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New drivers are subject to extremely high insurance premiums largely based on statistics that reveal this group of drivers to be most likely to make a claim.
There are several insurance providers out there so it’s extremely important to shop around before you decide to buy. Young drivers need to take special care when deciding on their car insurance as there are several add-ons and stipulations that can lead to skyrocketing premiums but which can also be avoided.
Others simply want a car that’s more efficient for commutes around town but can still hold its own on longer journeys, without emptying your bank balance when it comes to refilling the tank. Proving that cheap isn’t synonymous with nasty in 2014, we’ve saved you some legwork - here are the top ten least expensive cars you can currently buy, based on manufacturers’ recommended retail prices. Of course, the purchase price is only part of the story; find out how exactly much these cars will cost you to run over variable miles and years with our Cost of Motoring calculator. The Sandero has helped Dacia make quite an impact in Britain since its launch in January last year. Equipment – ABS, emergency brake assist, ASR traction control, ESC stability control, driver, passenger and front side airbags and ISOFIX child seat mountings on outer rear seats.
Running costs – The Sandero is so inexpensive to run shirt buttons could almost be used as currency, with a group 2 insurance rating and decent fuel economy, although its emissions place it in road tax band E at ?125 per year. With a practical five-door body and decent equipment levels, it’s easy to see why the Alto is a frequent sight on the road. Equipment – ABS with brake force function, twin front airbags, ISOFIX child seat mounts in the rear, power steering, electric front windows and an MP3 compatible stereo. The Twizy is a radical reinterpretation of the city car concept, powered exclusively by electricity and offering space for two, with the passenger sat behind the driver. Equipment – Driver’s airbag, anti-submarining driver’s seat, heated windscreen and automatic transmission. Running costs – To buy and charge, the Twizy’s thriftiness is welcome in today’s tough economic times but don’t forget to factor in the cost of leasing the batteries, for which Renault charges an extra ?55 to ?67 per month on a year-long contract. Closely related to the Sandero at the top of the list, the Logan’s 'MCV' suffix stands for ‘Max Capacity Vehicle.’ It has the honour of being the cheapest estate car available in the UK today and with more than 1,500 litres of space when the rear seats are down it’s seriously spacious. Equipment – Gear shift indicator, daytime running lights, 15-inch steel wheels, wind-down windows, manually adjusted wing mirrors, four-speed heating and ventilation system. Running costs – Group 3 insurance rating and competitive fuel economy are both major plus points, although its CO2 emissions mean ?125 a year in VED band E.
Perodua have sold cars in Britain since the late 1990s but it remains a marque off most buyers’ radars. Equipment – ABS, power steering, air conditioning, twin front airbags, electric windows and mirrors, metallic paint and remote central locking. Running costs – The Myvi’s cheap to buy but its CO2 emissions place it firmly in road tax band E meaning you’ll face a ?125 annual bill. Kia’s smallest model is available with either a three- or five-door body, the former carrying the lower price tag.
Equipment – Six airbags, Hill-start Assist, electric front windows, CD stereo with MP3 connection, trip computer, central locking and an alarm. The Mii is one of a triumvirate of well-received new small cars, the others being Skoda’s Citigo and the plusher Volkswagen Up.
Equipment – ABS, twin front and side airbags, ISOFIX child seat mountings in the rear, CD radio and body-coloured bumpers. Running costs – Unsurprisingly, the Mii’s running costs are as low as the rest of the VW Up family and, like its sister cars, if you need your Mii with five doors or more premium fittings such as air conditioning and sat-nav, you’ll have to pay for it. Equipment – Power steering, remote central locking, electric front windows, six airbags, MP3 compatible audio system, a USB socket and LED daytime running lights. Bauer Consumer Media Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference No. If you are looking for cheap auto insurance, then ask yourself the following questions to lower your rate.
If you own an old heap, you may want to drop collision coverage, the monthly premium could cost you more than the replacement value. If you have a bad credit, insurance companies may charge you a higher rate, thinking you may be more likely to file a claim after an accident.
Do the math before you buy coverage, the biggest discounts don’t always add up to the least expensive car insurance policy.

