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Classic Industries offers 1971 Camaro parts, 1971 Camaro interior parts and soft trim, 1971 Camaro exterior sheet metal, 1971 Camaro moldings, 1971 Camaro emblems, 1971 Camaro weatherstrips and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation. Reproduction of the original 2 piece SS emblem for 1969-72 Camaro models with a 350 or 396 engine.
Restore your classic to it's original condition with Classic Industries® correct reproduction air cleaner decals.
Correct reproduction of the original Positraction decal installs on the RH indentation on the inner trunk lid. This is a reproduction of the original "C" script lettered header panel emblem that features the word "CAMARO" in capital letters below the script C.
To quickly recap from parts 1 and 2, during the early 1990s, ABS brakes where the most advanced braking technology for cars.
Initial models of the electronic stability control began appearing in 1995, in the form of the dynamic stability control.
Bosch then built the Dynamic Stability Control system that was similar to the DSC but a little more advanced.

The DSC was capable of taking each wheels’ speeds and pressures at 50 times per second and was designed to remain active whether the driver applied the brakes or not. The dynamic system control was more similar to the principles used on the ABS brakes but were more advanced since the sensors installed on the vehicle’s wheels also helped to avert over steer while applying brakes when attacking bends at high speed. A year later, Mercedes unveiled the even more sophisticated electronic stability program (ESP); it was installed to the S600 that also had a V12 engine and outrageous amounts of power.
ABOUT DBADisc Brakes Australia is an Australian owned manufacturer, designer and global marketer of after-market and OE disc brake rotors.
This speed nut set can be utilized for many of the emblems that don't include attaching nuts. Correct to the finest detail, including mirror-like mylar chrome and features original style red and blue lettering. If the driver hit the brakes hard enough, the DSC system would engage after the sensors signaled the pivot point. Later the system was also installed to the BMW 850Ci, which was popular for its V12, 5.4-liter engine that gave the vehicle unprecedented power.

The DCS also took readings from the suspension and steering and could detect major changes or stresses on different parts of the vehicle to determine if the amount of forces were dangerous towards losing control before taking automated countered measures. This helped manage each wheel and its braking capacity and also made sure the vehicle remained stable without locking up the wheels.
It was linked to a simple computer, which controlled and managed traction and stability of the vehicle while braking or taking on bends at high speed. The DSC system was mainly built around the braking system and used the brakes to keep the vehicle stabilize. The stability control program had automatic torque reduction if the vehicle is taking a turn too fast and began losing stability.
The difference between the two was the Mercedes ESP was individually linked to each wheel, which had an independent suspension to improve traction and stability.

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