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Please read the review and the details that follow for a chance to win a copy of this book. A quick thumb through of the book will inform you that there are 19 chapters and a whole lot of pictures!  Chapter topics range from “the why” to choosing your pack, fire, water, self-defense, bugging out with pets, bug out plans and much much more.  Again, Creek is very thorough in detailing the subject of creating and maintaining your BOB.
Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His counsel to His servants the prophets. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. This amount includes seller specified US shipping charges as well as applicable international shipping, handling, and other fees. By clicking Confirm bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder.
By clicking Confirm bid, you are committing to buy this item from the seller if you are the winning bidder and have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. By clicking 1 Click Bid, you commit to buy this item from the seller if you're the winning bidder. When disaster strikes suddenly, you may be forced to leave everything in a matter of seconds. Generally, you will have to leave on foot so your supplies must be literally carried on your back. Water in more than one container because of the weight and if you damage a container, you will not lose all of your supply.
Fire starting tools such as magnesium sticks also waterproof matches but always have a backup fire starting method.
I agree with what your doing I just feel it should have been done 30 or 40 years ago I know that I need to find a way to start doing this on a limited income and being a disabled veteran I also need to find someone that is in central maine that can help me do this Keep it up best of luck. A good water treatment device is the Katadyn water filtration system and a good steri pen that is solar powered. For water filtration when I am on the land I have always used a katadyn-vario Multi flow water microfilter.
Pen and paper never know when you will need to leave a note for friends and family in an extreme bug out situation. The braided lined doesnt break very easy and you can carry 250 yards of it in a cargo pocket. A pack of coffee filters or bandana for large particle filtering and a little medicine bottle with a dropper filled with plain (no extra fragrance or detergents) house hold bleach can go a long way when it comes to water purification.
While I never completed SF school, I did suffer through 3 months before shattering an ankle, DUCT TAPE and 2 branches allowed me to splint it while I hobbled out to a rescue road. With the major changes they are predicting and some they have already implemented our economic future looks dim.
If the US actually goes into a depression , all things will be precious and life as we know it now will be gone. Getting ride of cc debt, stocking up on essentials for everyday life, food included and getting back to basic’s like our grandparents and great grandparents would definitely be a good idea.
We will all be hit with horribly high taxes, some starting today the 1 st of Jan 2013 the rest of these outrageous taxes will be slipped in gradually over the next 4-10 years , that means less money to Survive on. Gathering info from all news sources and sometimes reading between the lines will keep us informed somewhat.
Love these articles…would like to some predictions from others and advise on our economic future. I find this response humorous… I agree with some of what was said, but certainly not all of it. Just as an aside, that hand sanitizer you listed can also be used to help start fires if needed.
OK, everyone, go fill a container with five gallons of water, pick it up and see how far you expect to carry it. Suggestion is to reduce down to 3 Litters in a pouch in your pack and 1 canteen of 1 quart on your hip.
Preparing for disasters can mean the difference between life and death, but putting together plans and kits can be overwhelming. Most relief agencies recommend people put together a 72 hour emergency kit – enough food, water, and medical supplies to keep each person in a household supplied for three days. This 2 page list from PG Ward includes visuals on what you should include in your 72 hour kit as well as lists for additional things you should include in a car kit, a child kit, and a pet kit. While not exactly a printable, Top Spec US has put together a nice, simple graphic showing what to pack in a bug out bag. When disaster strikes, you could be anywhere – in your home, still in school, at work or on the road. A bug out bag contains essential items you will need to survive  72 hours while trying to evacuate from a disaster. Right now, the bug out bag is a common term used by survivalists and preppers – those who are in the business of preparing themselves, and their families, for disasters or unexpected events.
Anyone who has ever heard of survival or emergency prepping has probably heard about the bug out bag. There are a lot of folks out there that have already made similar bug out bags without even realizing it. These kits are usually made up of the kind of things that make roadside emergencies a little easier to live with.
People who make their own bug out bags are usually folks with enough forethought to know that bad things can happen and life is not always a magical fairy tale.
When it comes to picking out your very first bug out bag there are a few different things that you are going to want to consider before you actually make your purchase. The list of things that you might want to bring with you during an emergency is almost infinite and it gets even bigger if you have a family to take care of. The image below is probably the best way of show you exactly what you need to properly fill your survival kit.
A lot of people think that more is better, but remember that if you are having to carry all of that stuff without any type of mechanical help, all of those pounds are going to mean a lot of pain for yourself.
Things like toothpaste and shampoo are not going to be necessary during a bug out situation.
It might not seem like much, but the last thing that you want to do is look like you are better off than those around you. A lot of people are taking the preppers advice lately and packing themselves a 72 hour, or bug out bag. So get out there and break some gear while you can laugh about it instead of breaking gear when you are going to cry about it.
