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At 4.30pm on a clear spring afternoon, Shellie Rhodes, a lawyer and a young mother of two, was returning home in her Audi Q7.
Nearly all the cars they target are black: the vogue for African gangsters and politicians alike.
British police officer Detective Constable Vince Wise, a tall man with salt-and-pepper hair, works for the Association of Chief Police Officersa€™ Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS).
A forged South African log booka€?At every step palms are greased,a€™ he says, as we drive round the vast mountains of containers on the docks.
He is head of the Vehicle Task Force part of the Hawks, an elite South African police unit tackling organised crime. Sifiso began to gain notoriety around Johannesburg as a man who could make stolen cars vanish. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Salvage cars sale auction york erepairables, Salvage cars for sale and auction in new york. Salvage motorcycles sale auction erepairables, Salvage motorcycles for sale and auction. This article is about the Daimler brand and its owner the British automobile manufacturer Daimler Motor Company.
The Daimler Motor Company Limited was an independent British motor vehicle manufacturer founded in London by H J Lawson in 1896, which set up its manufacturing base in Coventry. Before 5 October 2007 Jaguar, while still controlled by Ford, reached agreement to permit then de-merging DaimlerChrysler to extend its use of the name Daimler. As of 2008, Jaguar's use of the Daimler brand was limited to one model, the Daimler Super Eight. This German firm, initially operating at Cannstatt near Stuttgart, was the origin of the business variously known as Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft from 1890 to 1926, Daimler-Benz from 1926 to 1998, DaimlerChrysler from 1998 to 2007 and now Daimler AG or Daimler Germany, which has also manufactured vehicles since the 1890s but no cars with the name Daimler since 1908.
The British business was begun by engineer F R Simms who was Hamburg born-and-raised though of English parents. On 7 June 1895 Simms told his own board he wished to form a company to be known as The Daimler Motor Company Limited (DMC) to acquire both the right to use the name Daimler and the British rights to the Daimler patents. Simms was approached on 15 October 1895 by H J Lawson of The British Motor Syndicate Limited. Gottlieb Daimler and Maybach had withdrawn from Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft to concentrate on cars.
Aristocrat and car dealer Emil Jellinek had legal problems selling German Daimlers in France, Panhard-Levassor also used the name as they used German Daimler engines. The Vienna Austro-Daimler business has survived as Steyr-Daimler-Puch, despite being absorbed by General Dynamics in 2003. In February 1891 Cannstatt loaned Simms a motorboat with a 2 hp engine and an extra engine and in June, named Cannstatt, it began running on the Thames from Putney. At the June 1895 board meeting Simms detailed his plans to form The Daimler Motor Company Limited and to build a brand-new factory, incorporating light rail, for 400 workmen making Daimler Motor Carriages. Then, unexpectedly, Simms received Lawson’s proposal to purchase The Daimler Motor Syndicate as a going concern.
The first Coventry Daimler-engined product made its maiden run on 2 March 1897.[2] By mid-year they were producing three of their own cars a week and producing Leon Bollee cars under licence. Known as Britain's oldest car manufacturers, Daimler became the official transportation of royalty in 1898, after the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, was given a ride on a Daimler by John Douglas-Scott-Montagu later known as Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. Undecimus Stratton (1868-1929) known to friends as Eugene (Undecimus meaning eleventh child, as indeed he was), was born into a family acceptable at the royal court. Every British monarch from Edward VII to the current queen has been driven in Daimler limousines.
Since 1904, the fluted top surface to the radiator grille has been Daimler's distinguishing feature. Attracted by the possibilities of the "Silent Knight" engine Daimler's chairman contacted Knight in Chicago and Knight settled in England near Coventry in 1907.
The Royal Automobile Club held a special meeting to discuss the new engine, still silent but no longer "Wholly Knight". Daimler's sleeve valve engines idle silently but when they left royal engagements Daimlers often departed in a just-visible haze of oil smoke. This business deal was engineered by F Dudley Docker, deputy-chairman of BSA and famous for previous successful business mergers.
