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Just weeks ago, the first images of the future seven-seat BMW X1 were leaked through a patent filing in China, and recently, our collaborating photographers shot a few images of an X1 seven-seat prototype during testing. Put alongside the European BMW X1, the seven-seat variant destined for the Chinese market features a modified roofline, an entirely different front fascia and a modified rear end. The prototype in this article’s photo gallery probably features a modified version of the UKL platform of the BMW Group. Using the UKL platform would help BMW reduce development costs for the Chinese-only seven-seat X1 version.
The BMW X1 seems to be a popular choice for variations bound for the Chinese market, as other spy shots have shown.
Initially, this version of the smallest SUV in the Munchen-based brand’s range was supposed to be made for the Chinese market, but some reports reveal the likelihood of offering this car on the European market as well.
Unlike the version meant for the Chinese market, the prototype in this article’s photo gallery does not feature different headlights or a modified roofline. A quick glance at the prototype reveals a set of longer rear doors, along with an extension of the car’s rear end. A seven-seat variant of the BMW X1 has been in the rumor mill for a while, but company officials rarely comment information about new model versions. The previous encounter our spy photographers had with the X1 LWB seven-seater was last summer, when a prototype plug-in hybrid vehicle was spotted.
BMW's smallest SUV offering, for the nursery rather than the school run, the X1 has been around since 2009. Despite its more obviously off-road looks and X badge the majority of X1 s are rear-wheel drive rather than four-wheel drive.
Trim lines follow the BMW norm, so there's SE and M Sport, with xLine and BMW Sport Line also available.
The X1 is a sportier take on the small SUV that might lack the outright space of its similarly priced mainstream rivals, but comes with a heap of prestigious badge and driving appeal. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. BMW has refreshed the appearance of its smallest SUV, enhanced the interior ambience, added tempting new trim levels to the range and raised the bar for its four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine. If you like the X1 we'd urge you splash out on one of the new-look lines, as they transform the shape into something a little more interesting.
Inside, the updates amount to classier materials and better quality; though the Audi Q3 has it licked unless you spend a good deal more on leather etc in the X1 . The visual updates are quite minor really and the X1 needs a daring colour and larger wheels to make an impact. BMW hasn't made any significant changes to the chassis of the X1 , other than to offer four-wheel drive with more engines.

We pressed BMW 's spokespeople for further news on the 'X' models, especially the forthcoming BMW X4, but little was said other than it will look stunning when it arrives at the end of 2013.
The updates that make up the new model year BMW X1 are worthwhile, though the visual makeover is a little too subtle for our liking.
The prototype being tested features a lot of different design elements compared to the standard X1. Furthermore, the BMW X1’s headlights have a new design, while the taillights benefit from a different graphic.
This technical platform is used both by the MINI and the BMW brands and gave life to cars like the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, 2-Series Gran Tourer, X1, MINI Cooper hatchback, and others. The design changes that the car has undergone don’t exclude the possibility of using the UKL technical platform.
For example, an electric variant of the first generation BMW X1 was uncovered in Munich with a different design and wearing badges of the Zinoro brand, only sold in China. Furthermore, this car is not even covered in too much camouflage, so there’s obviously something different about it.
Along with more room for the passengers in the back seats, there’s a possibility for BMW to offer a seven-seat version of the X1. Our spy photographers are not at their first spotting of an X1 with what appears to be a seven-seat configuration, so there’s something about this prototype that makes us think it is going to be shown in front of an audience shortly.
We must note that BMW has already developed a seven-seat car on its UKL platform, the 2 Series Grand Tourer. It's based largely on the 3 Series, though its higher ride height and more off-road orientated looks add some real appeal. The sDrive badge denotes that only the rear axle gets power, xDrive signalling that all four wheels are driven.
All come decently equipped as standard, with alloy wheels, electric windows and air conditioning on all. It offers the best blend of day-to-day performance, good economy and an agreeable standard equipment list. The X1 is better than ever - if not as accomplished as the 3 Series Touring it undercuts. All versions receive new headlights, mirrors and bumpers front and rear, though the colour treatment of the latter - and the chunky side sills - depends on the version you go for.
It's smooth and quick in equal measure and the Sport mode really brings the engine alive without the need to hit the redline too often.
When asked about X4M or X1 M variants we were told a definite no, but that M Performance versions are already being looked at - with petrol power.
Go for one of the new variants and it does begin to make sense, with tasteful and interesting colour schemes.

The idea of a seven-seat SUV is not new at all, but the eventual X1 version with this feature could cater to a new market of customers.
Our mention of BMW’s first minivan comes in context with the fact that the 2 Series Grand Tourer shares its platform, FWD-based configuration, and engine range with the second-generation X1.
While it might look more rugged than BMW's saloon offerings, the majority only feature rear-, instead of four-wheel drive, so if you need the added traction offered with all wheels driven be sure to select the right model. The cheapest X1 16d models are only offered in sDrive form, while the X1 18d is offered in both, as is the X1 20d. Sport and M Sport models add stiffer suspension for a more sporty drive, SE offering a better compromise on rougher roads thanks to greater compliance from its suspension.
We do like the colour schemes that make up the xLine and Sport models so take a good long look at the options list. That does make for great body control, stability and real composure no matter how fast you drive, but we suspect many buyers would give up some of that in return for less bounciness on rough tarmac. That amounts to a considerable saving from the equivalent BMW 3 Series Touring - though that in itself is about to be superseded with a new model. If it makes it to production that could mean a BMW X1 with the 1 Series M Coupé's charismatic 340hp twin-turbocharged engine under the bonnet and four-wheel drive. For now, BMW officials have yet to reveal any information regarding this particular variant of the X1.
Visually the trim lines differ slightly too, with the Sport models gaining a more assertive look inside and out. Replacing the '23d', this version's twin-turbocharged diesel engine produces impressive numbers - in particular the 450Nm of torque. For clarity, 'sDrive' means two-wheel drive (the rear wheels are driven), while 'xDrive' denotes four-wheel drive.
The X1 remains good value against the 3 Series Touring, though that car is considerably more polished. For those looking for ultimate economy BMW also offered an EfficientDynamics model, from 2011 onwards, though all X1 s come with decent efficiency and emissions, particularly in sDrive form.
Automatic gearboxes are offered as an option, earlier cars making do with a six-speed unit, some later models specified with an excellent eight-speed automatic.
It doesn't run out of grunt at the top end either, which is where it differentiates itself from the single turbo models.

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