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A few months ago I was asked to do a Sharing Station Booth at BYU Women’s Conference. Our favorite projects were the Family Emergency Plan Binder which included the Grab-N-Go Lists (think… if we had 5 minutes to evacuate our home, what would we take? Thanks so much for sharing…I have this on my list to finish, but it just became a whole lot more manageable and cuter! It’s the Country Fire Authority Fire Ready kit for the state of Victoria, in Australia. We live in Victoria, and just before Easter, our very small town had a bush fire – in all 16 homes were lost, and the fire came to within 500 metres of our own home. Is there a way to convert the file so we can put our family name on the binder cover (like in the photo)?
I visit the Women’s Conference sharing stations for inspiration for Relief Society meetings and hit the jackpot when I came across your sharing station. I am preparing this for a RS Activity and was wondering if I could get an editable copy of the cover sheet, or to know what font you used?
I am making one of these for my daughter and husband for their 1st wedding anniversary (paper). Thank you so much for sharing this information and making it available free, that is selfless of you. Heather Koon, who worked at ABC Kidz Child Care in Elyria, was charged with rape and kidnapping for allegedly assaulting children as young as 1 year old in the fall of 2013.

The Chronicle-Telegram reports that Koon raped four children at ABC Kidz, while she also took obscene photos of children at ABC Kidz and Country Day School in Amherst, where she took a job after leaving the daycare in Elyria.
San Diego police Officer Heather Seddon was a€?resting comfortablya€? Sunday in Sharp Memorial Hospital Sunday night after reportedly being shot in the torso by a man running away from officers following a police pursuit in Serra Mesa Sunday morning. SAN DIEGO - A police officer wounded when a fleeing suspect opened fire on her during a foot chase in Serra Mesa is making a good recovery, SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman said Monday. Seddon and other patrol personnel were running after 34-year-old Dennis Richard Fiel of San Diego on Sunday morning in a neighborhood just north of Sharp Memorial Hospital when he pulled a gun and shot her, prompting fellow Officers Joshua Hodge and Mario Larrea to return fire, Lt. Medics took Seddon to the nearby medical center, where she was treated for bullet wounds to her neck, where a round initially struck her, and shoulder, where it lodged. Refusing to yield, Fiel merged onto state Route 163 and continued on to the south for a short distance before exiting at Mesa College Drive, where the pursuing officers lost sight of his vehicle. Several body cameras worn by the involved officers recorded the chase and shootings, Hastings told reporters during a briefing Monday afternoon at downtown SDPD headquarters. Fiel was a suspect in six shootings that have damaged windows on commercial structures, including a 7-Eleven store and a San Diego Gas & Electric office building, over the last four months.
Hodge has been with the San Diego Police Department for four years, and Larrea for five, police said. You can copy the cover as a jpg & edit it in picasa, photoshop or other online programs like iPiccy.
I just downloaded it all but I didn’t see the four teal covers shown above or were those just for decoration at your booth?

San Diego police say a man who was fleeing police pulled out a gun and fired on officers, hitting one of them. They then spotted the suspect walking nearby, and he bolted when they tried to contact him, Hastings said. During a search of his home following the officer-involved shooting, investigators found an assault rifle, ammunition and a large marijuana-growing setup, according to Hastings. We spent 100+ hours planning, researching, and gathering emergency supplies to share ideas with others. The ones that say 72 hour kit, grab and go and car kits and is the information on those in the downloads as well?
Download editable Handout 10 RIGHT HERE PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY HANDOUT 10 AND NOT ALL 11. We estimate it to cost about $6 depending on the deal you get on the binder & protectors.

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