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Got some extra time on your hands and looking for creative ways to up your survival preparedness arsenal? You’ll get food and cooking projects, light and fire projects, weaponry projects, gardening projects, and general survival projects. If the jugs are the milk jug type, the plastic can break down and your water leaks out.  The jugs are usually good for about a year. Hold a LOT of water.  These bladders range in size from a bathtub liner to industrial bladders that start at 100 gallons and go up from there. The non-bathtub varieties lay fairly flat, so they could fit under a bed if your floor is strong enough to hold the 800 lbs! Please be sure to follow Food Storage and Survival on Facebook which is updated every time there is a new article.
Shop the Thrive Monthly Specials or my favorites, the freeze dried vegetables and yogurt bites! We had some delicious meals in Burma, some that were decidedly average, and only one mishap when we were served shrimp in our salads. The best advice we received was from our friend Shannon who told us to learn the magic word for vegetarian: “thatalo”.
Tea shops are obviously a place to drink tea, but we found them to be a good place for snacks too and we often found samosas or fried vegetables here.
We found the food from Shan state (although available in Yangon too) to be particularly delicious and vegetarian-friendly.
Tomato Salad – In France you’d literally get a plate of tomato but the Burmese tomato salad is so much more interesting.
Pennywort Salad – An unusual but delicious salad made from the pennywort herb and mixed with onion, sesame, peanuts, garlic and lime. On our first night we met up with Bessie and Kyle from On Our Own Path who lived in Yangon at the time.
It’s not as authentic as the cheap places in Yangon but this is a good Indian restaurant with a friendly owner and nice setting. We liked the all you can eat vegetarian thali for 2000 kyat and the potato paratha served with curries.

We ate at the first stall which had a menu in English and the lady understood our “thatalo” request. We didn’t usually bother with western food in Burma but we had heard good things about this Italian restaurant.
If you are a travelling vegetarian don’t miss our vegetarian survival guides to Chiang Mai, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru.
Bei-byoke a’tho = salad based on the Shan protein staple beibyoke (flat round fermented bean sheets that are grilled and part broken or cut up, mixed with onion, tomato and other things (often too much chilli). Poun-yei-gyi (pown-yay-gi) = a fermented paste made from black beans, usually with garlic and raw onion. Chin-baun hin-jo = a watery but delicious sour soup made with roselle leaves, onion and flavourings (note: usually, as with most Burmese dishes, made with a liberal amount of MSG, locally known as ajinomoto. Moh-nyin-chin-chaung hin-jo = yet another subtle and delicious thin soup, this made mustard leaves that are pickled then dried, with slices of root ginger and onion added. This was largely due to the big Indian influence and the fact that in this Buddhist culture there is a well understood Burmese word for vegetarian. I think it literally means “lifeless” so by using it you’ll get a meal without any living creatures in it.
Unfortunately we found the food in these places rather bland and unexciting – usually we’d get some boiled vegetables with rice.
We ate some delicious cheap meals of dosas (pancakes filled with spicy potato) although more commonly known as thosai here, and all you can eat vegetarian thalis (rice and curries). There are different variations but usually included onion, garlic, peanuts, coriander and sesame. 19th St is lined with stalls where you pick up a tray, choose your food and they grill it up for you. The tasty vegetarian thali included vegetable curry, chapati, rice, and five chutneys including tamarind, mint and coriander, and spicy tomato. The eggplant salad made with warm roasted and mashed eggplant, and the creamy Bagan Tamarind Curry with groundnuts were particularly good. We liked the Shan noodle salad, although it was more like a soup with cabbage and a little bit of broth, served with pickles and chilli.

It’s quite expensive but the pizzas (5000 kyat) and homemade pasta with eggplant and parmesan (3500 kyat) were excellent.
We use and recommend True Traveller, which is the best option we’ve found for UK and EU residents.
My husband and I aren’t vegetarian, but I always like reading about other’s food experiences, and your pictures are always so appetizing!
I can’t wait to get to Thailand and try out some of the lovely vegetarian food in Chiang Mai!
I always thought Burma’s food would be quite similar to Thai food, but Burma certainly has got its own cuisine. The tea leaf salad was delicious, and there were a couple of other really good vegetarian options that our group shared. There are many kinds of delicious Burmese salads mostly unknown elsewhere, even in nearby lands. My wife and I are going to Burma in January 2013 and I was looking for vegetarian foods, and places to go for them. Pickled tea leaves are mixed with tomato, cabbage, onion, sesame, peanuts, dried peas, garlic, chilli and lime. There is meat and fish but also plenty of vegetables – we feasted on tofu, okra, broccoli, garlic and potato grilled in a tasty chilli and garlic marinade. They make a great option for vegetarians although fish sauce and shrimp are often added so you’ll need to say “thatalo” when you order, and hope for the best. It was utterly delicious and cheap too – our first visit only cost 1200 kyat for the two of us and even stuffing ourselves on our second visit cost 3000 kyat for us both including water.

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