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All EC states must comply with a Directive to ensure that vehicles using public roads are mechanically safe and operate within emissions limits.
The MOT is designed to examine some important safety and emissions aspects of your car's operation to see that they meet certain legal requirements at the time of the Test. As a result of this, in 1960 the then Ministry of Transport under the direction of the Minister of Transport Mr Ernest Marples decided that all vehicles over ten years old should have their brakes, lights and steering checked every year. Over the years the MOT Test has been extended and expanded to the comprehensive examination which is today’s MOT Test. A significant development of the MOT has resulted from Britain being members of the European Union.
You can now look up the entire test history of any car in the UK just using its registration number.
It tells you the mileage each year as well as why the car failed its MOT and any faults that might become a problem in future. Or if you sold a car and are curious about what happened to it, you can find out if it’s still driving around or if its road-faring days were numbered. It means you can check out any advisories given with the MOT in previous years even if none appear on the most recent – so it could save people a lot of heartache checking out used cars on eBay or Autotrader.
You can also find out general information about cars by searching the registration number here. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons to cut petrol prices, but as campaigners ask 'who is fleecing the motorist' should costs be lower? Welcome to our second instalment looking at handy online tools out there that make buying and selling your car that bit easier. If you're looking at buying your next car, not only is this tool great for checking whether or not it has a valid MOT certificate, but it also tells you what's gone wrong with the car in the past and what may need to be repaired in future. You'll be show your vehicle details at the top of the page followed by the full MOT history of the car. Note that you can only get test results as far back as 2005 and some MOT test results for recently transferred personalised registrations aren’t available. Did you know there is a maximum fee that MOT test stations can charge depending on the type of car? If it's not great news and your car fails its MOT, and it's going to be too expensive to repair, then you can always sell or scrap it with us! Standard rate applies (as per 01 or 02 numbers and is usually included in any free minutes). It was tested and given a pass in June 2015, then retested in July 2015 and failed, to then pass again shortly after.
Can anyone think of a reason why a car would need to be retested when it has a valid certificate? I know I got pulled, and when they checked the car it had ran out of water (that bloody day too) so I got a fine and had to get some sort of mini MOT done and handed back to the police.

I know some garages (but obviously not all) put a fresh MOT on the car when they get it, just to check everything before it's sold on. I would guess something along the lines of this given it's quite common for someone to have something done to a car whilst in at a garage for an MOT. Edit :- Was likely stopped and given 7 days to rectify and proove or mot would be invalidated and didn't do so.
Looking at the reason I'd agree with others, it was probably pulled over for having silly lights and made to be tested. In mainland Britain, cars and light commercial vehicles must be Tested when they are three years old (except for taxis) and annually thereafter (this varies throughout the EC). Passing the MOT does not indicate that the vehicle will remain roadworthy until the next Test in a year's time.
As a result there were numerous vehicles being used on the road which were potentially dangerous. All vehicle Testing is now decided by EU Directives which set minimum standards for vehicle testing in member states.
It will tell you everything from when its MOT certificate expires to the engine size, colour and how much CO2 it emits. Check the colours match on every panel of the carIf there is variation in the shades a€“ even very subtle differences - this normally tells you the car has been worked on. Check the reflections on the body of the car are not warped It can be hard to spot small dents in some lights a€“ but looking at the reflections on a car can help. Check the sat nav could get you homeIf the car has an integrated sat nav system, make sure it works.
Spot a car that could end up smellingLift up the mats in the car to check for cigarette burns or dents from high heels.
You can check out the maximum MOT costs on the website as well as loads of other handy information about Getting an MOT. You can find out instantly how much your old car is worth so you can weigh up your options easier. There’s a choice to drop your car off locally or car collection and all of the legal paperwork is sorted for you. The only thing I can think of is a retest after a write off, however I believe that it's HPI clear. The individual requests the MOT first then requests some kind of modfication to be fitted afterwards. Significantly since the 1990s has been the development of highly sophisticated emissions Testing for vehicles with catalytic converters fitted.
Each state can, however, decide to install more stringent vehicle Testing regulations in their own domestic regulations under the EU principle of subsidiary. Although ita€™s often the most expensive purchase most of us make a€“ after a home a€“ many of us do not know the tricks to ensure we're in the driving seat when it comes to negotiating a good price. Do not get in the driversa€™ seata€?Once theya€™ve got you in the driversa€™ seat, the salesmana€™s job is nearly done,a€™ says Rich.

Ask for the car to be driven out so that you can stand at least two metres away from it on all sides. Make sure the disc is present, enter your home postcode and make sure it would get you there.9. In many EU countries, for example, Testing is carried out every two years – the basic EU minimum, whereas in Britain it is on an annual basis. If the paint is chipped on the bolts, it means the panels may have been modified in some way. Make sure lights including the airbag light and anti-lock braking light come on briefly and then turn off again when you turn the key. Check the air conditioning - even if it's winterUnderstandably, some people forget to do this if ita€™s the middle of winter. You’ll have the chance to look through a vast history (depending on the age of the car) of MOT’s including the “Advisory Items” and the “Failure Items.”The purpose of carrying out this check is so you can see what the car has failed on.
Sometimes bulbs are taken out so the light doesna€™t turn on at all a€“ or are blocked out by a piece of dark insulation tape so watch out.
Use a 20p piece to check the depth a€“ inset the coin into one of the grooves a€“ the edge of the coin is 3mm deep so it should be easy to see. It is true that the minimum legal requirement for tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, but tyres are costly to replace a€“ and once ita€™s your car ita€™ll be you forking out, so you should make sure you wona€™t be doing it any time soon.
These are often carried out by enthusiasts rather than professionals, and can cause you problems later on. Therefore, the car could still be classed as roadworthy without the advised parts actually being replaced.What this means for you is possible expense, not too far down the road. Items that were advised but not replaced will surely come up as failures on the very next MOT!If this is the case you’ll need to know roughly how much they’re gonna cost to replace in the future.A typical advisory item might be a CV joint or lower suspension arm.
Depending on the vehicle, such parts can cost in excess of ?200 to replace, when you include labour and VAT.Beware of advisories for tyres and brakes. We know that the tyres are the only part of the car that’s actually in contact with the road.“Do you really want to take risks here? I highly recommend that you get them replaced.Low or thin brake pads, or warped discs can impede driving, especially on wet or iced roads.
Tip: If you’re buying from a dealers insist that they include a 12 month MOT as part of the deal.
Any dealer worth its salt will surely agree to such a reasonable request?But – Take it one step further and insist that the MOT be delivered with no advisories!

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