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The French know a thing or two about cramming tons of practicality and sensibility into a reasonably compact MPV.
The previous generation 3008 was an average car, but for me was let down primarily by its anonymous styling.
With that practicality, standard specification and strong engine, I'd like to believe the Peugeot 3008 is a competent car. The new Peugeot 3008 has been revealed and it will make its official debut at the Paris Show later this year before arriving in South Africa in the first quarter of 2017.
The crossover SUV segment has grown substantially in recent years and the segment is hotly contested by products such as the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Qashqai, Volkswagen Tiguan and even the recently launched Renault Kadjar, among many others. The new 3008 features the latest-generation Peugeot i-Cockpit that is futuristic and equipped with technological features centred around the driver. The new Peugeot 3008 features a digital instrument cluster and 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
The new 3008 is at least 100 kg lighter than its predecessor and adopts a number of design cues that define its expressive looks.
The bonnet is long and flat, leading to the more upright windscreen and flanked by chrome inserts. The 3008 will be offered with a range of petrol and diesel engines, mated to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission. The 3008 will also feature Advanced Grip Control, giving it capability in off-road situations. Buyers can choose from a range of petrol and diesel derivatives with varying power outputs. Other safety features to be included are active safety brake, distance alert, active lane departure warning, driver attention warning, automatic adaptive headlights, speed limit sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, active blind spot monitoring, park assist and Visio Park (360° all-around vision). Gero Lilleike is a published writer and photographer with most of his work appearing in the fields of travel and motoring. Subaru is banking on a refreshed version of the fifth-generation Outback – the company's "stand-out performer" of 2015 – to build on the model's positive sales milestones.A record number of all-new Outbacks – 10,927 – were sold last year.
Spotted undergoing testing in Michigan is what looks to be the next-generation Ford Expedition, set to debut in 2017 based on the aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Kathleen brengt met het gloednieuwe ‘Vlinders’ een feel good album met 12 hits voor jong en oud, geschreven door de beste componisten en tekstschrijvers van Vlaanderen en Nederland.

Vijf afleveringen van twaalf minuten, met telkens een spannende cliffhanger, die samen een lange film vormen, het is weer eens wat anders.   Het groot voordeel van deze structuur is dan onze helden meerdere keren kunnen optreden in het verhaal en dat je zowel een reeks als een film maakt tegelijkertijd. De montage is achter de rug, nu de klankafwerking nog en binnenkort is deze studio 100 productie te zien op Ketnet.  Regie en scenario zijn van mijn hand. Peugeot launched its facelifted 3008 earlier in 2014 and we spent a week with the top of the range 2.0 HDi Allure model. The 2014 model has been substantially upgraded in the visual department and the redesigned front features all-new headlights with daytime running lights. Combined with a six-speed automatic gearbox, the Peugeot 3008 offers up 120 kW and a hefty 340 Nm of torque.
Not only is there is a double-tiered boot, but all the seats including the front passenger can be folded flat. This is the range-topping Allure model, but there is a lesser model, the Active available from R334 000. This vehicle was clearly designed for European-style smooth roads, but on our South African roads the Peugeot offers acceptable ride quality. It is and if you're after a clever and practical car, you could do no wrong in investigating this car. There are loads of storage boxes, the seats all fold flat and the centre console resembles the Kimberly Hole. The vertical nose features a wide chrome-trimmed grille complemented by narrow halogen headlights (LED headlights are optional) and numerous air intakes. A total of 5 modes will be offered including Normal, Snow, Mud, Sand and ESP OFF, all selected using a knob on the centre console. South African pricing and specification details are yet to be confirmed, but we will keep you informed as soon as these details are made available, so stay tuned! Gero has worked in the motoring space for the last four years and enjoys driving and photographing the latest cars.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. However the super practical Peugeot 3008 is unfortunately undone by its fellow Frenchman, the Citroen C4 Picasso, which offers smarter technology, a more frugal engine and a substantially cheaper price tag. Hill Assist Descent Control (HADC) will also give the driver more control when descending steep hills by limiting the speed to 3 kph. Als de ruimtereiziger niet komt opdagen, beslissen Mieke, Migrain en Toby om naar de lanceerbasis te gaan en de man zelf op te halen.

De eerste single ‘Hey Chickie’ was alvast een schot in de roos: het lied kwam in de Ultratop meteen binnen op 1 in de Vlaamse kids top 5.
Voeg daarbij een fijne opdrachtgever AG Insurance en een superploeg en je hebt weer een typische Testbeeld productie. I did note that the gearbox often liked to change down a ratio which was not always required, but driving it in manual mode means you're in full control - something I prefer anyway. A hands-free tailgate will be offered as an option and can be operated with a simple swipe of the foot under the rear bumper. Previously petrol-only, the system is now standard on all but manual versions of the diesel.The EyeSight system has also been expanded to include new Vision Assist features.
Daar ontdekken ze dat een geheime spionne de lanceersleutel van de shuttle heeft gestolen voor haar opdrachtgevers: Bjorn en Ronny. Ook de nieuwe single ‘Vliegen’, waarin Kathleen de wereld rondtrekt met haar vliegtuig ’10.000 meter boven volle zee’, kwam meteen binnen op nummer 1! Met de sleutel kunnen de gangsters de spaceshuttle stiekem starten en zo een gevaarlijke laserkanon de ruimte in droppen en baas worden van onze planeet!
Als Mieke in actie komt en Migrain haar wil helpen, worden ze verrast en vastgebonden aan het laserkanon in de shuttle. The MY15 interior was a class above anything that had been done before in an Outback and that's carried through into this rejuvenated version: soft-touch surfaces all around, nicely designed and easy to get comfortable in.
It sits low like a car but has a tempered SUV presence without that typical generic bulkiness.The Outback is 4815mm (length), 1840mm (width), 1675mm (height) with a 2745mm wheelbase.
For those wanting to head off road (a bit), it has a respectable 213mm minimum ground clearance.
With X-Mode engaged and 213mm of ground clearance at your disposal, the Outback can be driven over and through stuff its rivals can only dream of.
I thought NVH wasn't too bad.Also, the lane-departure warning tends to be a bit over-sensitive – it beeps if you even look at the centre-line.

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