Under an agreement dated 22 September 1910[7] the shareholders of The Daimler Motor Company Limited "merged their holdings with those of the Birmingham Small Arms Company (BSA) group of companies". The military took normal production of cars, lorries, buses and ambulances together with a scout army vehicle and engines used in ambulances, trucks, and double-decker buses. Aero engines manufactured by Daimler included: the French designed Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine, the air-cooled V8 RAF 1.
Having its own bodyshop Daimler moved to building the complete flying machine and by the end of 1914 they had built 100 of the BE2c.
The first special production in late 1914 were the power trains used in the Fosters of Lincoln made massive artillery tractors to haul 15-inch (380 mm) howitzers. Daimler made more twelve inch (305 mm) shells than any other business in the country, 2000 a week.
After the Armistice it was decided that Daimler Hire should extend its luxury travel services to include charter aircraft through a new enterprise, Daimler Air Hire. In late 1920s, it, together with Associated Equipment Company (AEC), formed the Associated Daimler Company to build commercial vehicles. This marketing concept already employed with their BSA range of cars continued to the end of Lanchester and BSA car production. Through the whole life of its business Daimler seemed to suffer from often truly crippling boardroom battles, intense personal rivalries. It has been suggested Simms and Daimler soon withdrew from their initial association with Lawson because Lawson showed little potential ability for managing a manufacturing business. Yet in the early 1900s the achievement of a Royal Warrant and acquisition of some capable talent led to improved fortunes; Percy Martin, a substantial shareholder, as works manager and Ernest Instone as general manager under the chairmanship of Sir Edward Jenkinson. Manville died in 1933, Percy Martin was forced out two years later, Frederick Lanchester resigned as consultant in 1936, Laurence Pomeroy was not re-elected to the board and left for de Havilland.
Edward H W Cooke attempted a revival and from 1937 introduced saloons with a freshness of design new to Daimler. The production programme for 1930 encompassed six engine types and seventeen variants on seven chassis types. After that war, Daimler produced the Ferret armoured car, a military reconnaissance vehicle based on the innovative 4.1 litre engined armoured car they had developed and built during the war, which has been used by over 36 countries.
The original Sandy Lane plant, used as a government store, was destroyed by fire during intensive enemy bombing of Coventry, but there were by now 'shadow factories' elsewhere in the city including one located at Brown's Lane, Allesey—now itself destroyed—but which after the Jaguar takeover became for several decades the principal Jaguar car plant.[15] This acquisition, made by buying Daimler and getting a Coventry plant and its workforce, was a clever move by Sir William Lyons. Churchill, always a regular customer, did his electioneering for his first postwar election sitting on the top of the back seat of a discreetly fast and luxurious low-slung DB18 two door drophead coupe first registered in 1944. Then in June 1947 purchase tax was doubled—home market sales had already been restricted to cars for "essential purposes".
Sir Bernard Docker took the extra responsibility of Daimler's Managing Director in January 1953 when James Leek was unable to continue through illness. Stagnation of all the British motor industry was relieved by the reduction of purchase tax in the April 1953 budget. Daimler and Lanchester, there were no more BSA cars, struggled after the War, producing too many models with short runs and limited production, and frequently selling too few of each model, while Jaguar seemed to know what the public wanted and expanded rapidly. The BSA group's leadership of the world's motorcycle market was eventually lost to Japanese manufacturers. Sir Bernard Docker was the Managing Director of BSA from early in WWII, and married Norah Lady Collins in 1949.
Daughter of an unsuccessful Birmingham car salesman[16] Lady Docker could see that the Daimler cars, no longer popular with the royal family, were in danger of becoming an anachronism in the modern world. The first was the 1951 "Golden Daimler", an opulent touring limousine, in 1952, "Blue Clover, a two door sportsmans coupe, in 1953 the "Silver Flash" based on the 3 litre Regency chassis, and in 1954 "Stardust", redolent of the "Gold Car", but based on the DK400 chassis as was what proved to be her Paris 1955 grande finale, a 2-door coupe she named "Golden Zebra", the "last straw" for the Tax Office and now on permanent display at The Hague.