Justin Trovrt has been in plenty of situations that require a level of survival instincts that daily life can not provide. This is a question that has caused much debate among the survival and prepping communities. This is an unpaid position, your work will be rewarded with a dofollow link to your site in the same niche. A bug-out bag is a pre-filled backpack loaded with all the essentials that enable you to survive without any other form of assistance for a minimum of three days. Without a doubt, food and water are the most important and essential components that make up your bug-out bag. There are two distinct classifications of food and water needs for your bug-out bag—immediate consumption and a long-term food-and-water plan. Long-term food resources include fish from lakes or streams, as well as game birds and a wide variety of land-based animals. Water in durable, sealed pouches with at least a five-year shelf life should be packed proportionately into each person’s bug-out bag based upon an individual’s body size and environmental conditions. The simplest form of shelter can be created from a waterproof tarp and a bundle of 550 paracord.
Other key items that will become indispensible when out in the wild (and possibly “on the run”) include duct tape, several bundles of 550 paracord, signaling devices, waterproof tarps, durable gloves, several bandanas, a fire-resistant canteen, a compact compass, a pack of zip ties and a hand-powered flashlight. As you build your bug-out bag over time and gather useful information along the way, you will be adding many more diverse items to individualize your pack for your specific needs, and the needs of those traveling with you. When under stressful situations and time is of the essence, you can’t afford to not know how to assemble your camp stove, set up your tent or use your fire-starters.
Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount.

You will need tools, materials and supplies to sustain yourself as you evacuate the disaster area, which is why doomsday preppers recommend that you have a bug-out-bag. People tend to over pack not realizing that their backpack will be on their back for hours a day.
I believe water’s probably going to be scarce during a doomsday event and sources of water may be too polluted for consumption. Some can also be fitted to purify the water directly to your water bottle and very easy to use. This babies standard filter system will provide clean water up to a minimum of 500 gallons per filter set. Make sure you carry a cheat sheet for ratio amounts a couple drops can purify a lot of water!
In truth, I’m not and I doubt that anyone who is able to discuss their job IS an authority.
You can prepare in a variety of ways – including stocking up emergency food and supplies in the safety of your home or in an area outside your home.
The supplies in a bug out bag are meant for getting through a disaster, allowing for a swifter evacuation. Right there, either inside your house, or in your car, you have everything you need in order to survive on your own for a couple of days. Systematically arranged bug out bags would have the capacity to carry the essential materials needed by a person to survive.
One is by purchasing a 72 hour kit, which would most likely cover the essentials (except for the personal effects such as papers). It’s basically a bag full of goodies for you to take with you if you have to leave your home in an emergency.
These are the emergency kits that are in the cars of everyone with a little bit of forethought.
Things like gloves, flares and high visibility vests are common in these kits but during the winter months some people choose to add some warm clothes to these kits to ensure that they don’t freeze to death if they have to sleep in their car.
They are also aware that they are probably going to be helping those around them so they pack more than they need for just themselves.
A forty pound bag carried for ten miles can be quite the torture if the straps are cutting into your skin. If you want to get rescued, a brightly colored, unnatural looking bag might save your life, but if you are trying to hide, camouflage is always your best friend. If there are crowds of starving and scared people everywhere, the last think you want to do is look like you are well prepared and have precious food and supplies on you. I now know that they were not taking about bug out bags, because size is very important when choosing your emergency kit. The best way to get around this problem is to pack only the absolute essentials and not anything that can be considered a luxury (like soap). Medium Sized Bag – Lightweight, and durable for long term use, dark colors to hide from enemies or bright colors to be seen by rescuers. Medical Emergency Kit – The smallest cut can get infected and lead to a battlefield amputation. Canteen with Cover and Cup – Clean drinking water is one of the top priorities in a survival situation.
Solar Charger for Cell Phones – Either call for help or just catch up on the latest tweets from the celebrity that is currently in the news for their personal issues. Fire Starter – A magnesium sparker is so much better than matches or lighters because it works when wet and it never run out of fuel. Multi Tool – This incredible little tool is a great way of packing an entire tool box into a hand held device.
Survival Blanket – It traps most of your body heat and is so freaking shiny that a passing rescuer would have to be pretty lame to miss it.
Hand Crank Radio – Knowing what is going on in the world is a great way of know when dangers have cleared. Foam Sleeping Pad – A little bit of protection from a very hard and very cold ground. Mess Kit – Pots and pans are absolutely essential if you need to boil water and cook some food in it.
