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Originally the Corvette was named the EX-122, that was the design prototype name given by early designers when working on the project. It is reckoned that the ?7,000 price tag for the car will pay for its self within 1 year due to the car being exempt from the congestion charge, road tax, and can be parked for free in central London. After Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, we are back in the Americas this weekend, but we’ll go off at sea into the Caribbean islands to visit embargoed Cuba.
Now if you already know everything about the cars that roam the streets of La Habana, that’s ok, there are 154 other countries to explore in my blog, so go grab a beer and get into it!
The Cuban car market is one of the most emblematic in the world and its structure is a fascinating testimony of the country’s last 60 years history. Cuba is famous for its 1950?s vintage American cars, 60,000 of which are still in circulation in the country.
It is therefore relatively difficult to acquire a new car, so owners tend to stick with their cars for decades, more than 50 years in case of the ‘yank tanks’, the vintage American cars.
However these emblematic Pontiacs and Oldsmobile are now outnumbered in Cuban streets by over 100,000 Lada 2105s, the most visible legacy of the country’s Cold War alliance with the Soviet Union.
Another legacy of Cuba’s close alliance with the Eastern Bloc is the strength of the Czech brand Skoda in the country.
Lastly in 2009, the Cuban government and police have started replacing their Ladas with Geely CK’s, symbolizing Cuba’s recent closer ties with China, with as much as 1,500 units imported during the first half of 2009.
Here is a link to a very interesting article from Reuters detailing the arrival of Geely in Cuba.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world. There is absolutely no good goddamned reason at all that we should still have a trade Embargo with Cuba. General Motors was famous for this kind of thing, and it’s hugely common in larger organizations where accountability is highly distributed. It’s a mixed bag of mostly 50s Detroit, but I will refrain from listing them on TTAC. Gee, only the fact that EVERYTHING that was of US property in Cuba got nationalized by the same guys’ regime that Obama has now given a new lease on life. It’s also rich in nostalgia,meaning, and hope for many dreamers who are in live with the classic American muscle car.
Before the name was finally picked by Harley Earl it was suggested they name it The Corvair.
Riker was hired by the Locomobile company to design a gasoline powered car for them, and switched his interest to gasoline engine automobiles. Tim Lovejoy from Channel 5’s Fifth Gear took to the streets of London to see if the ?7,000 G Wiz was a practical enough vehicle.
No official car sales figures are available for Cuba, so this is the result of a thorough cooperation with mi amigo YouTube, watching hours of footage of the streets of Cuba. They are relics of the pre-revolutionary period and the reason why there are still so many around is that only people who bought a car before the 1959 revolution or those who afterward were granted the right to purchase one for personal or political achievements actually own their vehicles.

Hyundais are especially successful with rental car companies that have been booming with the increase in tourism activity in the country. There are a lot of different types of Corvette Clubs one that fascinates me is the Corvette Restorer clubs. So a lighweight ship named the corvette ultimately became famous for being the American sports car. He found it wasn’t much use for taking the kids to school as it was a little on the small side for the children in the back but was adequate enough to get him self and his golf clubs in, so not too bad I suppose. The Hyundai Accent is very likely to be the best-selling car in Cuba at the moment, with the Hyundai i10 and Santro also doing extremely well. The growth of the European luxury sports car was beginning to grow in America and one man had a vision to begin The American Sportscar. There are now electric cars being sold everyday, you just plug it into a regular power outlet.

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