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I came across this article highlighting dashboard lights as ‘Idiot’ lights, and realized how dumb that these dashboard indicators really are.
Engine Temperature light is often on the dashboard with an engine temperature gauge, if it enters the red zone, your engine is too hot. Low Tire Pressure light tells you when the pressure drops to 25% below the specified cold inflation pressure. Brake light warns you when you are driving with your parking brake on OR if the brake fluid level is low.
Supplement Restraint System light alerts you when the supplemental restraints have an issue. Maintenance light reminds you to take your car into the shop for its scheduled maintenance. Car connectivity, advanced driver safety and infotainment features are moving beyond the luxury class and are fast becoming the new battleground for product differentiation in the highly competitive automotive market.
Most people have lost track of all the gadgets that rely on Wi-Fi technology to connect to other devices or the Internet. Inside a vehicle, Wi-Fi is such a game changer that analysts expect eight-fold growth in Wi-Fi enabled applications by 2019. Drivers can use a smart mobile device to check remotely on their car’s location, gas levels and mileage—and that same device can receive alerts on vehicle performance and diagnostics. With the recent introduction of 5G WiFi, based on the latest 802.11ac standard, drivers and passengers can easily sync and stream content from mobile devices to the car’s infotainment system and rear-seat displays. Bluetooth Smart Ready technology, which allows products to sip power at an incremental rate, will play a vital role in enabling connectivity between the car and wearable tech with the ability to monitor biometric indicators including driver fatigue, blood alcohol content and glucose levels. Nissan recently introduced its Nismo Smartwatch, capable of monitoring vehicle speeds and fuel consumption along with driver biometrics. NFC technology usually associated with mobile payments or contactless transactions also holds great promise for use in automotive. Drivers have been enjoying the driver assist features of GNSS satellite navigational systems for years, although they are most familiar with the earlier term GPS. With in-car GNSS, drivers have access to routing based on real-time traffic conditions, audible driving directions with text-to-speech, and Internet connectivity for points-of-interest searches. Some systems enhance safety with heads up display, delivering information from mobile devices to the windshield, keeping drivers focused on the road. GNSS technology is also the magician behind advanced security products like LoJack® that help police recover stolen vehicles. The call for affordable, high bandwidth in-car connectivity was answered by Ethernet, the widely deployed solution that has given the world high performance  network reliability for decades. Deployment of low-cost Automotive Ethernet also means that high-end features such as infotainment and advanced driver assistance system features like surround-view parking, rear-view cameras and lane departure warning can be deployed in a much broader range of vehicles – beyond the luxury class. This paper describes a method of determining the exact amount of current a wire can carry without damaging the insulation.

Please note that the HPI check shows the information for the bike when it was offered to us for sale, and as such it's possible that there will be outstanding finance showing. This superb example of Honda's CBR600F is ABS equipped and has done less than 4000 miles so unsurprisingly its condition is outstanding.
Installed with a genuine Honda, factory colour-coded, rear-wheel hugger with integrated chain guard to protect the shock absorber and underside. With the all important addition of a pair of R&G Racing's Aero shaped frame slider mushrooms in place offering protection from drop damage.
Fitted with a carbon-fibre effect tank protector from the outset, the bikes high gloss deep metallic paintwork is impeccable. Reasonably priced at under £5k it really is a well presented and great value for money offering. The Honda Happiness Tailored Service Plan is an affordable annual servicing package for bikes two years or older. There are just over 48k miles on the clock of this lovely clean and tidy example of Honda's innovative NC700D Integra. Installed with a handy RAM mounting kit for the instant fitting of a satellite navigation unit on the handle bars. The Integra gives a great return on its fuel economy of over 70 miles per gallon along with being easy to ride with its automatic DCT gear system. Finished in the glorious Candy Graceful Red Metallic it looks stunning, especially in the direct sunlight.
Back in the day, dashboards had analog gauges which told you if something was wrong with your car. You should pull over immediately and turn off the engine, check the oil level, and have the vehicle towed to a shop for diagnosis.
You should pull over and if steam is coming from under the hood, or antifreeze is leaking, something is not right. If your tire is flat, you’ll have to change it with a spare, or if you think it is safe enough to drive, fill it to its specified pressure. You may not notice any difference, but if you ignore it, you may damage your control system. This becomes active when you are driving too fast for the traction, usually happens in extreme weather conditions. Analysts predict that by 2025, 100 percent of new cars will offer some form of connectivity1 and automakers are looking to the latest technologies to deliver the advanced features consumers demand.
Wi-Fi technology also enables seamless streaming of content from mobile devices to the car’s infotainment system and rear-seat display. 5G WiFi also enables high-speed connectivity beyond the vehicle, serving Internet and cloud content via LTE telematics or directly from a Hot Spot connection. The revolutionary secret behind Bluetooth Smart is the ability to link a smart mobile device to wireless hardware—using miniscule battery power.

Nismo is equipped with a heart rate monitor that tracks the wearer’s pulse and compares it to their current speed, providing similar biometric technology to the kind used by race car drivers. One of the most immediate applications for NFC is easier pairing between the car and mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Automotive components supplier Continental is currently testing this technology on a fleet of electric rental vehicles. While GNSS-enabled smartphones are gaining in popularity, standalone navigation systems are sporting more features than ever before. In a recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, drivers using GNSS navigators experience less stress, feel safer, have more control, are more alert, and travel more efficiently. Automotive Ethernet is fully optimized for in-car use, delivering 100 Mbps bandwidth at a much lower cost and lighter weight than traditional automotive cabling.
These values can then be used to automate fusing strategy, ensuring proper protection of all circuits.
This enables us to offer help and advice on the many different finance & insurance products available, including new bike guarantee extensions, used bike warranties and GAP insurance, we may even be able to help you negotiate a better deal on your bike insurance.
If you would like to know more about how this model’s specification differs in comparison to earlier or newer models please ask a member of our staff on 020 8668 8851 or contact us here.
You will find that it offers a host of information from the latest New Honda Motorcycles to our fully inclusive Used Motorcycles listings along with images and lots more. If you don't see what it is you are after then do drop us a line we will be more than happy to help.
Turn off as many electrical accessories in your car as possible, and don’t turn it off once you get it on.
Syncing devices with the car will be as simple as tapping the mobile device to the integrated sensor inside the vehicle.
A mobile app also allows users to select and reserve a rental vehicle, book a spot at a car-charging station, and locate their vehicle. Ask a member of staff for more information or use our online tailored service plan calculator.
Whenever we see one, we freak out and have to look up what it means in the manual, because it is nearly impossible to memorize every indicator and their meaning.
We work with a number of carefully selected credit providers who may be able to offer you finance for your purchase. Even though they are less expensive than gauges, they are definitely more confusing to the driver.

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