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Changing the topic a bit, I wanted to show you how my crocheting scarf project is coming along. Here is the circular end I was talking about, it doesn't look that bad, but I have been crocheting in a circle (if that makes sense) instead of back and forth like a square.
Oh, and meeting up with a darling bloggy friend does the world of good if they live near you. Who would have thought an innocent gesture of goodwill could cause so much confusion among friends, family and associates?
Some things to consider before offering a cheek include how well you know the person, whether it is a business or social occasion, and your own motive behind the gesture. Usually the cheek kissing routine is between women and women and men and women, but there are regions in Italy, mostly in the south, where men greet one another with kisses on either cheek. Ironically, the number one situation most fraught with danger is when a foreigner meets a fellow expat. I remember the awful taste of some facial creams and suntan lotions, they have really put me off to the actually kissing of cheeks. WE BOUGHT A PLACE IN NORTHERN ITALY SEVEN YEARS AGO AND ONE OF THE THINGS ABOUT ITALY I LOVE IS HOW MEN HAVE NO FEAR OF SHOWING A SIMPLE BIT OF AFFECTION.
Some suggest that Italian women who wanted their men to sympathize with their suffering when brushing up against scruffy, unshaven beards started this. If the person is a friend, or a friend of a friend, do you stay with the custom of Italy or fall back on the etiquette of the homeland? Most people seems to be happy with the cheek-touch, with no need to have your lips actually touch the other person’s skin. It’s amazing to me after 16 years that I still have issues or questions with the Italian cheek kissing.
I don't know what made me think of this when I was driving home, but I got to thinking about kissing.I think it was partly because when Big Kisso and I briefly met I experienced many types of kisses. Not to make this difficult, but you may find that in some parts of Italy they start left cheek first and then right.

It’s probably safest to stay with the handshake until your relationship rises to the level of closeness that calls for kisses.
And then I spent two weeks in France … total confusion with the third pass at the first cheek. Ali is so genuine, darling, and full of energy, you really must check out her blog if you haven't! They particularly enjoy bestowing their kisses on close friends and family, but for new acquaintances (potential future friends), in business settings, and with strangers, a handshake is the greeting of choice. If your kiss includes a hug, make it brief, a few short taps on the back are appropriate, avoid pounding the back of the other person.
NewsSmriti Irani to celebrate Rakhi with Siachen Jawans.Life HealthTop 10 cosmetic surgeons in India Health10 Exercises to stay Fit and Healthy. MoviesDhoni Film Trailer, reveals a secret about Indian team you have… MoviesTop 10 Richest Actors in the World. Kiss on the Cheek –A non-controversial, healthy way of saying hello by loved ones, this kiss can be plantedA by anyone who is near and dear to you.
Your mom, your sister, your friends, just aboutA anyone who loves you and cares for you can show it through a simple peck on the cheek.If you have just started going out with someone and he kisses your cheek on the first orA second date, then, he likes you baby! Look forward to a real lip locker on the next date.*woohoo* Guys, here is a tip for you – Not sure if you should kiss her or not? The sweetest kiss of all, the Eskimo kiss involvesA kissing lightly on the tip of the nose.
Imagine looking into each other’s eyes, holdingA hands and suddenly one of you pulls in and kisses the forehead.
Not what one wouldA expect in a romantic moment but feels even more romantic when performed, theA forehead kiss is planted to show how much they love you and care for you!4.
Kiss of an Angel –An expression of warmth and a way of showing that he will be missed, an angel kiss isA the perfect way to send him on that trip abroad thinking about you. AA safe zone for new lovers when they are just starting to explore the new relationship, thisA kiss allows them to get comfortable without spooking their partner.6.

The French kissA involves some tongue action – easy to do but difficult to get it right! The Lip-biting Kiss –Reserved for the passionate and hot blooded, this kiss will run havoc in your emotionalA system.
Imagine your Bae grabbing you by the neck and kissing you – open-mouthed,A biting that lower lip and soothing it over with his tongue; never did pain feel soA wonderful! Now imagine your guyA sitting on the couch playing video games and you stand behind the sofa, lean in, pull hisA face up and just plant one on his lips. Kiss on the Neck –My favourite kind really, this kiss is a welcome breather from all the lip locking, andA quite literally! It’s an amazing feeling when a guy kisses your neck and leaves youA guessing about his intentions.
Walking on the road or sitting on the couch reading aA book, when you get a kiss on the neck from your lover, you will expect more and won’tA stop till you get it! ThereA is just something extra-gooey about your guy coming from behind and kissing the backA of your neck while holding you by the waist.10.
The Clandestine Kiss –A great way to take things forward without breaking the kiss, turn your regular FrenchA kiss into a clandestine lip lock. Start with a romantic French kiss and slowly runA your hands through his hair or hold her by the waist and whisper sweet nothings whileA kissing her. Having been bitten by the travel bug recently, I aim to discover more languages & places in the near future as I continue to do what I love most - writing. LifeTop Ten Greatest Authors Of All Time Others10 Amazing Facts About Planet Mars Life5 Facts about the giant Elephant Bird – Fascinating and Shocking Xerxes I kissed in all 10 ways before.

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