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To aid you on your insurance endeavours, we’ve decided to publish a basic guide to some industry terms you may come across. Now, this might seem pretty self-explanatory, but it’s always a good idea to start with the basics. As we discussed briefly in our Insurance 101 blog, when you take out a policy with an insurance company, the terms and conditions of the agreement stipulate exactly what the insurer is covering. The premium is the amount you pay to the insurance company in exchange for participation in their policy.
Like the Christmas weight you’ve been carrying for the last eight months, excess is a fact of life, and rather inevitable.
From what we understand, this “internet” that everyone’s talking about has a lot of cat pictures. Our social media manager has poured her heart and soul into these posts, so frankly it’s just rude if you don’t have even just a quick look.
You can expect to find some whimsical anecdotes about office life, a smattering of profound philosophical insights, and maybe even some content that relates to insurance.
If you are looking for ways to lower your auto insurance rates, one of your best options is to look into the safety features and anti-theft devices that are installed on your vehicle.
Here are some of the major car safety features and anti-theft devices that can help save you money on your auto insurance.
Another very important safety feature that can help to lower your insurance costs is anti-lock brakes. This safety feature helps to prevent loss of control, spin-outs and sideways skidding through an electronic system comprised of a microcomputer and sensors.
Studies have shown that having daytime running lights on a vehicle significantly increases safety.
There are different types of emergency response systems such as unlocking doors after an airbag has been deployed, turning off the fuel, or other alerts that could be triggered if the system senses there as been an accident or or other dangerous situation.
There are various types of anti-theft systems that can not only help protect your vehicle, but also result in a lower insurance premium. This procedure etches the VIN number for your vehicle into the window glass so that thieves cannot alter the vehicle identification number. LoJack and other types of vehicle recovery system assist police offers with finding your vehicle after is has been stolen.
In order to take full advantage of any discounts you may be eligible for on your auto insurance rates, make a list of all safety features and anti-theft systems or devices that your vehicle has. This entry was posted in Family, Future Saving, personal finance, saving, Saving Money by Zoe Calerson.
Pointe d'Esny and Blue Bay have some of the most beautiful stretches of beach on the entire island and they're many travellers' favourite corners of the country. Mauritius' biggest and best national park is a wild expanse of rolling hills and thick forest covering roughly 2% of the island's surface. Port Louis (por loo-ee), the island's capital and largest city, can feel like a kaleidoscope of countries and cultures, with flashes of India, Africa, Europe, China and the Middle East. Relaxed Trou aux Biches and neighbouring Mont Choisy (also spelt Mon Choisy) are fast-developing tourist destinations full of people seeking better (and quieter) beaches than those of Grand Baie. Visible from much of southwestern Mauritius, the iconic Le Morne Brabant (556m) is a stunning rocky crag from which this beautiful peninsula takes its name.
There is something relentlessly charming about bite-size Mahebourg (my-boor), where it's all about simple pleasures: an interesting museum, a buzzing market, spicy street food, good budget lodgings, a pretty backdrop and beautiful beaches to the north and south.
This half-formed grotto on the side of a cliff spouts a geyser-like fountain (up to 20m high!) when seas are rough.
Early in life, we learned primary colors — red, blue and yellow — and we’ve never forgotten the colors of the rainbow thanks to ROY G BIV. Scientists have spent years studying the impact of color on mental and emotional states, concluding that we have physical responses to color and that certain colors have a direct tie with our emotions, supposedly causing us to feel certain ways ranging from one end of the spectrum to another.
Skeptical people may think that’s just voodoo and that it’s no different than lighting a green candle for money or a purple one for love, like those you’ll find in a New Age store. Of course, Starbucks and McDonald’s aren’t the only companies manipulating color psychology. If color is that important, does that mean it affects other things, like your likelihood of getting speeding tickets, and consequently, how much your insurance premiums cost? Here’s one of the biggest urban myths debunked — you can drive a car painted with any color of the wind you want. Insurance aside — studies still point to the idea that color affects us and our favorite color choices say certain things about our personalities and character. The next time you pick something out to wear or somebody asks what your favorite color is, don’t give it too much thought. They take you through each of the worksheets, the information you need to fill in, and how the worksheets are related. The Budget tab helps you figure out how much you need to earn to cover all of your business and personal expenses. You add in all of your fixed costs (car, rent, insurance) and budget for your variable costs (marketing, gas, entertainment) from month to month.
