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Well, they actually might be, according to a list and video compiled by paranormal and UFO site Before It’s News. Nigel Watson, paranormal expert and author of the UFO Investigations Manual, ‘Would time travelers from the future really be using cell phones?
This footage is part of a DVD extra, and sparked the kind of impassioned debate you can only find in YouTube comments. The story of Rudolph Fentz is certainly pretty strange – he was run over in Time Square in New York, with pockets full of 19th Century money and documents. suggests that the idea came from a 1951 sci fi story, and Rudolph Fentz is, sadly, a fiction.
Did American Air Force experiments lead to a ‘hole ripped in space and time’ in 1983? British Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard claimed to have travelled forward in time in 1935 – seeing a vision of an airfield as it would be in the future. It should be pointed out that Goddard, in later life, became a big UFO fan who lectured on the subject. MoreNews Man punched 4-month-old daughter to death to stop her 'baby talking' while he watched TVWahey!

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