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She lived in the upmarket village of Church Langton in Leicestershire, a virtually crime-free area. Thieves were dispatched to the address.Two Pakistani men visited Burtona€™s home, while a third parked 500 yards away on a side street. We meet on the docks in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where hea€™s investigating the trade in stolen British cars.a€?The scale of vehicle crime is changing,a€™ he says.
The people the team are up against are often immigrants from neighbouring countries who have military experience from Africaa€™s endless wars. With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed. The right to the use of the name Daimler had been purchased simultaneously from Gottlieb Daimler and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft of Cannstatt, Germany.
After the introduction of the Daimler DR450 new models used Jaguar bodies with Daimler grilles and badging.[note 1] Daimler remains in the ownership of Jaguar Cars which now belongs to Tata Group of India. The announcement of this agreement was delayed until the end of July 2008 and made by Jaguar's new owner, Tata.[note 2] This agreement might have substantially reduced the price paid by Tata. The history of both enterprises can be traced back to the German engineer Gottlieb Daimler who built the first four-wheeled car in 1889. Simms was impressed by Daimler’s motor when supervising construction of an aerial cableway of Simms own design for the Bremen Exhibition in 1889. At the beginning of 1891 (agreement dated 18 February 1891) he obtained British (and British Empire) rights for the Daimler patents and he founded Simms & Co consulting engineers in June 1891. Lawson wanted to arrange the public flotation of the proposed new company (and acquire a large shareholding for his British Motor Syndicate). Now, towards the end of 1895, without Daimler and Maybach, DMG was drifting towards bankruptcy. Jellinek proposed to Daimler Germany that he would place a large order if they would make a car for him that bore his daughter's name, Mercedes.

Simms had set up a London office at 49 Leadenhall Street and, later, works premises on the Thames at Eel Pie Island where Pears Soap had been making electric motors. He then proudly produced the first car licence, for a 3?hp Panhard & Levassor (later referred to as a ‘Daimler Motor Carriage’).
The first car left the works in January 1897, fitted with a Panhard engine, followed in March by Daimler engined cars.
Scott-Montagu, as a Member of Parliament, also drove a Daimler into the yard of the British Parliament, the first motorized vehicle to be driven there. In 1950, after a transmission failure on the King's car, Rolls-Royce was commissioned as the Royal Primary Carriage, Daimler being reduced to "second fiddle". This motif developed from the heavily finned water-cooling tubes slung externally at the front of early cars and clearly visible in the photograph of the 1903 car to the right. Daimler contracted Dr Frederick Lanchester as their consultant for the purpose and a major re-design and refinement of Knight's design took place in great secrecy.
The Autocar reported on "its extraordinary combination of silence, flexibility and power." In recognition of the design's success the RAC awarded Daimler their coveted Dewar Trophy.
The chairman of the enlarged group was Edward Manville who had been chairman of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders - founded by Simms - since 1907. Special products included aero engines and complete aircraft, tank and tractor engines and munitions. As a result Daimler produced engines for the very first tanks ever built in 1914 ("Little Willie" and "Big Willie" or "Mother").
Following the take-over of Airco and its subsidiaries in February 1920 services included scheduled services London-Paris as well as "Taxi Planes" to "anywhere in Europe". Jenkinson was succeeded in 1906 by Edward Manville a distinguished consulting engineer who was to become chairman of BSA. Ernest Instone had left the works in the early 1920s to concentrate his efforts on distribution (Stratton-Instone) but he too died, in 1932.
It might be smooth silent and impeccable but a Bentley or Hispano-Suiza was a great deal faster and more appealing to the adventurous. They were introduced by Daimler in 1930 on their double-six 30 for an extra ?50[12][13] and soon they were used in all Daimler vehicles.