Once you know how much you need to earn (your goal), you can plan for the activities you need to do to achieve your goal.

The Business Plan uses averages for commissions, closing ratios, appointments and prospecting, but you can change these numbers to accurately reflect your own business.
The end result is a plan that tells you exactly how much prospecting, how many appointments, and how many signatures you need to have on a montly, weekly, and daily basis. This worksheet keeps track of the properties you sell, whether they sell for more or less than the asking price, your list-to-sell ratio, and commissions on both sides of the transaction. All of your Budget and Commission information is linked through to a financial performance comparison.
You can easily see from month-to-month whether you are on track to meet your financial goals. With so many different types of cover and more obscure jargon than your average Crocodile Dundee film, it’s understandable why so many people get lost in a sea of convoluted claims. There may be exclusions or exemptions in certain scenarios, and you could be up for extensive bills if something were to go wrong.
If you need to make a claim on your policy, you can expect to be compensated by your insurer (circumstances permitting, of course). If you decide to claim on your policy, there is a certain amount that you must contribute to the repairs process, which can be seen as a way of accepting a portion of the risk yourself. And while we work on cat content for FTA’s imminent YouTube debut, please feel free to peruse this lovely blog. Any content published is done so with the intention of creating a  dialogue on the topic, and should not be relied upon. Most insurance companies do offer discounts on their insurance premiums for safety features such as anti-lock brakes and air bags. Collision losses on vehicles equipped with this technology are lower than those without it.
Although they do assist drivers in being able to see ahead further, their biggest benefit is increasing visibility of the vehicle for other drivers and pedestrians.
Emergency response systems are designed to help keep drivers and passengers safe and some also immediately seek help following an accident. They range from alarm systems, column steering devices, ignition deactivation devices as well as auto recovery systems. Pointe d'Esny is also the jumping-off point for those interested in visiting the nature reserve on Ile aux Aigrettes. It's difficult to overstate the importance of this park – it's the last stand for Mauritian forests and many native species.
Trou aux Biches (Does' Watering Hole) enjoys gorgeous stretches of casuarina-lined sand that continue almost unbroken all the way to sleepy Mont Choisy. Shaped like a hammerhead shark, the peninsula itself has some of the island's best beaches, now home to a number of upmarket hotels. For example, red and orange hues are in the warm color family and can evoke emotions ranging comfort to hostility.
While burning colored wax may not help you win the lottery, things like color therapy are now used by psychologists and other similar professions in therapy with patients.
For example, if a brand wants to be seen as powerful, it opts for red — think about Coca-Cola and Virgin Records. This has been a widely-debated topic, and has certainly kept a few people from buying cars of certain colors.
A 2003 study from the University of Auckland in New Zealand published in the British Medical Journal examined drivers between 1998 and 1999, and found that contrary to popular belief, brown cars had the highest risk of serious injury. Instead, the events leading to increased insurance premiums caused by color could be induced by what other people are driving. We’re all subconsciously drawn to certain colors at different times, but knowing what your individual color preferences mean can give you a key into your own personality and to others. You also include all of your personal expenses, since your business needs to pay for itself and for your life outside of work.
The numbers show you if you are over or under your budget estimates, so you can quickly adjust your budget or your activities as needed. This is why it’s always best to do some research before signing up for anything, so you can make sure you get the best deal for the cover you need. However, its’s important to remember that insurance isn’t like banking, where you can withdraw money at any time.
Say, for example, your car insurance policy outlined that you were to pay $600 excess in the case of a claim.
Anti-lock brake systems prevent the wheels on your vehicle from locking up and also maintains directional control when you are in a situation that requires you to brake quickly, such as driving on wet, icy or snowy roads.
Check with your insurance agent to find out which anti-theft systems can save you the most money on your auto insurance premium. Discuss these with your insurance agent and make sure that all discounts are taken into account to insure the lowest possible auto insurance rate. It's also the most spectacular corner of the island, so if you make only one day trip from the coast, make it here. On the opposite end of the spectrum, colors like blue and purple are part of the cool color family and can cause a sense of calm, but are also associated with sadness —feeling blue. Numerous experts have proven that color has significant, wide-ranging effects, but to some, that’s old news — and has manifested a fear in some people when it comes to color, like when they’re buying cars of a different color.

