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This pesticide residual works well for crawling ground based insects such as A ants and roaches.
If the insect spray has been applied indoors where there is no sunlight to degrade the chemical, the application will last much longer, even up to 9 months plus. When applying a pesticide outside around the perimeter of your house, spray right next to the house using the stream setting so that you will get a narrow concentrated line along your foundation and around your windows and doors. If you happen to see a line of ants crawling across the driveway or along the sidewalk, do not kill the line of ants!

For your flower beds or lawn, using a granular pesticide application will work the best in my opinion. To keep you insect battle continuously effective, be sure to rotate your pesticides, in other words, do not use the same pesticide over and over again.
The Home Depot has several different pesticides both to use ready liquid and granular as well as concentrates that you can mix yourself.A  Always follow the manufactures directions for best results.
I have no experience exterminating for insects so I need some help on what product to use and any help on the complete process to make sure I get the maximum results possible.

A Usually, if the insect spray has been applied outside around the house, you can expect it to last about 30 days due to the exposure to the elements like the sun and rain.

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