In an attempt to give some kind of indication of the complexities involved what follows is a list, by year of first supply, of the different engines in cars supplied to the King. Tank components, particularly epicyclic gearboxes were provided for some 2,500 Crusader, Covenanter and Cavalier tanks. Most motor industry members were forced by planning controls to expand in areas of unemployment without skilled operatives.
The new Lanchester looked just like a Ford Prefect and its body was made in the same factory.
Car buyers were still waiting for the new (Churchill) government's easing of the 'temporary' swingeing purchase tax promised in the lead up to the snap-election held during the 1951 Earl's Court motor show. Daimler announced the introduction of the moderately sized Conquest in May (apparently developed in just four months from the four-cylinder Lanchester 14 or Leda with a Daimler grille). Daimler produced heavy staid large and small luxury cars with a stuffy, if sometimes opulent image. It was twice-widowed and wealthy in her own right Norah's third marriage, she had originally been a successful dance hall hostess.
She took it upon herself to raise Daimler's profile, but in an extravagant fashion, by encouraging Sir Bernard to produce show cars.
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She had seen the silver Vauxhall Astra prowling her cul-de-sac, she realised later, but at the time was more focused on rushing home to feed her sons, Jacob, five, and Joseph, four. They stole the car during a test drive, asking Burton to get out and investigate a rattle in the boot and steaming off down the road when he got out.
Lieberman leads a six-man team that works out of a warehouse facility near to Johannesburg Airport. Hea€™d pay police to draw up false affidavits to say the owner gave permission for the vehicle to be driven over the border.
For the two direct descendants of Daimler's original enterprise, see Daimler-Benz (and its successor Daimler AG) and Austro-Daimler. Daimler, an ardent Anglophile, had spent from autumn 1860 to summer 1862 working in England then regarded as “the motherland of technology”.[3] Simms’ then wife was Austrian. In July 1895 he arranged an agency for the Daimler-powered Panhard & Levassor cars in Britain.
Agreement was needed from all the former partners to the transfer of the licences to the new English business.
Daimler Germany now recognized they shared their right to the name Daimler with many others and to avoid further legal action the name Mercedes was adopted in 1902 for all the cars built by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft itself. Bought in France by Evelyn Ellis, who had three Daimler motor launches moored by his home at Datchet, it was landed at Southampton on 3 July and driven by Ellis to Micheldever near Winchester where he met Simms and they drove to Datchet. Lawson claimed to have made 20 cars by July 1897 making the Daimler Britain's first motor car to go into serial production, an honour that is also credited to Humber motors who had also displayed, but in their case their production models, at the Stanley Cycle Show in London in 1896.
Daimler received another Royal Warrant early in 1908, “Motor Car Manufacturer to the Court of Prussia” and the same year yet another as “suppliers of motor cars to the Court of Spain”. Stratton became a lawyer then started his own brewery, and, by the time he was in his early thirties, was able to marry a noted society beauty and to retire in great comfort.
The current official state car is either one of a pair specially made for the purpose by Bentley, unofficial chauffeured transport is by Daimler.
Knight's design was made a practical proposition.[2] When unveiled in September 1908 the new engine caused a sensation. Daimler bought rights from Knight "for England and the colonies" and shared ownership of the European rights, in which it took 60%, with Minerva of Belgium. BSA produced bicycles and motorcycles and rifles, ammunition and military vehicles as well as some BSA branded cars. Their own test-ground beside the factory was compulsorily purchased and became the main RAF testing ground for aircraft built in the Coventry district.
One major difficulty for the tanks was the fine oil haze above their Daimler engines which the enemy quickly learned meant tanks were operating nearby if out of sight!
In 1922 under the name of Daimler Airway services extended to scheduled flights London to Berlin and places between. Once relieved of Lawson the next period, Sturmey's chairmanship, suffered from the division between his supporters and his opponents. The involvement of the Docker family, father and son, from 1910 failed to solve boardroom difficulties transferred to BSA and in the end may have brought about disaster but in any case the collective Daimler leadership did well until the late 1920s and the business prospered.
