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Regular maintenance of public rights-of way such as street sweeping, litter collection and storm drain facility maintenance.
Development of a comprehensive stormwater facility map.Identification and removal of unauthorized connections to the stormwater system. Public education efforts to inform citizens about stormwater quality through educational events and newsletter articles.
Public Involvement Activities such as our annual "Sparkle Days Campaign" in which residents can participate in cleaning up their properties. The City of South Daytona is excited about educating our residents in the important endeavor of a Clean Water Program and hope you will be too. At Denver Tent Company we are proud to celebrate the 42nd anniversary of The Clean Water Act Legislation, which took place this past Saturday October 18th.
The Clean Water Act (CWA) is a legislation that establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the United States, and regulating quality standards for surface waters. This legislation has become very important for all Americans, since before it was approved by the United States Congress, only one third of all the fresh water in the country was deemed safe for fishing and swimming. Here at Denver Tent Company we feel proud of this type of legislations, which are very important for the conservation of natural resources and to have a better planet for everyone.

Denver Tent Company has worked for over 125 years to create and design custom canvas tents that will blend perfectly with the wilderness, and provide you many safe nights and wonderful adventures for years to come. Call us today or stop by the warehouse and see how we can enhance your next outdoor experience. Recommended PostsGet Your Own Luxury Glamping Tent From Denver Tent CompanyCamping with kids? The Clean Water Act of 1972 originally established the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit to control wastewater discharges from various industries and wastewater treatment plants known as "point sources".
EPA now estimates that over 80 percent of the water quality problems in the United States are due to non-point source pollution?
The NPDES rules require South Daytona, other cities and counties to keep their storm drains and sewers as free from pollutants as possible and develop a stormwater program. The CWA was approved in 1972 and it has provided a vital role in stopping some bad projects, and also in modifying other ones in order to minimize impact to wetlands, making the Clean Water Act a vital law in the efforts to protect the habitat in the United States. The 1987 Water Quality Act amended the NPDES permit system to address "non-point" source pollution.
However, the lifestyle and work environment of almost every resident of South Daytona will be impacted by this new law.

The City of South Daytona has already been performing some of the "Best Management Practices" of the program under our Code of Ordinances and municipal operations policies and will be implementing more in the near future. This type of pollution occurs when pollutants such as bacteria, sediment, oil and grease, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers and trash from roadways, parking lots, yards, and other areas are exposed to rainfall and washes into our streams, rivers and oceans.
Invest in a tent from the superior “Colorado” tent line, or talk to us about custom sewing your very own tent. We have the best sewing, construction and designing crew in the camping industry. The pollutants flow through the storm drain system into local streams, lakes and coastal waters. Individually, these pollutants may not be a major concern, but combined together they can result in widespread water quality problems.

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