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If you use PowerPoint or Visio to create milestone reports, find out how using Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View instead can save you time and a lot of hassle. Detailed project schedules are great, but when it comes to communicating major milestones, phases, or tollgates to customers, executives, and even the project team, simplicity is key. Experienced project managers are familiar with the concept of a simple milestone chart or a high-level Gantt chart that depicts the project timeline. The Timeline View provides an overview of the project schedule and lets you select only the tasks and milestones that need to be communicated. When all the necessary tasks have been added to the Timeline View, you can use the Format menu to color-code the bars or change the way the tasks are displayed (Figure D).
If you are managing multiple projects within a program or a portfolio, you'll find the Copy Timeline feature useful when reporting status. As much I like Timeline View, I have one request that would enhance this feature: In the next version of Microsoft Project, I wish there was a way to display baseline milestone dates in addition to the current start and finish dates.
Hier findest Du unsere gesamte Auswahl an Jahreskalender 2015 zum Ausdrucken als PDF-Datei im handlichen A4 Format.
2 Versionen (Quer- und Hochformat) vom Jahreskalender 2015: Das ganze Jahr auf einer Seite. 2 Versionen (Quer- und Hochformat) vom Halbjahreskalender 2015: Jeweils 6 Monate auf einer Seite.
Fur alle, die eine Mini-Version von PLANDO nutzlich finden oder sich noch nicht an den richtigen PLANDO trauen.

Auf allen Kalendern haben wir nur die wichtigsten Feiertage und Events eingetragen, die in der ganzen Schweiz stattfinden (oder zumindest in fast der ganzen Schweiz mit einigen wenigen Ausnahmen). Despite all the project management systems, spreadsheets, and templates available to project managers, it is still easier to communicate a project timeline with pictures. Prior to Microsoft Project 2010, I always created a milestone chart using Microsoft PowerPoint or a drawing tool such as Microsoft Visio. This is very different from filtering the Gantt chart to display only the milestones and the summary tasks. I can also color-code the milestones or individual tasks to reflect complete, on schedule, at risk, or late milestones. After you click the Copy Timeline button, you can paste it into an email, presentation, or other document.
Andrew Makar is an IT program manager and is the author of How To Use Microsoft Project and Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy. Und wenn Dir die Kalender gefallen und Du sie nutzlich findest, dann teile diese Seite doch auf Facebook mit Deinen Freunden! Du erhaltst damit nur 1 Mail pro Jahr: Eine Erinnerung sobald die neuen Kalender fur das neue Jahr erhaltlich sind und was sich sonst noch so getan hat bei uns.
They act as an attractive way to advertise that your business has an ATM inside while improving the look of unsightly bollards in a cost-effective, smart way.
Developing a milestone chart in PowerPoint or Visio is an administrative challenge because each milestone needs to be adjusted and tweaked as the project schedule changes.

I can pick any summary task, milestone, or individual task and depict it in the Timeline View. Since the view is automatically created based on the project data, any changes in the dates are immediately reflected in the Timeline View. Mai (eher in reformierten Kantonen) nicht im Kalender eingetragen ist, obwohl es in einigen Kantonen gesetzliche Feiertage sind. I would waste a good hour moving milestone icons, adjusting dates, and changing the text to properly fit the custom milestone chart. I save a lot of time and develop a meaningful chart based on changing project schedule data.
Adding and removing tasks is simple, and the entire view can be copied and pasted into an email or status report.
By copying each timeline into a PowerPoint slide, additional dependencies can be drawn between milestones. Now I save myself a lot of hassle by using the Microsoft Project 2010 Timeline View (Figure A).

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