Most important of all Daimler was not paying dividends and by 1936 BSA shareholders' meetings were stormy. In many cases a number of cars were supplied with the same engine and over a period of some years. A new model Eighteen with a lot of aluminium because of the steel supply shortage, a modified pre-war Fifteen, was introduced with technical innovations limited to a new cylinder head and curved glass in its side windows now framed by elegant chromed metal channels. Princess Elizabeth took her 2? litre drophead coupe, an 18th birthday gift from her father, to Malta where her new husband was stationed. Jaguar produced lower quality cars at a remarkably low price and they were designed for enthusiasts. Lady Docker took an interest in her husband's companies and became a director of Hooper, the coachbuilders.
RDA Recycling can help you Find A Part for almost any vehicle and ship it anywhere in the UK. As she parked the Audi and stepped out on the neat, semi-circular driveway, a man in a black ski mask galloped towards her from the idling Astra.a€?Give me the keys or youa€™ll get hurt,a€™ he screamed. Hea€™d hire white couriers to drive cars over the border a€“ a€?with whites, no one thinks the car is stolena€™. Simms offered to pay DMG ?17,100 for that transfer on the condition that Daimler and Maybach rejoined DMG. The Daimler Motor Company Limited bought The Daimler Motor Syndicate Limited as a going concern.
Simms was appointed consulting engineer to the new business but was not to be on the board of directors, possibly because he had become a director of the Cannstatt firm. The Daimlers had a twin-cylinder, 1526 cc engine, mounted at the front of the car, four-speed gearbox and chain drive to the rear wheels.
As a now wealthy motoring enthusiast he stopped one day in 1903 and offered help with a large Daimler stranded by the roadside. Frank Searle, managing director of Daimler Hire and its subsidiaries moved with his deputy Humphery Wood into the new national carrier Imperial Airways at its formation on 1 April 1924. Attempted solutions had been the 10hp Lanchester and its matching but 6-cylinder stable mate the Daimler Fifteen (later DB17 and DB18) introduced in the early thirties. You cana€™t make more money quicker than you can with stolen cars.a€™British cars, once in South Africa, enter a complex web of corruption. Hea€™d pay off border police and would wait until they came on shift and then drive a convoy of stolen cars through. This was agreed in November 1895 and the Daimler-Maybach car business re-merged with DMG’s.
Searle and Wood and their Daimler Airway machines formed the core of Imperial Airways operations.
This line as the Lanchester Fourteen and Daimler Conquest was to run through to the very end. The big DE27 and DE36 models were the first series-built cars with electrically operated windows.[2] Daimler ambulances became a common sight. In the commodities boom caused by the 1950 Korean War Australasian woolgrowers reported the new electrically operated limousine-division to be 'just the thing' if over-heated sheepdogs licked the back of a driver's ears.
In the hope of keeping 4,000+ employed the Consort price was dropped from 4 February 1953 to the expected new tax-inclusive level. There, the thieves changed their number plates, then loaded them into containers bound for Africa.

The first stage is a€?ringinga€™ or changing the carsa€™ identity; the final stage involves handing vehicles to couriers who drive them out of the country. Once they were in Mozambique other contacts would re-register them, often with fake engine and chassis numbers, and the cars could be made to disappear.
So while police were left scratching their heads over the apparently unlinked thefts, the cars were out at sea, on ships carrying countless identical-looking containers between the UK and the South African ports of Durban and Port Elizabeth.Over the past decade, vehicle anti-theft devices have become so effective thieves can no longer make off with your car by hot-wiring it.
First, criminal syndicates pay off corrupt customs officials when they bring in the cars through the docks.
They can make 6,000 rand (A?500) for a vehicle, which is an awful lot of money in the township. At the same time Simms became a director of DMG but did not become a director of the London company. Aside from engines Cannstatt seemed unable to supply ordered components or specially commissioned working drawings.
