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Cascade’s ability to provide full design control for custom pages, in addition to custom fields, including text, WYSIWYG, drop-down menus, check boxes, and radial buttons, contributes to a faster and more efficient content creation process.
View the XML as outputted from the Data Definition, and write a corresponding XSLT Format to transform it to the desired output. Apply the format to the page’s DEFAULT region to transform the content (do not supply a block for the DEFAULT region, as the data definition XML is automatically placed there). See below for step-by-step instruction in creating Data Definitions, attaching Data Definitions, and applying Formats to Data Definitions. Navigate to the container in which the new data definition will be stored, or create a new container. Parent Container – This value will be set to the current container, but can be changed if desired by clicking on the chooser icon. When creating Data Definitions, users have the option to either use the drag and drop Data Definition builder, or to build them from scratch using XML. File Upload – As an alternative to entering content in the XML field, data definition XML content may be entered here. Click the Edit tab, and select the Configurations pane to display available configurations. The page will be visible, except the XML data from the data definition has been transformed into standard HTML and output in the default region.
When the Country "United States" is selected, a "5 digit zip code" field could be revealed whereas when "Canada" is selected, a "6 character postal code" field could be shown.
Groups of fields can also be progressively disclosed, which would result in the group being hidden by default unless a specific value is selected.
As a Format writer, you may also need to check the values of fields you're using to reveal other fields. Microsoft keyboard lable this key as “Backspace” together with a long left arrow “?” printed beneath it.
Just copy and paste this snippet of JavaScript code into your website or blog to put the live Demonstration on your site.

The format that makes Demonstrations (and any information) easy to share and interact with. Note: Your message & contact information may be shared with the author of any specific Demonstration for which you give feedback.
Deleting the File from Cascade Server will result in this field being empty (no File selected). If entering XML to construct a Data Definition, the edit-area syntax highlighter will be on by default. Applying a Data Definition directly to a page is deprecated in favor of using Content Types.Smarter Forms with Smart FieldsSmart Fields allow you to configure Data Definitions that dynamically reveal and hide fields or groups of fields depending on previously entered values. For a particular field or group of fields, if any rules exist to show the field when another field's value is selected, then the field or group of fields will be hidden when viewing the form unless that value is specified.
There is text below fields affected by Smart Field rules explaining when these fields will appear.
If the "Country" field has no value selected, both "5 digit zip code" and "6 character postal code" fields could be hidden. In the example above, we could have an "Include Address?" checkbox with the "Country" show-field selected.
In the example above, the "Country", "5 digit zip code" and "6 character postal code" fields could be inside of "Address" group. Using the example above, if only the "Address" group is configured to appear for an in-context editing region and the "Show Address?" checkbox is not, the "Address" group will be always visible - i.e.
For example, a field such as the "Country" dropdown mentioned above may have a value set but may not be shown due to the fact that "Include address?" is not checked. This is standard Unicode symbol for the Alt key, but is rarely used as a label on keyboard nor in documentation. The conceptual relationship to the constituent atomic orbitals is shown in a schematic energy diagram.
This can be useful for long forms where some fields are only needed if a particular field value is specified in a different field.

This would automatically cause the "Country" field, "5 digit zip code" and "6 character postal code" fields to be hidden by default when the "Show Address?" checkbox is unchecked, even if the "Country" field has a default value selected.
Then, the "Include Address?" checkbox could have the "Address" group selected as a show-field. If a user attempts to edit a Data Definition-based asset without filling in the required fields, an error message is generated specifying which field data is missing. However, please note, doing so will only turn the advanced editor off for that single use of the editor.
One common example of this is a set of fields for contact information which should only be visible if the user has selected to include contact information on the page. This is because for the Smart Field rules, hidden fields count as if they had no value selected. This allows you to create conditionally required and conditionally validated fields in Data Definitions.Smart Fields and Rendered Structured DataSmart Field rules do not affect the rendered structured data content that appears on pages or in index blocks.
Predefined content types, called Data Definitions can be easily replicated across sites, using a different style for each.
Apple, currently also use this symbol to indicate Control key, in menu and in documentation.
The bond order of a molecule is defined as the number of electrons occupying bonding MOs minus the number occupying antibonding MOs, all divided by 2, to coincide with the conventional chemical definition of single, double, and triple bonds. This is important when writing Formats because you can assume all fields will always be visible.
The molecules and have bond orders equal to 0, and exist only as weakly-associated van der Waals dimers.

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