Supposedly, red induces hunger, and what better color to complement those golden arches of McDonald’s. Starbucks prides itself on the eco-friendly nature of its coffee business, and natural grocery store Whole Foods was very deliberate in their brand’s color choice.
Based on a 2004 Dupont Automotive Color Popularity Report, the top three car color choices were silver, white, and black, and account for more than 50% of all new cars manufactured. Black and green cars also experienced elevated risk, and silver cars proved to be the safest color. For example, red has been proven to cause people to react with more speed and stronger force, so perhaps that’s why you feel compelled to compete with the red Corvette beside you. When it comes to car color and insurance, there very well may be something to be concerned with, but it’s not necessarily the color of your car.
You make payments in the form of a premium as a part of a bargain that the insurer will compensate you in a particular set of circumstances, but this isn’t a guaranteed payout every year.
When purchasing a new or used vehicle, one of the most important safety features you should look for is their rating for side-impact protection. Also, be sure to ask your insurance agent if there are any safety features or anti-theft devices that are eligible for discounts that are missing from your vehicle. Along the way, many people started sporting mood rings, relying on the color change of them to tell us — and everyone else — exactly how we were feeling inside.
Of course, some color reactions are rooted in personal history and cultural relevance, but no matter what, we can’t deny the strong hold color has over our psyche.
Participants who took tests with red background screens scored better in memory and attention to detail categories, and those with blue backgrounds scored better on tests requiring creative imagination. Is that because people are afraid to buy red or yellow cars, having subscribed to the urban legend that red cars get pulled over more often and that insurers charge more for red cars from the start?
While the parameters of the study are not fully revealed, some have made a variety of speculations about it, such as lighter cars possibly being easier to see when driving. If the colors we see greatly impact us, you could easily find yourself becoming a maniac on the road if the yellow car in front of you doesn’t speed up since yellow allegedly induces anger. Quite the opposite, in fact – and most insurers offer incentives in the form of no-claim bonuses to encourage their customers to be diligent.
Now you know why our nation can’t stop pulling forward or resist a Big Mac — the red and yellow trays, logos, and even doors are apparently causing us to have some good, old–fashioned fun and causing us to feel famished.
Certain shades of blue used on logos often produce a sense of calm, but if you use the wrong shade, it may make a business seem cold and unapproachable. After analyzing the 2004 Olympic games, researchers discovered that more athletes and teams  wearing red won more games than teams in colors like blue.
If that happens and you cause an accident or receive tickets for acting out your road rage, you’ll be seeing another color too — red when you open up your insurance bill.
Vehicles with air bags can help lower the personal injury or medical payments part of your insurance premium by as much as forty percent. If you are not sure whether or not your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, turn the ignition on and check the instrument panel. Although you may need to pay some money upfront, it could save you money in the long term on your auto insurance rates in addition to helping keep you and your vehicle safer.
Luckily, yellow is also supposed to increase metabolism, and if there’s truth to that, hopefully those Big Macs don’t lead to bigger thighs.
The Tiffany& Co teal is automatically recognized, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter use different shade of blues to convey fun. A shopper won’t think twice about shelling out extra money to get the color of car they want.
Yellow, although commonly perceived as a cheery and bright color, actually makes the eye work harder than other colors because of the large amounts of light reflected from it. Not only can they save you money on your auto insurance, they also keep you safe and help prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Of course those aren’t the only colors McDonald’s is now known for — pink, usually linked with love and Hallmark holidays, supposedly creates a calming effect. In fact, a 2007 Ford Motor study found that 39% of car buyers would walk out of a dealership if their favored color wasn’t available.
In severe cases, researchers have found that eyestrain, including vision loss, was connected to yellow.
Was that the intent of the fast food industry when deciding to use pink slime, crossing their fingers that the slime’s color would somehow curb the rage and disgust people felt after it was revealed? It draws more notice than most other colors, so yellow cars could easily be your one-way ticket to distracted driving accidents and violations. Essentially, the connection between color and cars can largely be about your response to the colors around you.
Alexander Schauss discovered that prison inmates showed less hostility when in bubblegum pink rooms.

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