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The Valentine’s Day theme was symbolized by home-made cards and teddy bears that volunteers delivered to all 435 House members and 100 senators. The lobbying effort on the two-month anniversary of the Newtown tragedy brought 30 volunteers from the Children’s Defense Fund and the One Million Moms for Gun Control to go door-to-door in the halls of Congress. In remarks as the campaign got under way, Esty challenged opponents of tighter gun laws who claim “the Connecticut effect’’ is a passing phenomenon that explains the surge in public opinion in favor of new laws. Be sure to subscribe to the Laughspin Podcast for weekly comedy news, audio clips and more! Interesting how the comments I made moments ago find their way down your list so quickly while the comment made 2 days ago finds it’s way to the top.
Further, it is interesting that comments are disabled at the original YouTube video link so people who wish to use their First Amendment rights in order to speak out against these celebrities and their hypocrisy have no voice at all.
Has anyone thought about how many of these celebrities have glorified gun violence in movies and television shows?
And they all employ armed guards and live in gated communities, just like all liberal politicians. Where were these celebrities when Chicago endured numerous slow-mo Sandy Hooks over the course of the last year? Also, this is really insensitive, but if you close your eyes and watch the video, you can pretend it’s William Shatner.

I love how the argument has to jump from stricter laws to completely illegal, which is not what anyone said. Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson signed ‘Top Five’ posters, Laughspin giving some away! Elizabeth Esty kicks off her Valentine's Day campaign to lobby Congress to adopt gun-control laws (Charles J.
Elizabeth Esty, D-Cheshire, whose congressional district includes Newtown, kicked off a Valentine’s Day lobbying campaign to press her House and Senate colleagues to adopt gun-control legislation. The murder of the 20 children will be remembered at “every graduation, every birthday, every December 14th, every Christmas,’’ she said, repeating a refrain that President Obama sounded at his State of the Union speech Tuesday night: The families of the shooting victims deserve a vote in Congress on pending legislation that would ban military-style assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, and require universal background checks on all gun purchasers. Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Garner, Conan O’Brien, Rashida Jones (pictured above), Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Jon Hamm and many more simply ask the question: how many more mass shootings need to occur before we tighten restrictions on firearms? He launched Punchline Magazine in 2005 (which became Laughspin in the summer of 2011) with childhood friend Bill Bergmann. Get me a psa on a police officer SWAT team member or a teacher from the rough school or someone like that and what they have to say.
Will you simply disregard me and delete me, or will you allow my First Amendment rights to stand?
When each of these celebrities writes GUN FREE ZONE on their front doors in glow in the dark paint, I’ll take them seriously.

Yes, crazy people will always do crazy shit, but remember the crazy person in China who STABBED 22 kids and they all lived? There are a lot of places where the gun laws are very strict- here in new york some of the laws are just fucking absurd.
14 shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown that left 20 children and six school staffers dead. They’ve helped to create the culture they despise and I bet many have armed security. The hoops you have to go through to (legally) get ANY kind of gun are ridiculous- the only way to make the laws stricter in a lot of places is to just make them outright illegal- which is what most of these people want. And, I’m sure they would rail against any act that would infringe upon their First Amendment rights. They want to infringe upon my right to self protection but don’t understand that without the Second Amendment, there is no ability to protect the First, or any other including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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