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Fuller did get a chance to ask William Shatner if he could undo Captain Kirk’s death, would he tell continuing stories with the character?
Dani Mathers is the former Playboy playmate of the year, who brought upon herself the hate of users around the world. The 29-year-old shared the image of the naked lady on her Story along with a photo of her face with her hand over her mouth. In other words, she wanted her thousands of followers to ‘endure’ what she witnesses at LA Fitness. Some in defense of Mathers, (not really) seem to think people in gym showers and frankly everywhere, should cover up!

Days after the now infamous photo, she is still nowhere to be found, on social media at least.
After she realized the magnitude of her screw-up, Mathers deleted the image and said she posted it by accident because she is ‘new to Snapchat.’ Ohm, didn’t she added the caption as well –which goes to show her Snapchat skills. No matter how she tries to cover it up, bottom line is what she did was downright wrong, and people won’t let it slipped specially since she is a famous person. Dani Mathers might think she is hot, and she is don’t get us wrong, but let us remind her we are all in the same road and karma forbids, she ends up depressed, fat and oh well, old. Los Angeles, Aug 2 : Singer Britney Spears has revealed that she has "never" met "Bad blood" hitmaker Taylor Swift.

During a radio interview about the person she would prefer to be accompanied on a 24-hour flight with, Spears said: "I don't know! You know, because there is zero privacy in these golden days anymore and anyone with a camera (like Mathers) could end up posting your backside online for everyone to see. Dani Mathers disappeared by deleting her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and this could be the brightest move she’s done following her poor attempt of an apology.

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