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Are you aware of the benefits of Data Dot technology in terms of insurance and security for your car, bike or boat? Data Dot technology is a passive anti-theft security system which is supported by insurers and is applied as spray film invisible to the eye over the entire vehicle.
The spray contains millions of dots, each smaller than a grain of sand, which are etched by laser with a unique alpha-numeric code (which can be fully customised). Should your vehicle become a victim of theft, any parts identified with Data Dots are then traced back to the owner, hopefully leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for authorities to find and identify thieves in the process. VESA, a non-profit organisation that regulates the vehicle security industry, endorses the product as it is having a positive impact on the return of recovered stolen vehicles.

Most insurers will provide the vehicle owner of a vehicle equipped with Data Dot technology a discount on the vehicle insurance premium. This code can only be read with a special scanner that utilises a strong UV magnifier to read the code. Your broker or insurance underwriters will need to establish your individual rate and whether there might be a reduction based on your overall risk profile.
In tough economic times with so much vehicle theft taking place – it might be important to benefit from technology offering the opportunity to save on insurance expenses!
Based on the reliable identification of key component parts of the vehicle, the vehicle is of reduced value to a professional thief.

The technology therefore also poses a cost saving benefit from an insurance premium perspective. The South African Insurance Association certifies the Data Dot technology and is fully aware of the benefits.
The thief is only interested in vehicles where they can easily change their identity or strip for parts.

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