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The man told WCBS that he saw two other guards, in addition to the one he recorded, sleeping on the job at Federal Plaza, and that the situation is frightening, given the high-profile nature of the building. The sleeping guard is an employee of FJC Security Services, WCBS reported, and the firm was quick to issue a response to the video. From the breaking news you need to know to the hottest trends circling the Web, TheBlaze has it all.
Two Black Men Ask: Where Are Black Lives Matter Activists and New Black Panthers Amid Louisiana Flooding? WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is adding new screening requirements for Europeans and other travelers from countries for which a visa isn't required for U.S.

The screenings, planned to go into effect Monday, will require millions of travelers from around the world to provide more passport data, contact information and aliases before they can travel to the United States. Travelers from 38 Visa Waiver Program countries, including most of Europe and Australia, will have to provide additional information like if they have passports from multiple countries, or if they have used aliases. Monday's decision is the second time in a week that Johnson has announced security changes.
Last Tuesday, he announced extra security at various federal government buildings in Washington and other major American cities in the wake of a fatal shooting in Canada's capital city. Departing commanding officer of the United States Coast Guard Cutter "Liberty," Lieutenant Jon M.

Javits Federal Office Building in Manhattan — part of the Federal Plaza complex that houses both FBI and Homeland Security Department offices — was caught on camera doing something that could cost him his position: sleeping on the job.
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