And a€“ like many similarly desirable cars stolen from Britons in very similar circumstances a€“ the Q7 began its long journey to a place quite unlike Church Langton: it was heading for Kampala, Uganda. In January 2011 police officer Johan Nortje, 51, was murdered on the driveway of his home by hitmen employed by smuggling syndicates. Jenkinson, the chairman of Daimler and then hunting a replacement head for Daimler’s London depot, a particularly sensitive position because of the royal cars. A few days after the Audi theft, Surrey fireman Paul Burton advertised his year-old BMW X5 on the Auto Trader website. In 2010, around 20 per cent of the 120,000 cars stolen in Britain were the result of key burglaries.Car thieves today are international syndicates who not only pay local toughs to burgle and hijack but also have the connections and expertise to dispatch their goods abroad for sale in countries like Zimbabwe or Uganda.
Hea€™s creating the market, buying hijacked cars or imported stolen cars, but he has political influence and is protected. Taking up the position Stratton soon found himself deep in the selection of better royal chauffeurs and mechanics.
He wasna€™t to know that a source in Africa was scouring the online classifieds looking for black BMW 4x4s, cars that are easy to sell in any one of a number of nearby countries. Big trucks and 4x4s end up ferried to feed massive demand in any one of Africaa€™s numerous wars. Nortje had been disrupting smuggling routes into Durban, the largest container port in Africa and the busiest in the southern hemisphere.But Nortje was an anomaly, says Captain Digby Thomas, who works closely with the British police in tracking down car syndicates. Everything feeds into this furnace of stolen cars.a€™The police work is underpaid and dangerous. He quickly became an occasional motoring companion to the King and before long motoring counsellor to other monarchs including the Emperor of Germany and the King of Spain.
Our Daimler, Lanchester and BSA cars remain what we set out to make them—the aristocrats of their class and type.
As trucks are shot to pieces or blown up there is an insatiable demand for new vehicles from which to fight.
The depot at their base is full of cars riddled with bullet holes after hijackers refused to be caught. In 1911 he spent some weekends at Sandringham tutoring the new Prince of Wales on the workings of an automobile and then its driving.
Libya at present, according to detectives, is being flooded with stolen cars which are used by the rebels.A  And the hub of this trade is South Africa, a country whose violent car hijackings have spawned an underworld industry in stolen vehicles, where slick teams expertly take care of various stages of the process. A slightly built man with bloodshot eyes and a drooping, thready moustache ushers us into his home where his wife and daughters make us dinner.
All members of the team have had death threats against them.a€?These people are serious,a€™ says Lieberman.
In 1921 Stratton went into partnership with Ernest Instone and they took charge of the Daimler showrooms at 39 Pall Mall naming the business Stratton-Instone. On a cold autumn morning, DC Vince Wise, along with a unit of South African cops from Hawks, drives along the coastal road to a police depot. Each morning at eleven a butler in morning suit brought oysters and champagne to the directors’ rooms. Pakistani syndicates with family and connections in the UK a€“ and links to Al Qaeda a€“ who steal cars are exporting them to Pakistani contacts in South Africa. Beyond high walls topped with razor wire and a gate manned by armed police is a fortified warehouse. Detectives are following the money trail, which leads back to terrorist groups in Pakistan.
The document says the car is a 2002 model and worth only A?1,500, which would arouse much less suspicion from port police. His successors and Instone bought out Daimler in 1930 and renamed the business Stratstone Limited.
We arrive at a dilapidated three-storey building which declares itself a panel-beating business. Along one wall is a stash worth A?1 million, a line of black Range Rovers, BMWs and other high-end vehicles covered in a patina of dust. Late in that period a new Lanchester model with a Hobbs fully automatic gearbox did not, in the end, enter full production.
A sullen, Pakistani youth in a traditional Muslim cap scowls from behind a steel shutter as policeA  officers fill the doorway. Wea€™ll leave the cars in containers, perhaps for several months, until they cool off.a€™The next stage is to transform an illegal, stolen car into a legitimate one. Cars are driven in at the ground floor and an interior elevator takes them to subsequent floors above where they are worked on. Instead, they simply steal a similar car and etch all the chassis and vehicle identity numbers (VIN) from the crashed car on to the stolen one.
