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In most cars, the vehicle speed sensor is located in the tail shaft housing of the transmission.
On the supercharged, it is located under a square metal plate, in similar location as EGR valve on the non-supercharged. The CKP- Crankshaft Position Sensor, is located behind the crank pulley, It will need to be removed to get to the sensor. The temp sensor only gives a reading to the gauge with the key ON, so this is most likely an instrument panel cluster (gauges) problem. 3-19-11Ok I replaced that temperature sensor in the photo above, and the new one I got had just two terminals, while the old plug has three receptacles. Yes, you can either buy a new connector with wire leads in it, or go to a junkyard and cut a harness to get the connector you need.
There would be a Intake Air Temperature sensor that is located in the rubber boot to the throttle body. If the PCV valve and O rings are not the problem, then the lower intake manifold gaskets probably are causing your problem. I have a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville and it had a check engine light on that read TPS sensor low voltage.
1992 trans sport van with a 3.8 liter engine water temp sensor is located right under the throttle body .
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Jim, the body plate number, at least for the 1957 chevrolet passenger models, isn't related with the completed vehicle vin number.
Classic cars, antique cars, vintage cars and muscle cars specifications, including wheelbase, engine, transmission, production numbers, vin numbers and description.. 1967 ford fairlane information, 1967 ford fairlane specifications, 1967 ford fairlane resources, 1967 ford fairlane pictures, 1967 ford fairlane photos. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
If a car has a check engine light on and has P0171 and P0174 codes stored, the most likely cause is a vacuum leak.
Mass Air Flow (MAF)Another cause of P0171 and P0174 codes can be from a damaged mass airflow sensor. Fuel Pressure Incorrect fuel pressure from the fuel pump can also rarely cause a lean condition. We recently had a check engine light come on and after having it scanned at a local parts store we replaced an oxygen sensor. Is there a decent source of reference so I don’t subscribe to another inadequate service? I have a 1998 Lincoln navigator the engine light is with code p0171 and p0174 there is a slight ping and the idel is rough sometimes. Montana Muscle And Classics of Stevensville, MTNathan Wratislaw sells 1 & 2 Owner Classic EURO & Muscle cars. 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass SupremeHere is a beautiful Cutlass Convertible that is a 1 Owner and only has 36K Original Miles. 2002 yukon: recall battery drain (trucks equipped, There was a recall for 2003 trucks with a battery drain (trucks equipped with autoride, quadrasteer or vehicle stability enhancement. Repair diagrams for 2007 gmc sierra 1500 engine, We have info for following modifications of 2007 gmc sierra 1500 . Dodge ram wiring diagram connectors and pinouts (regular cab), The following wiring diagram, electrical system schematics, connectors and pinouts apply for dodge ram regular cab 2006 model year.