Safety Signaling Whistle Make a terrible instrument but an excellent way of getting noticed and rescued. You might think that you got your go bag ready and if the SHTF you are going to be the lone survivor in a post apocalyptic world. There are many things that are not essential to immediate survival that people add to their bug out bag anyways.
If you are planning on living the rest of your life in the bush then bring loads of stuff with you, but If you are packing a 72 hour bag then realize that there are many things that you can leave behind.
If you are proudly displaying the fact that you are prepared with food and water while another person is watching their family starve, you are going to be in trouble.
You might need to walk for a very long way with a 40 lb bag on your back, are you going to have a heart attack and die or are you going to be a real prepper and prepare your body to do it?
That is great, more people are going to survive a disaster, but how many of them are packing good items into their go bag? He knows that knowledge is power and wished to share some of his power with anyone who is willing to listen. If you are working in and knowledgeable about the survival and prepping niche I would love to have you post on this site.
One day you may be enjoying a relaxing night with your family in front of the television, and the next you might find yourself desperately fleeing your home and trying to escape looting marauders, a biochemical attack or an unpredicted natural disaster. It takes very little time for you to become hungry and thirsty, especially under abnormal conditions when access to these precious resources is limited or non-existent.
For the extremely short term, only a few hours after a major emergency situation, you should have packed quick, easy-to-eat items such as energy bars, beef jerky or trail mixes. These all require equipment including fishing gear, a rifle, bow and arrow, crossbow, slingshot or even a makeshift sling. Some examples include cutting freshly killed meat, scraping tinder from branches, whittling twigs for deadfall traps, cutting needed cordage and creating a makeshift spear for fishing. But other tools that should be considered when building your bag include a wire or folding saw, a hatchet or tomahawk, and a durable and solid walking stick, which can be easily converted into a hunting spear.
These two components are already key items in your bag that can perform a great number of other purposes. Sleeping bags will allow you to get a good night’s sleep by keeping you warm and comfortable on the hard ground. This should include a handful of butane lighters and waterproof matches, followed by a magnesium fire-starter and your choice of either a fire piston, a flint fire-starter or even a 9-volt battery and steel wool.
You will find that first-aid items such as bandages, gauze, scissors, tape and antibiotic creams are a staple of most store-bought kits, and there is nothing wrong with starting with a “standard” kit. Creating your own bag from scratch requires a lot of testing of the products you initially choose. You must walk the fine line between what you can afford and what level of quality you need with the various bug-out-bag items.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. A bug-out-bag is pre-packed bag that you can grab as you run out the door that can sustain you for at least a few days. Therefore, your supplies must be multi-purpose and you must have the essentials to make shelter, collect and purify water, make fire and possibly hunt, fish or trap small game if the disaster continues for an extended period.
System includes a ceramic core filter with active carbon agent for cloudy or dirty most Likley stagnant water and a glass fibber primary filter in normal conditions.
Supposed to be good for a million gallons and it takes up less space than a pair of rolled up socks.
The duct tape and glue comment is spot on though… they are both abundantly useful and I keep them on hand at all times.
Even inside their respective communities, people rarely have extensive knowledge of other organizations. Also, go out doors for a few days with what you can carry in your pockets and enjoy yourself.
You might even get stuck where you are, marking the importance of having a bug out bag wherever you go.

During an emergency, you’ve little time to gather your essentials, making important items easier to forget. Basic items in a good bug out bag are: emergency food and water, or water filter, light sources, communication such as a portable radio and whistle, personal hygiene kits, extra clothing, first aid, money and important documents.
You save time and energy by having it because it saves you from having to go around the house and collecting the important stuff and stuffing it in a bag; with the real possibility that you’ll forget something important.
Organization is the key and with planning, one can have a bug out bag and know everything inside it. It’s already packed and is usually very accessible, just in case you have to leave immediately. If you happen to be hiding with a brightly colored bug out bag, make sure so smear it with as much mud as possible.
A good book to have and usually full of great advice about how to stay alive during emergency situations.
You will barely have enough time to think straight, let alone try to pack bags in a panicked rush to carry your family’s much-needed supplies.
This is no small task, and it requires some serious thought and planning well before any emergency situation becomes a reality.
A lack of food and water can cause bad decision-making, irritability and physical weakness, all traits that can be extremely detrimental to you and your family while trying to stay alive during a crisis situation.
These require no heating or cooking of any kind and can be eaten “on the run” if the need arises. A machete can help clear a path through thick foliage but can also hold off thieving marauders if necessary. Simply tie one or more strands of paracord between two trees and drape the tarp over the line to create a quick, temporary shelter. A simple hammock working in conjunction with an overhead tarp can create a protective shelter with minimal effort. Items to add to an existing kit would be burn cream, anti-itch cream, a mini-suture kit, pain-relieving pills, stomach relief medicines, tweezers, cold and hot packs, as well as any necessary prescription medications.