They apply a special chemical that brings up engine numbers that haveA  been ground out and restamped.
Wise has forged a partnership with the South Africa Hawks and it is they who intercepted the shipment of 18 stolen cars bound for Uganda.
Or, chop shops will take a blowtorch to the quarters of the car with the VIN and chassis number and weld these parts into the stolen car.
The only damage to the Range Rovers is some torn panels in the boot where the thieves have ripped out the upholstery looking for tracking devices. The police depot is heavily guarded because sometimes armed thieves will attempt to re-steal them. Ita€™s not so much a panel-beaters as a 24-hour production line with a team of Pakistanis working round the clock.
I get new registration papers for it and it looks like ita€™s been here all along.a€™ All trace of the country of origin has been removed.
He and his daughter Tina were on a remote private road visiting a property they were renovating in Newnham, Northamptonshire. Sifiso, as Ia€™ll call him, is a softly spoken man with a caramel-coloured complexion dressed in a mauve open-necked shirt. After I convince him that I am not police, making clear my contact with his lawyer through an intermediary, he begins to spill his story. Sifiso had one dream: to escape the poverty of Maputo in Mozambique, where he lived in a shack with his family. They left the engine in the Range Rover running, thinking that because they were on private property, in a remote location, it would be no problem. A thief who had been stalking them jumped out of a hedgerow and got behind the wheel just as Tina returned to the car, ahead of her father. He wandered Johannesburg, amazed at the ubiquitous BMWs and Mercedes driven by affluent, white South Africans.
Someone steals my car I shoot them.a€™ Just beyond slums built on old mine waste, housing immigrants from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Somalia in ramshackle lean-tos, is a gritty industrial wasteland.
He got a succession of jobs including welding and printing but was frustrated at the A?50-a-week salary. DC Wise points to the struggle he faces taking on international criminal syndicates while vehicle crime squads are being reorganised, and in April this year the Home Office withdrew funding for the Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service.a€?For criminals ita€™s seen as a low-risk crime,a€™ says DC Wise. From underworld informants we know that a premises is operating as a chop shop, or at least a receiver for stolen cars, where the identities are changed before they are moved out of the country.a€?We never tell the local police we are going out on an operation,a€™ says Colonel Lieberman from the front seat of the lead car on the raid.
Shortly after he cloned it: he spotted an identical car, stole the number plate, which he affixed to the stolen one, and then changed the VIN number.
Freight companies areA  reluctant to question too closely their customers given the millions of containers that leave British ports each day.
He drove it over the border to Mozambique and made a quick A?1,800, selling it to an Indian businessman.But with modern anti-theft devices it became harder to steal cars. With cars coming under numerous jurisdictions, from the police to the customs, Border Agency and registrationA  authorities in different countries, the problem is likely never to end. As the thieves use increasing violence, terroristsa€™ coffers swell and British motorists find themselves in crippling debt.A  With Government cutbacks in funding to AVCIS it is predicted that car-crime rates a€“ having dropped in recent years a€“ will start to creep up again.
With the key, really onlyA  possible by breaking into a house or hijacking, they were worth about A?1,250.
Consequently more money will be funnelled into organised crime and financing terrorism, and the more vehicle crime in developing countries will thrive. They moved with aggressive alacrity, wearing balaclavas and masks and brandishing 9mm handguns. Ita€™s about income disparity; to get a Range Rover in Mombasa is like a local there winning the lottery seven weekends in a row. Their routine was to force the driver out at gunpoint, search their victims for weapons and then blaze away.
Sifiso sped off in the car, his accomplice chasing after him on foot, desperately trying to get in.
He drove his friend back to Mozambique where he was given a traditional car thiefa€™s funeral, with shots fired in the air, spinning cars doing burnouts and rivers of booze.

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