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Manufacturer of electrical control systems, generator control switchgear, switchboard, cabinets, protection panels & relays. High energy conversion efficiency = higher yieldVENSYS makes it possible to utilize permanent magnet technology as used in electric drives in navigation and electric vehicles for wind energy technology. While trying to find a method for aerating water without energy input, Austrian engineer Franz Zotloterer stumbled across the idea of a mini-power plant which is simple to construct and has a turbine efficiency of 80% but which is safe for fish due to low turbine speed and improves water quality by oxygenation. Looking at the image above you’ll notice two parts at the top of a hydroelectric turbine, the stator and rotor. Reservoir: One of the main components of any dam is that they hold back a body of water known as the reservoir.
Penstock: This is simply an open shaft through the dam that allows the water to flow from the intake to the outflow.
Wicket Gate: Wicket gates surround the turbine which can be opened or closed by varying degrees to control the flow rate and thus power generation of the turbine. Turbine: All hydroelectric dams have at least one turbine but most have multiple turbines all fed by independent penstocks.
Generator: Where electricity is produced by creating a changing magnetic flux through a closed circuit using the mechanical energy of the spinning turbine shaft.
Transformer: Power generated by the generator needs to be converted to match the electrical grid for distribution which is the function of the transformer. Outflow: Where water leaves the dam and rejoins the river or other source of water that was dammed. There are a lot of different types of hydro power and this is only one way hydro power work can be harnessed to produce useful energy. Well, it looks like the present government did not respect the request of the incoming President to hold off on awarding this huge concession.  A unit of Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht has won a concession to design, build, maintain and operate a 213 MW hydroelectric power station in Panama, company sources told Efe Friday. State-owned utility Egesa awarded the project Thursday to the lone participant in the auction, Odebrecht Energy Luxembourg, which submitted a bid of $1.05 billion. Odebrecht Energy Luxembourg will hold a 77 percent stake in the project and the Panamanian government will have the remaining interest.
The government could boost its stake during the construction of the dam, which will be built in the western province of Bocas del Toro and is expected to start operating in 2019 or 2020, Panamanian daily La Prensa reported Friday.
Once the dam is up and running, it will account for 9 percent of the Central American country’s installed power generating capacity. The goal is to avoid a recurrence of the energy crises that have racked Panama in recent years. In 2013, the government responded to a severe drought and power shortage by temporarily shuttering schools nationwide.
Now after many years and travels around the world, he has returned to the country of his birth where he is a citizen. Panama Advisory International Group Like many people, my wife and I often took trips abroad to see other lands with the idea one day of having a second home or moving to another country. Panama Advisory International Group was formed and is a duly licensed real estate company in the Nation of Panama conducting investment real estate and general brokerage business. We offer you the opportunity to see the incredible beauty that this country has to offer and we will assist you with your travel plans, making recommendations for destinations and accommodations. Featured ListingsPANAMA ADVISORY INTERNATIONAL GROUP represents its clients in the disposition of certain properties.
10 foot ceiling heights through out the homes, quality tile flooring and upgraded windows are but some of the luxury features found in some of the more expensive homes in Boquete.

