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Once you’ve installed, you can proceed further to install NRPE agent on your Remote Linux host.
Note: The NRPE addon requires that Nagios Plugins must be installed on the remote Linux machine. To use the NRPE, you will need to do some additional tasks on both the Nagios Monitoring Host and Remote Linux Host that the NRPE installed on. We assume that you are installing the NRPE on a host that supports TCP wrappers and Xinted daemon installed on it.
Please use the below instructions to install Nagios Plugins and NRPE daemon on the Remote Linux Host. We need to install required libraries like gcc, glibc, glibc-common and GD and its development libraries before installing. Check for the errors in the system log files for about xinetd or nrpe and fix those problems. Make sure that the Firewall on the local machine will allow the NRPE daemon to be accessed from remote servers.
Run the following command to Save the new iptables rule so it will survive at system reboots.

The default NRPE configuration file that got installed has several command definitions that will be used to monitor this machine. The following are the default command definitions that are located at the bottom of the configuration file.
Make sure that the check_nrpe plugin can communicate with the NRPE daemon on the remote Linux host. Make sure your firewall isn’t blocking the communication between the remote host and the monitoring host. Make sure that the remote Linux host firewall rules blocking the monitoring server from communicating to the NRPE daemon. Now open hosts.cfg file and add the default host template name and define remote hosts as shown below.
It seems that your Nagios NRPE plugin installation was not successful, thats the reason you getting such error, I suggest you to try the installation again and see. The installation instructions are already step-by-step, just follow carefully and install it properly..
The error is clear that the connection id refusing, you need to open the port 5666 on the firewall to function properly..

Do we need to install NRPE and Nagios Plugins in both of the Nagios monitor server and remote linux system? NRPE and Nagios plugins in Nagios monitoring server and only NRPE plugin is enough on remote Linux server. In this article we will show you how to add Remote Linux machine and it’s services to Nagios Monitoring host using NRPE agent. This NRPE add-on allows Nagios to monitor any local resources like CPU load, Swap, Memory usage, Online users, etc. Finally, you’ve successfully installed and configured NRPE agent on the Remote Linux Host. After all, these local resources are not mostly exposed to external machines, an NRPE agent must be installed and configured on the remote machines.

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