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By interconnecting storage tanks one can create a bank of water storage tanks to fulfill your requirements. This water storage tank is suitable for agricultural, commercial, domestic, industrial and institutional premises.
To reduce the risk of water contamination in domestic situations, water tanks must be installed in accordance with UK water regulations with particular reference being paid to Water Regulations Advisory Scheme?(WRAS) Water Regulations Guide.
For private water supplies, advice should be sought from the relevant authority on the correct type of installation should the water supply be subject to local controls.

Installation of a water storage tank for domestic purposes must follow WRAS guidelines to reduce the risk of water contamination and provide a hygienic water supply. For expert knowledge and advice on choosing the correct fuelling station, contact HG Tanks today.
Our range of rotationally moulded water tanks comply fully with United Kingdom water regulations.
The tanks are suitable for many applications and are provided with moulded-in areas for different types of fittings to be attached as required.

Above ground tanks can be used for mains supplied potable water whilst underground models should only be specified for non-mains supplied water or indirect mains supplied water. Water storage tanks are widely used in the agricultural and commercial sectors as a cost-effective solution for mains supplied and non-mains supplied water storage.

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