If you by any chance own multiple vehicles, then you can combine all of them into one insurance policy with reduction in your monthly insurance premiums. As an alternative to leasing a brand new car, wrecked, flooded, or damaged cars are often repairable and can make cheap daily drivers or project cars for buyers willing to make the necessary repairs. Insurance companies often declare accident-damaged wrecked vehicles or flood-damaged vehicles as total losses rather than pay for repairs. In cases such as those in which a large number of vehicles are damaged at the same time, as in a flood, tornado, hail storm, or hurricane, an insurance company may survey only a few vehicles and then, to save time and expense, declare large groups of similar vehicles as total losses even though some of the vehicles may have only minor damage, or no damage at all.
Oftentimes there are vehicles among those that are flood damaged or hail damaged that actually have only superficial problems or minor damage. Salvage and damaged cars can make good cheap project cars for those who like the challenge of repairing and rebuilding.
Insurance companies sell wrecked, recovered, flooded, and damaged vehicles at salvage auctions where they can be purchased by individuals, used car dealers, and rebuilders.
Since cars are wrecked every day, salvage auctions are conducted on regular schedules by professional auction companies in cities in every state. Such auctions are good place to pick up repairable cars – and project cars – but remember that there will other people attending and looking for good deals too. Some auction attendees are professional (or not-so-professional) rebuilders who make a business out of repairing and reselling salvage vehicles for good profit.
Some dealers such as Elite Rebuildable Cars in New York specialize in selling salvage vehicles. When an insurance company pays a claim for a vehicle that has been stolen, the owner assigns the title to the insurance company.
If you think you might want to save money by buying and repairing a damaged or flooded car, or you need a good project car, make sure you know what you’re getting and what it will cost you to do the repairs. Also make sure you can get a title in your state and that your state has an inspection process that will allow your vehicle to be driven after it has been repaired.
These statistics also suggest that new drivers are at high risk of having an accident during their first year on the road. What some new drivers may not know is that insurance companies classify cars into specific groups, with some varieties corresponding to lower insurance rates.
With fuel, road tax and insurance costs soaring, many drivers are choosing to sell their existing cars and buy a smaller replacement. It will be replaced by the slightly larger (and more expensive) Suzuki Celerio early next year but is scheduled to remain on sale well into 2015 nonetheless.
On Urban grade models, access is easy by virtue of no doors fitted as standard, which can make day to day living with the Twizy impractical for some. Like the Sandero, it’s not exactly crammed with equipment, especially in basic Access trim. The Myvi is a decent supermini, co-developed with Daihatsu and Toyota, ensuring reliability and robustness in a none too exciting package.
With insurance in Group 15, annual renewals might not be as low as you’re expecting either but countering that are low servicing costs and cheap replacement parts. Good looks, robust build quality, decent materials and a spacious interior for four make it an appealing yet compact package. Mechanical strength and simplicity ensure servicing is inexpensive and parts seldom require replacing.
The interior styling, build quality and overall refinement are also shared so with little difference in price, your choice is down to looks and badge appeal.
10,000 mile service intervals are unlikely to prove too costly either but adding equipment such as air conditioning and portable device connectivity pushes the Citigo’s price up. Like the popular original C1, it has been co-developed with the new Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 108. Like the C1, it’s available with a choice of three- or five-door bodies and there will also be a retractable fabric-roofed ‘108 Top’ variant in the range. Before you go for cheap auto insurance, the best thing you can do is clean up your credit score, which can save a thousands of dollars on your annual car insurance payments.
Most auto insurance companies offer discount to drivers having safe and clean driving record.

In some states all these vehicles would end up with salvage or flood titles, regardless of actual condition.
It’s difficult in many cases to be able to determine the full extent of the damage or estimate the cost of repairs. Make sure all safety equipment is fully restorable and that the vehicle will meet state emissions requirements. These facts become even more relevant for new drivers under the age of 21 with males being higher risk than females. Drivers should resist the temptation to alter their cars by adding spoilers or larger engines, as these types of changes can also increase insurance premiums. Based on Renault platforms and mechanicals, the technology is proven and interior space is generous, with five door practicality too.
At the moment prices start from an incredibly low ?5,999 – part of a VAT-equivalent cashback offer which at the time of writing Suzuki says will continue until the end of June 2014 and possibly beyond. Servicing intervals might be more frequent than many at every 9,000 miles but once again associated costs are minimal due to the Suzuki’s mechanical simplicity.
Comprehensive equipment levels help make the experience more appealing, with an automatic transmission available on some models too. The attractive interior feels well put together but the vague steering disappoints on the move. Kia usually has some sort of money-off deal or other offers running, so it's worth taking full advantage of these. Entry-level S specification has the basics but little else; a pair of rear doors take the Citigo over ?8,000. Skoda isn’t even offering 0% finance on it but one package does provide three years’ servicing. Available with either three or five doors, it’s lighter, more economical and features a bigger boot than its predecessor. Generous discounts will be possible on the old-generation C1 as Citroen will be keen to clear stock. Beyond that you could try shopping around between your local Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota dealers and playing them off against each other to find the best deal. However, in other cases, distressed vehicles have damages that can be easily repaired and restored to full safe operational condition. Repairing such vehicles may only require some minor body work and paint — or perhaps simply cleaning the carpets — or nothing but a good wash and shine.
If the vehicle is recovered, the insurance company must apply for a salvage title if one or more major component parts are missing, destroyed, or damaged and not salvageable. Vehicles that may seem drivable may actually have hidden damages that could be costly to fix.
Sometimes these insurance premiums can be so significant that they end up being more than the value of the car you are driving, in which case you can count out the idea of getting a private plate for your new motor. Another way for young drivers to save on their premiums is to insure themselves on their own plan rather than their parents as this allows young drivers to build up a no-claim history which can lead to significant discounts on premiums over time. Equipment levels are straightforwardly named ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’ – basic 1-spec cars come with electric front windows, central locking and hill-start assist. Prices for the C1 and 108’s Toyota Aygo sister car are yet to be announced at the time of writing. This applies even if the estimated cost of repair is less than 75% of the vehicle’s fair-market replacement value. Uk, car insurance is a new product from, company dayinsure aim to get insured for theirapr.

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