When I first arrived in Panama in 2006 and asked about building a home, I was told to run away and run away fast!
We just finished building and leasing the first five homes of a 9 home rental community here in Boquete. Applications include hospitals, commercial facilities, waste water treatment plants, industrial buildings and Power Stations.
VENSYS wind turbines are equipped with a directly driven synchronous generator with permanent magnet excitation. Hydroelectric dams work by converting the movement or falling of water into useful forms of energy such as electricity.
This gate can be opened more or less to determine the rate of flow through the turbine and thus the amount of power generated. The stator provides the closed circuit by looping wire which leaves the generator (this loop is still connected but we place a load on the circuit, the electrical grid) and the rotor has magnets attached or evenly distributed metal with magnets outside the system (as shown in the image).
It’s important to remember though that there are many types of dams and only a few of these are present in all dams.
Usually this will be a manmade lake that was flooded when the dam was created to form a reservoir. Most intakes will have screens and control mechanisms to prevent anything from entering the penstock which could damage the turbine. Water flowing through the turbine causes the blades of the turbine to spin which turns a shaft connected to the generator. It also prohibited air-conditioning use for eight hours a day by commercial establishments and residences in a country where average temperatures exceed 30 C (86 F). Clayton in Panama and raised in an international community in Seoul, Korea, he moved to the United States to complete college. Having specialized in marketing, negotiating and closing hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial real estate transactions, he has embarked on a new career path in Panama. If you are also thinking of a second home or making a move, we cover specific markets that we recommend for a great lifestyle as well as solid real estate investments whether it is a beach home, a business or a parcel of land.
Please let us know what interests you and if we do not have a suitable property listed below, we will locate one for you. They have custom cabinets in the kitchen, walk in closets, bathrooms and laundry room with granite counter tops through out. As time went by, I saw some impressive construction taking place, both commercial and residential. Advertisement By The Engineer - July, 2nd 2014IntroductionIn simple words; an electric generator can be defined as a device that works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Then during peak electricity demand the tanks will be dumped onto the turbines to increase their production potential.
When the rotor spins due to the water turning the blades of the turbine it begins to produce magnetic flux as the magnets move or system moves relative to the magnets. Must have enough gravitational pull (gravity dams) to overcome the water pushing behind it, sometimes combined with an arch shape to allow for less material (gravity arch dams).
Graduating from the University of Florida with a Business Degree, he began his career in commercial real estate in 1980 and he has held an active Brokers license in the State of Florida since 1982 when he formed his Florida Corporation.
He is actively seeking out investment opportunities of merit for clients who also understand that while Panama has changed considerably over the last 10 years, it is still in its infancy as a global center for business, a tourist destination and a place of residence for the huge baby boomer population that Panama has yet to really tap. Built right and priced at $295,000, these homes would sell fast as there is little to no product like this in Boquete, just 5 minutes from town.

Once we complete the segregation process, we will begin sales and complete construction of the other 4 homes.
Zotloterer's website suggests an idyllic installation along a modern stream that has had its meanders rudely obliterated in the interest of human civilization.
Some examples of this are watermills which powered machinery such as sawmills, irrigation which used gravity, and dams which use falling water to power turbines.
Hydroelectric dam generators are quite large as you can see by the human scale example in the lower left of the image on the left. This creates electromotive force in the closed circuit of wire which is connected to the electrical grid and thus electricity has been generated from flowing water. I selected a nice lot in Panamonte Estates here in Boquete and broke ground in May of 2013.
The generators date back to 1827 when Hungarian Anyos Jedlik came up with what is now known as Jedlik Dynamo.How Does a Generator Work?An electric generator’s working principle is the opposite of that of an electric motor.
No excitation losses = even higher yieldIn contrast to electrical excitation, permanent magnet technology does not have the disadvantage of additional excitation losses.
Ten years later, the stress is gone, we travel this beautiful country, we live healthy lives and eat fresh food grown right in our neighborhood. Thirteen months later, we moved into our home with a punch list of items that I counted on one hand.
The savings in excitation power are thus fully available as additional energy yield in VENSYS wind turbines.
This page will focus on hydroelectric dams as it’s the most commonly used hydro power today.
This is a major asset especially when working in the partial-load range and helps to reduce the heat in the generator. Above is a picture of the Three Gorges Dam which is currently the largest hydroelectric dam in the world on the third largest river in the world, the Yangtze River.
We started a build-to-suit project management service and are starting two new exciting ventures.
In simple words, electric generators can be defined as coils of electric conductors generally made of copper wire wounded tightly across a metal core and mounted in order to spin inside an array of big magnets.
In the first year of operation, the plant has yielded 50,000 kWatt-hours of electricity--with efficiency of around 73%, a little lower than the theoretical 80% achievable efficiency due to the use of smaller generator for ease of operation. If the claims that the turbine has little negative impact or is even beneficial for wildlife can be supported, this would be interesting for anyone with a home sitting on a hill near a stream. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
The water flows very smoothly, with some "laminar effects" as the water at the bottom is slowed by friction with the streambed and subsequent layers above are slowed by friction with the next lower layer.
The densest water (4°C) sinks to the bottom in this model, and the temperature gradient from the bottom to the top of the stream reduces the heat exchange efficiency of this "warm" bottom water with the air-cooled surface layer.

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