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Please note that if you do not renew your domain as a matter of urgency, your domain will enter a redemption period and there will be an administrative charge for its retrieval. 4 out of every 100 vehicles checked with HPI has been written-off as a result of damage or theft.
The HPI car history check will tell you if a vehicle that was previously declared a total loss has passed an independent structural examination and is now deemed as being roadworthy. The HPI Check uses the database of the National Mileage Register to search around 125 million records.
Using data from DVLA, we are able to tell you what the CO2 rating* is on the car you are considering buying.
Using industry data that is updated monthly, the HPI Check will indicate the current market value* of the car you're considering buying - so you can see if you're getting a good deal. The theft and cloning of car registration plates is fairly common practice in the UK, and many local police authorities have issued advice to reduce such incidents.

Your number plates are essentially your car’s identity card, and when they’re detected by automatic number plate recognition cameras, the police are able to check a database for information on the activity of a particular vehicle.
According to the DVLA stolen number plates can be used to disguise cars in activities like ram-raiding (driving a car into a shop window in order to steal goods) and bilking (leaving petrol stations without paying). Some criminals even go as far as to clone cars by using the stolen plates on a vehicle of the same colour and model. Some car manufacturers are now making registration plates that will break if tampered with, which means that nobody can use them if they do try to take them off your car. There are clear benefits to fitting tamper-proof screws, but it is not a legal requirement to take measures to secure your number plate. By sourcing information from the Police National Computer, the HPI Check will tell you if the vehicle you are looking at is currently recorded as stolen. Although some can be safely repaired and put back on the road, others are only fit for scrap.
If the seller cannot provide an Autolign inspection report, copies of most inspections are available from HPI at additional cost. It provides the best intelligence available to protect against clocking and will help you decide whether the car that's showing a mileage of 32,000 may have actually covered 132,000 miles.
Usually there is nothing to worry about, but a change of plate can be used to hide a car's past. Providing you with this information is our way of helping you do something positive about the environmental impact of your next car purchase. If you’re a car owner, you probably take the security of your vehicle seriously, but perhaps you haven’t thought about the implications of number plate theft.
They can also be used to sell on stolen cars and to evade congestion charges, parking fares and speeding fines.
According to Click4Reg, the lower price bracket for personalised plates is between ?200 and ?2000. However, you can also make your number plates ‘thief resistant’, so that it’s almost impossible for a thief to remove them.
However, this goes for vehicle owners as well as car manufacturers, which means that even new cars will most likely need anti-tamper screws to ensure number plates are safe from theft.

If the loan remains unpaid when the car changes hands, you stand to lose the car or the money outstanding on it.
The HPI Check will not provide details of vehicles that have been recorded as stolen but have subsequently been recovered without damage. Since 1997, the HPI Check has used the Association of British Insurers' coding on the level of damaged sustained , helping you tell the difference. We are able to search millions of records, going back as far as 1992, and list the plate changes the vehicle has had since then.
The CO2 bandings are intended as a guide to emissions of the vehicle checked and equate to the current vehicle exist duty banding. While these measures cannot protect you entirely, they are a good first defence against fraudulent criminal activity. Vehicles written-off within categories A, B or C will have a 'VIC marker' put against them by DVLA. It could reveal hidden problems, such as being written off or stolen that may have happened under a previous registration plate. Always check that the vehicle's identification numbers stamped into the bodywork, on the chassis plate and behind the windscreen match the documentation and look original. The 'VIC' is a Vehicle Identity Check, and it is a scheme designed to help stop stolen cars being passed off as repaired accident damaged cars - also known as 'ringing'.
You'll also be told the year the car was manufactured and the date it was first registered. The DVLA will not issue a V5 for any vehicle with a VIC marker against it, unless the vehicle has passed a VIC test.
In certain circumstances (for example, self-insured vehicles) a VIC marker may be applied to a vehicle without an insurance company formally writing the vehicle off.

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