The equipment’s ease of operation, the durability of the tools and weapons, and the taste of the foods you will eat all have to be up to your own personal level of acceptance.
Remember, things easily available to you under normal conditions will be lifesavers to have with you when access to grocery or drug stores is nonexistent. They must protect themselves from hazardous weather conditions that could force them into precarious positions, such as on icy mountain tops or in raging rivers.
The straps and harness should be considered load bearing so you can attach a machete or axe and carry your water bottles. What I like most about this filter is the attachable base that can connect to almost any nalgene type wafted bottle and comes with an output house for large containers and hydration systems. Too much room needed for firing and your target must be within 50m to really make the shot count.
The largest, although not only, PsyOps group in the country is the Special Activities Division of the CIA.
However, seven years working my way through the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC), all the way through 2nd Recon Bn and the beginnings of MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) say that I have at least knowledge of how it works in that community! The bug out bag exists to ensure that all that you need in an emergency are located in one bag – ready to bring along when necessary. Passing cars, boats and planes all agree that sunshine coming from the wrong direction is very noticeable. Also, it is probably not a good idea to brag about your preps, in a crisis your neighbors are going to show up on your door step with their hands out. Walk for longer and longer distances every week and eventually you will be able to add your bug out bag to your daily walks. Remember, when your life or the lives of your family members are at stake, procrastination and unpreparedness are not options.
Be sure to constantly rotate these items in your bag when it’s initially stored to prevent eating expired products. A tarp carried in your bag can be constructed into a rain catch, for an easy-to-capture water source, while water purification tablets can make undrinkable, parasite-ridden water safe to drink.
A camp shovel can multi-task around the campsite while also serving as a useful offensive weapon. Variations in size and design can be made depending upon your specific needs and the layout of the surrounding terrain.
If you want the next step up in design, some hammocks have built-in protective roofs with mosquito-netting “walls” to make your sleep as comfortable as possible.
When packing, carefully evaluate all items for multiple uses such as wire or cordage, which can be used for, gear repair, shelter construction and animal snares. But, what would I know, I’ve only had to survive for several weeks on my own with one days rations and what I carried in my Ruck. The other side of the argument is that if you pick a bag that is too small, you might not have enough supplies to live decently. There are a few extremely common mistakes that most people make when creating their bug out bag. The military even has the legal right to take your hoarded food if they think it is necessary. This will properly prepare you for whatever obstacles are in your path, including diabetes and heart disease. Next, once you are in a “stay put” location, you can build a fire, boil some water and reconstitute freeze-dried or dehydrated meals. There are also many types of filtering straws on the market that allow you to drink directly from a tainted water source without incurring sickness from harmful pathogens or parasitic organisms. Carrying a collapsible bow with arrows, or a compact crossbow, allows you to hunt small game for food, or use it for defense if danger strikes. In addition, your sleeping bag should be packed in a compression bag when traveling; this will keep it extremely compact and easy to store.
Do your research first, before you have to bug out, so you don’t experience problems later, when it’s too late!
A forest fire could force someone to travel through rocky areas with treacherous trees and shrubs. While various DoD units do engage in psychological warfare, they are not responsible for the creation of such campaigns. These, along with meals ready to eat (MREs), are your food sources for the next 72 hours (try to plan for five days in your pack, if possible) and should be packed in each family member’s supply bag. Backpacks and holsters should resist damage from rain and resist being ripped by sharp tree branches.
These pads create a barrier between you and the cold earth and help keep you warm at night.
If space is a factor, however, leaves or thick brush packed under your sleeping bag can do the same job.
The cloth is usually treated for water resistance and quickly dries, which helps to remove the weight of any water from the load.Most bug out gear is designed to accommodate three days of travel. There are usually compression straps that allow the load to be safely secured inside the pouches or backpacks. Someone could be injured by gear that rolls around, such as a tiny compass or a bulky weapon. Skin abrasions and blisters could be caused by loose gear, which is like a grinding tool that repeatedly strikes the same spot. Tactical gear is designed to handle rugged conditions and to protect stored items with insulation or closed-cell foam padding.A soldier may have only 30 seconds to grab a backpack and leave an area before the enemy strikes with deadly force.
Any equipment that is left behind could force that soldier into a life-threatening situation.
When a disaster strikes, there is usually no way for someone to know when the threat will stop.When a disaster strikes, there may not be enough time to prepare for a quick evacuation. Everyone should have a plan about the necessary actions and equipment that will used in the event of a fire or flood. Military personnel and members of emergency crews are trained to evacuate areas, while also ensuring for future survival.

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