.
In general, using an external CT meter also allows for easier installations because you only need to install the CT around the wire, not the entire meter. They all need to be installed indoors or in some type of enclosure that will protect them from the elements.

With this system in place it will be possible to read your gas consumption, either with a computer locally or over the internet from anywhere in the world. 120 volt single phase North American or 230 volt 2-wire foreign systems require 1 CT per meter.
You can use the Dash to change meter settings, schedule alerts and emails, export to CSV, and more. If you aren't metering electricity you will still need to to power it with hot and neutral wires.
This is the solution that we recommend to most of our customers as it is plug-and-play, logs your data over time without you needing to constantly run software on you computer to do so, and is a free service.
They can be purchased individually or selected to be included as part of this metering package.
It's a typical magnetic flow meter which outputs an electrical pulse with every revolution.
Do you know how I can get from flow rate to actual metering (adding the cubic meters to the already registered ones) ?Or to put it otherwise, how many pulses makes a liter (or a cubic metre)?
Our best solution for doing what you want at this point would be our Omnimeter and EKM Push metering system.
That being said, we don't currently have a complete software and hardware solution to accomplish this, although we hope to have something better soon. The meters are mounted on 35mm DIN rail which is included with the enclosures available on EKM's website.
If there are multiple meters in the system, they can be connected to each other in a daisy chain. By reading these pulses and implementing a little math, we can read the liquids flow rate accurate to within 3%.
The signal is a simple square wave so its quite easy to log and convert into liters per minute using the following formula.
The only electrical connection is made by 2 small screws which penetrate the wire insulation and pick up power for the meter and give the meter it's voltage reference. This system combines the meter (Omnimeter) with our cloud based data system (EKM Push) to send meter data to the cloud. I am pumping a cooling fluid mixture through it that is similar to common automotive antifreeze so its slightly thicker than water. I am working on my board layout now and should have some complete Water Cooling System control boards ready by November. Once it is uploaded and you have some fluid flowing through the Water Flow Sensor, you can open the serial monitor and it will display the flow rate, refreshing every second. If you do please email me (charles gantt at themakersworkbench dot com) a link to your project.

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