In order to be able to post messages on the chevy trailblazer, trailblazer ss and gmc envoy forum forums, you must first register. Scosche gm2209sr • radio replacement interface for 2000-up gm class ii and gmlan vehicles with non-onstar • radio replacement interface • compatible with.
My first time to the forum, hello from missouri my 2003 trail blazer keyless entry remotes quit working, both of them.
Copyright © 2012 Auto Parts Diagrams, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Since the cam sensor got unplugged by the stray belt, you probably have something wrong with either the sensor or wiring harness, or even both.
And depending on the year of your vehicle, there could be an Idle Air Control Valve, that is just past the MAF sensor and on the throttle body. If you are showing 0, check each wire at the connector by pulling on them to see if one breaks. These codes are set by the car’s computer when it sees too much oxygen in the exhaust. If the reading from the mass airflow is incorrect, the computer can be doing its calculations with wrong numbers. The fuel pump regulator could be allowing the wrong amount of pressure to be pumped to the fuel injectors. If a fuel filter is clogged or restricted this can alter the amount of fuel that reaches the injectors also. The parts store employee had recommended the oxygen sensor replacement however the code quickly returned. It takes a few seconds to start first thing in the morning or when it’s been sitting for more than an hour. After repairing vacuum leaks if problems still persist I’d check the fuel pressure in the morning before starting to see if the pressure bleeds down. This has been going on for a long time and then today we had a new fuel pump installed due to a leak that was discovered and they replaced the gas cap at the same time. I'd check the connector to make sure it didn't get damaged, or any terminals that may have been pulled out or backed off.
Fuel pressure is not likely to cause lean conditions though, due to the computer’s ability quickly compensate and adjust the air fuel mixture.
We thought maybe we had a defective part, so they exchanged them and we installed the parts again to no avail, it was still stalling. Now it runs very rough at idle and a pending code for the evap system showed on the reader. There could be a broken wire inside the harness that runs down the engine from when it broke. If the computer sees more air entering the engine than what is actually going in it will enrich the mixture. After buying a fuel filter and going home my husband was about to install it when I searched online and found your article. I remembered hearing a squeal on initial start up and remember changing the camshaft synchronizer and fixing this problem before. Therefore if the computer sees less air than what is actually going into the engine it will decrease the amount of fuel in the mixture. After explaining to my husband that the cause could be from a leaky vacuum hose, he ran the car with the hood up and we could hear hissing.
We took the car to the Ford garage and had that changed, but it was still not running right. If I remove the vacuum line from the charcoal canister to the sensor the idle smooths out and the truck runs fine. Just because the code is related to oxygen sensor readings, it doesn’t mean that the oxygen sensors are bad. Mass airflow sensors can be damaged by dirt getting past the air filter and sometimes from oil that can come off of aftermarket air filters such as K&N. If both of these codes are stored this means that both banks of the engine have excessive oxygen in the exhaust. K&N air filters have to be lightly oiled and if excessive oil is applied some of it can come off and end up in the mass airflow sensor. If the oxygen sensors are replaced it’s most likely that the same codes will reappear.

Although the parts store employee was trying to be helpful he was recommending replacing parts that were not bad.
It looks like it has been repainted sometime recently and the Pearl White Paint looks great on this car. Another way to check for a vacuum leak is by using a propane bottle with the hose attachment. I don’t think he was doing this intentionally, but it was starting to cost us an arm and a leg!
No telling how long this would have gone on, but with your help we were able to repair the problem ourselves and not continue throwing money at the problem.
By introducing propane to the area where the suspected leak is you can sometimes notice a change in the idle.
It does have some dents and scrapes in it as you can see in the pictures but overall the outside of this car is in good shape. I am getting a new one today but my question is should it matter about pulling the old unit with the sensor on top if I was TDC and had a tool to put the new synchronizer on? This is a 1 Owner Car that Only has 36K Original Miles The exterior of this car is beautiful. If you have access to a scan tool, checking the oxygen sensor readings or fuel trim can be done while checking for leaks with propane. I think this was somebody's project hot rod car that they just didn't quite get around to finishing. If the readings increase when you are adding propane to be suspected leak area, this indicates a vacuum leak.
The convertible top is not as in good of shape and could use a little fixing up but still looks good on the car. The body is straight as can be on this car and you look down the sides you can't hardly see a dent or ding anywhere.
These cars are really neat and easily adjustable up and down in the back to make your ultimate Drag car or Rat Rod or whatever you feel like calling it everything is there as far as motor and tranny the gas in it is getting old and the linkage under the hood is not hooked up for the Carb but it starts runs ad goes into gear. The car looks like it spent most of its time in a garage and just got drove for special occassions. The carb that is on it is a Holley and I think he was trying to upgrade it but ran into the linkage issue i have misc parts and 3 carbs i will include with the car. Evaporative leaks have to do with fuel vapors and a smoke machine is used to find those leaks.
Has a very nice set of American Racing Aftermarket Wheels that are wrapped in a nice set of Michelin Tires that have a ton of tread life left. To check for engine vacuum leaks with a smoke machine, just find a vacuum hose that goes to the engine and attach the hose on the machine. When the smoke machine is turned on, smoke will enter the engine and help reveal the vacuum leak source. The black leather seats are in excellent condition on this car and show almost no wear at all.
It is common for some smoke to come out out certain areas without indicating a vacuum leak, so if you think you’ve found a leak with the smoke is best to double-check it to make sure.
I'm not sure if the back seats were ever sat in ;) The carpets look great and show almost no wear. You just won't find another one like this that is a blast to drive, is a convertible and gets great gas mileage. I took pictures of every detail of this car so you can get the full picture and know exactly what you are getting.
If there is any other questions or any other pictures you would like please let us know.Call anytime with questions….

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