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Like a bunch of European cars in the post-war era, the 700 featured a rear-mounted engine that powered the rear wheels. Inside, the interior has a minimalist deco-mod vibe, with a matching body color dashboard and neatly detailed steering wheel. The 700 rescued BMW and provided much needed sales of 188,000 units, breathing new life into the company and guaranteeing them a future in the auto making business. Feel free to submit cars you find or any comments, questions, or suggestions you have by emailing here.We'd also like to hear from you if you eventually purchased any of the vehicles spotlighted here.Thank you for reading! If the item is currently unavaiable, enter Your e-mail address below and You will receive automatic notification when it is back in stock!
The layout was front-engine and rear-wheel drive powered by a 2.3-litre inline turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that, when mated to a 5-speed manual transmission such as in this car, produced up to 175 horsepower, which is decent for a compact from 1987. The seller states the vehicle has only had one-owner and that the very low 42,774 miles are original. Fortunately this one has definitely been in the hands of either someone that cared very much about it, or someone that didn't use it much. There is no real value in the XR4Ti and nobody expects them to rise, though I am sure they will someday in the distant future. Find it here on ebay in Philadelphia, PA, with active bidding up to $2,225 and only 2 days left.
Prostitution is legal in Pablo Escobar’s old hometown, but pimping is not—and according to police Colombia Jake was pimping little girls. The car ran with a black, red, and gold German flag scheme at the 1978 race with Gebhardt and Grimbold, but looked like this when Steve Earle (of Monterey Historics fame) co-drove it in 1979.

Although the grille-less front is slightly off-putting, the overall shape is nicely handled. Building upon the microcar 600 chassis, the 700 was actually BMW's last economy car before they produced the Mini Cooper, and the last one with their name on it. We teach you how to wash them, Drop Down, Flip Down, Overhead clean them, fix them, drive them, and we have every used part you will ever need for your M3! We do not guarantee or imply any warranty and are not responsible for any outcome of any sale or non-sale.
The dashboard is un-pretentious and deliciously bland, and is more '80s American than '80s European, but has held up well, mainly due to the fact it's wholly more functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing than American interiors of the '70s. The seller states the car has no known defects, with a starting engine and smooth shifting transmission. Low miles, excellent condition, manual transmission, good year in two-tone metallic burgundy and grey plastic.
It was restored in 1993 to its 1979 look by the seller who is currently representing the car.
Fortunately, with the balance and handling that a rear-engine provides, coupled with a relatively low curb weight of just 1,500 lbs., these were capable little cruisers, and were also used in motorsport racing.
Note the ever-so-slight tail fins, rare from European cars, who were never keen on the American styling cue. Untouched cars with patina are all the rage these days, but a complete restoration is still nice, especially if it means life or death of the vehicle. The New Class cars of the late 60s had a better profit margin and moved the whole brand upscale.

The grille-less front takes getting used to, but the overall shape is nicely proportioned, and the rear quarter window is something rarely, if ever seen on vehicles. 42,464 were made, and, with '87 still fresh in people's minds, they have a cult-following here, so some owners keep them preserved. They are a relic of the '80s that failed not because they were a bad machine, but because they were marketed poorly by humans.
How many other cars are turbocharged rear-wheel drive hatchbacks with leather seats and a stick-shift? After the restoration it made its debut at the 1993 Monterey Historics and now races with VARA and HSR West. The compact "bathtub" proportions, thin pillars and plentiful greenhouse glass are signs of good things to come from BMW, however. The double-decker bi-plane rear spoiler was also-controversial, but when they toned it down for a single level spoiler in the final year or two, the double-decker was somewhat missed.
Why they couldn't just be honest about it and call it what it was - a Ford - is one of automotive history's minor follies.
But it was unusual, looked good, and harkened to the car's distant rally cousins in Europe.
The individual throttle bodies on many of the BMW M engines help to give it a track-inspired look even though it is a street engine.

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