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Gas prices and electricity prices vary, often very significantly, based on where you live in the country. The only way to be sure you are getting the best deal is to find out which electricity and gas suppliers are available in your area and the prices that they offer. Find cheaper energy for your business with the help of our trusted team of independent experts.
We also run campaigns such as The Big Switch 2011 to actively engage consumers and promote our helpline. Apart from the big 6 energy companies there are others you could try to get a quote from to see if their tariffs are any cheaper.
Most people in the UK are on standard tariffs so it’s why to have a list of electricity suppliers and gas providers so you can either go to their websites for information or use a price comparison website.
These are the companies you would have heard of either because they are your incumbent supplier, you have heard of them through TV advertising of some kind or have switched to them to reduce your energy bills.
British Gasare the UK’s traditional gas supply company and also provide competitive electricity tariffs and prices available for every home and business in the UK.
Southern Electric and Scottish Power are part of the massive Scottish and Southern group and both have great discounted online plans including the go direct tariffs.
Eonwas formally known as Powergen and have some of the cheapest tariffs in the UK and you can earn Tesco clubcard points as well.
These are known as the big six energy suppliers for gas and electricity in the UK but there are other companies you can elect to have your energy from. If you are paying a standard tariff for your energy then you will be guaranteed to be saving money by switching to any of the companies above and paying by direct debit.
Switchwise is a free, independently owned electricity and gas comparison and supplier switching service for consumers.

Thanks to the introduction of competition into the energy industry across many Australian States and Territories, the majority of households in Australia can now select which companies they want to provide their gas and electricity supply. This competition has led to suppliers competing to win your business, either through lower prices or better products and customer service. Switchwise was created to help consumers easily compare a wide range of rates and products across energy providers and even to switch to many of these suppliers online.
However, to be able to offer a free service Switchwise has entered into agreements with many gas and electricity suppliers (see the list here). We apply calculations consistently; our agreements do not influence how costs and savings are calculated. Our agreements with suppliers are also important in ensuring that Switchwise is able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date tariff information available and that the switching process operates as smoothly as possible.
Switchwise is the brainchild of Shaun Johnson, who founded the company and serves as its CEO. Until January 2011, Switchwise was backed by Netus, a highly experienced Australian technology investment company.
Stingy Sydney is a resource to help Sydneysiders save money, big or small, and hopefully have some fun while doing so! Energy suppliers charge different amounts, and can even offer different tariffs and payment methods depending on your postcode. Most of the standard prices are very similar and they all have special online deals and fixed term discounts that could reduce your bills even further. They tend to be the first to cut and also increase prices and have recently been extremely competitive with pricing and discounted tariff options.
Tariff options vary greatly and the difference between the very cheapest and the most expensive can be around ?800 based on all scenarios.

Switchwise is an easy to use service that helps consumers find a better deal on electricity and gas supplies.
However, comparing suppliers can be quite difficult due to the complexity of electricity and gas prices and the large number and variety of plans on offer. Under these agreements, Switchwise is entitled to receive a commission when a customer successfully switches supplier using our website or call centre. It’s always best to include British Gas in your shopping list when looking for energy prices.
On each website the company must declare their fuel mix so you’ll be able to see how much electricity is coming from traditional sources and how much (and more precisely exactly where) renewable green energy is sourced from. So whoever you are using at the moment, especially if you are paying by cheque or cash then you should go onto your favourite price comparison website to find the cheapest electricity and gas suppliers for your postcode today.
Switchwise can also help you find cheap gas and electricity connections when you move home. This commission is paid to Switchwise by the new supplier and is NOT passed on to you, the customer. The Netus team has significant experience in the online market, with its management team having launched leading online brands such as Ninemsn, eBay, Ticketek and Expedia in Australia.

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