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This JDM Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck is bagged low to the ground on a set of Advan AVS Model 5 JDM Wheels. The Advan AVS Model 5 is a High Performance Light Weight JDM wheel, it is pretty rare to see them on anything but a performance oriented car, more or less on a Toyota Hilux. A clean and trick Air Bag Setup, the overall work on this truck is really nice and detailed. I saw pictures of this Slammed Toyota Pickup while browsing pics on Tumblr and I cant stop looking at it. Under the hood is a set of Weber DCOE Dual Side Draft Carbs mounted to the venerable 22R engine. This truck sits on a nice set of BIM DriftMaster Wheels, I don’t see a lot of those around. I love JDM wheels on Pickup Trucks, I even have one myself; its a look that has always done it for me. Many trucks on the net have that bagged layin frame minitruck look, this 1987 Toyota Pickup from Los Angeles does it different.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This week we are pleased to tell you about the latest innovation from our development team to provide geometry adjustment for the ever popular Volkswagen PQ35 platform. This part is 1 piece of metal contoured (pressed) to the exact shape of the front of your hood.
ESE Tuning is dedicated to providing you the best customer service and highest quality knowledge of the German aftermarket industry. Fresh dark red paint, a nice drop and some freshly finished Crown Victoria Mesh wheels make it a real looker. Anyone that runs these knows they arent cheap, but sound great and have awesome throttle response.
Due to pickup trucks not being as common over there and the crazy builds we have over here, owners take special interest in them. The front end of this truck features a 4 runner front end with flush headlights and vented lower front valance, just like many trucks over here.

The rear features a smooth USDM spec bed which has a smooth top area and no tie down hooks. This JDM Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck is pictured at the Truck Masters 2012 show in Kansai Japan. The Racing Hart Type CR is a now discontinued JDM wheel that was fitted to many luxury rides of its day, but really fits well on this truck.
Full Tube Chassis custom from the ground up everything, even the body has been massaged to the right proportions to give, not to mention least of things the stance is perfect on this Toyota Truck. You can find our most recent articles to the right or look through some of our older articles using the link below. It is also refreshing to see a different front end than the popular bumper swap from the newer model hilux.

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