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Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is a sequence of 17 characters containing numbers and alphabets. We have an active database that is being updated daily with data from various publicly available sources. The Florida DMV bill of sale form allows a person that owns a motor vehicle to sell to another individual or entity for a purchase price. Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV's processes. To register your car with the MS DOR, you'll need to go in person to your local tax collector's office with your vehicle title, driver's license, an odometer reading, your VIN, and payment for your registration fee. Mississippi license plates are required for all new residents and newly purchased vehicles. Payment to cover MS vehicle registration fees (see “Mississippi Vehicle Registration Fees" below).
If you purchase a new or used vehicle from a dealership, the dealer will submit your title and registration forms for you.
If you buy a vehicle – new or used – from a MS dealership, you may buy a temporary tag, or what is also called a drive out tag.
Proof of car insurance is not a MS car registration requirement though you are required to carry vehicle insurance. NOTE: If the vehicle is gifted to you, there are no additional requirements to follow during registration.
If you sell a vehicle you must remove the plates and surrender them to your local county tax collector. You may transfer specialty license plates provided the other vehicle is in your name and of the same type (you can't, for example, transfer a passenger vehicle plate to a motorcycle).
Mississippi does not offer any vehicle registration exemptions or waivers for most resident military members residing in the state. Give documentation of your disability to the clerk when registering your vehicle, and request Disabled Veteran plates in lieu of standard Mississippi license plates. The state does not offer any registration exemptions or grace periods for resident military members while stationed out of state. If you're an out-of-state military member stationed in Mississippi, you do not have to obtain Mississippi license plates. If you decide to register your vehicle in Mississippi, you will be exempt from paying ad valorem taxes.

You do not have to apply for a Mississippi vehicle registration certificate if you're an out-of-state student studying at a Mississippi college or university. MS vehicle registration fees are based on the vehicle's model year, your county of residence, and other individual factors. If you lose your registration certificate, or it is damaged or stolen, you must replace it immediately. After passing the inspection, you'll be given a certificate of inspection, which must be displayed on lower left-hand corner of your vehicle's windshield. When applying for a Mississippi vehicle registration certificate, you'll be given a wide option of license plates to choose from, including standard plates, vanity or personalized plates, and specialty plates. Jump over to our License Plates & Placards page for detailed information on your plate options and fees. If your license plate is lost, stolen, or damaged to the extent that it's illegible, you're responsible for replacing it immediately. Should your plates expire while your vehicle is not in use, you will be charged registration renewal late fees unless you can prove the vehicle had been non-operational. If you can't provide proof, it's best to renew the plates regardless, even if you have no plans to drive the vehicle in the immediate future. Before your car has expired tags, you'll need to complete your license plate sticker renewal. I acknowledge that is a privately-owned Web site that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. is a privately owned website that is not owned or operated by any state government agency. The West Virginia bill of sale is a legal document used for the purchase of a boat, trailer, or vehicle between a purchaser and seller. If you frequent our little website, you might have noticed some downtime, and a different theme. There are many reasons why someone would look for a mechanic; You might be buying a new car or you need your current car looked at and fixed. The Shelby models listed are the high-performance GT350 models expected, which we recently saw appear in Ford’s dealer promo order system [see screenshot]. The payment and transfer of vehicle possession should take place on the same day the bill of sale is signed. The date you see here reflects the most recent time we've verified this information with your state DMV.

Below you'll find information you need to help with the Mississippi vehicle registration process.
It's always wise to confirm before exiting the dealership that this arrangement is in place. You must register the vehicle within 7 business days of the purchase date, 9 business days if you purchased the vehicle in a different county from your county of residence. If your MS plates are due to expire, you may have someone other than yourself renew them for you. Some of the base fees and taxes are listed below, but you will need to contact your local tax collector office to determine your specific rate.
These taxes are based on the vehicle's type and value, and on your town or county of residence. No outside verbal agreements will hold up in the court of law so it is best to write the complete transaction details in the form. You can transfer a specialty plate and registration from one vehicle to another, but standard plates cannot be transferred.
Until we’re completely done with our redesign though, we appreciate your patience and support.
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