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Ein asymmetrischer Algorithmus im Autoschlussel sorgt fur hohe Sicherheit beim Offnen der Fahrzeugtur per Funk. One of the surprises was how well the trick double-hinged falcon doors are designed—with a very narrow spread as they open, plus sensors that adjust the arc of the doors to available height.
But the one that CEO Elon Musk spent nearly the first half of the Model X presentation outlining was safety.
Musk summed that in the federal tests, those stars correlate directly to the probability of injury in a particular set of conditions. For frontal crashes, the lack of an engine block allows engineers to have a longer distance for the crumple zone.

The Model X also achieves perfect five-star results, he said; and its side pole test also has about half the intrusion of the next closest SUV model.
Also because of the low-set battery pack and resulting extremely low center of mass, it has half the rollover propensity of any SUV or minivan. But safety does take other forms, and Musk then couldn’t resist a little jab to other current events. It's an unexpected selling point for the Model X; but based on last night's presentation, there are plenty of others. Another was that the Model X can tow 5,000 pounds, while carrying seven people and luggage.

The Tesla Model S sedan already earns a top five-star federal safety score—both overall, and in the frontal, side, and side pole tests, as well as in rollover, of course.

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