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At Almost Free Cars, we're putting all the best deals on used cars and trucks from the Greenville and Spartanburg SC areas all in one place. Here in Wisconsin, you find cars that are rotted out, full of bondo, or both; plus 99% of them are out of reach price-wise for an 18 year old kid. Easier said than done, as over a year goes by with my inquiries of the car being unsuccessful, that the car is still sitting untouched in the same spot. Now that it's back in the family, we figure it had went through about 3 owners since my dad had it and went from its original color of Azure Turquoise to Canary Yellow.
2006 Pontiac Solstice in Greensboro NC Forest Oaks Country Club used Convertible 2 seater, 5 spd, 4 cyl.
This car is very economical on gas, gets around 28 miles per gallon, drives great, never wrecked, the top drops back into the trunk and when the trunk is closed it looks "finished off".
With daily updates, the used car or truck you've been looking for will be easier than ever to find!

After about a year of looking with nothing to show for it, I thought of trying to track down Dad's old car.
I took some 'now' pictures of the car, same car, same location, same trees, just a little larger.
One day, when I have the resources, it will be fully restored and returned to its original color, but for now it's a great driver! We found some registration papers which contained the VIN and I posted a message on a local club's website asking if anyone could help me out.
A guy ran the VIN and told me that it was currently registered and gave me the owner's name.
With our preferred dealerships, you've got the best chances of being approved, and with our buy here pay here in house financing dealerships, with proper ID and documentation, you're already PRE-APPROVED! So I call him up, ask him if he owns a Chevelle, and he says "yes, it's up on blocks in the barn." Wow, barn find?

Maybe, although he states the dollars he is looking to get for it which I think is pretty steep. We make arrangements to go see it, and sure enough, tucked in the corner of a barn surrounded by tractors on two sides, it sits. It wasn't possible to move it at the time and it was very dark and hard to see, so we just pretty much glanced it over and suggested that we wanted to get a better look at the car outside.

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